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Wilmington, NC (WWAY) — As a result of a month long investigation, New Hanover County Police have taken a significant amount of heroin off of the streets.

After executing two separate search warrants officers at the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department seized approximately $10,000 cash and 2,200 bags of heroin.

In connection with the cash and the heroin deputies arrested 28-year-old Gregory Donell Miller, who now faces twenty-three felony drug charges.

Miller has bonded out of jail with a $100,500 secure bond.

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  • busaboy

    Why pull this guy off the street, he only had 2200 bags of heroin, oh wait lets get the drugs and then let him out of jail, I see where this makes sence, Now we get to spend tax payer money to hunt him down, cause you know hes going to splint town, and start a business some place else….Way to go justice system…..Take them dowm let them go….I love the USA….

  • Beachlover

    Hip, Hip, HOORAY! Great job to all involved in getting this bust. Great to see you focusing on the truly harmful drugs in this area. I’m literally cheering that this deadly substance is off the streets. Thank you so much!

  • Guestfedup

    We let this low life thug out on bond which probably came from drug money still figuratively stained with the blood of his very many victims? I am so disgusted! I’ll guarantee his business is as alive and well as it was last week. Where is the justice? It’s becoming clear to me why we cannot curb crime. We keep letting them out!

  • James C Robinson

    Way to go the system wants to arrest everybody it can and when they get the most deserving they let them go for pennies on the dollar. Nothing makes sense any more. They kill the mental health and drug courts to help the drug dealers get more clients. What a world we live in.

  • Charles Walters

    More heroin, Damn!!!! They should consider this (I can not say the word on here, you all know what it is.) a terrorist, and execute his ass. Just dig a hole and shoot him in the head, and be done with it. People who seel this crap should be treated as an enemy of the state, because the money they used to buy from their dealers has been linked to terrorism. We lock people up for years that have a little pot for personal use, yet people like this serve little or no time for selling the drugs that can really bad. Heroin, cocaine, meth, and drugs in this class have no legitmate use except for destroying people. Drone strikes on drug lords is a great idea, poison the fields they use to grow the plants that produce these drugs. I think they tried that once, but our government pu$$ied out because they did not want to hurt their economy. All I know is something has to be done, and the government has to quit giving people like this more rights than the victims they hurt.

  • Jon

    The real victims here are the children and family’s of drug murder’s and who have lost their parents to long prison terms for a crimes we invented. If we would’ve regulated drug use a long time ago, i wonder how great this country could be.It sounds like you wanna live in a Nazi state.

  • Fed up Citizen Guest

    Bonded out? Only 100,000? Really? What does it take to get keep a thug in jail? 2200 and 1 bags of heroin? ONLY 23 felony drug charges and hes on our streets? Wow, maybe we need to focus on a baseball team some more, obviously keeping drugs off the streets isn’t a priority of our local govt.

    Honestly though, good job Sheriff dept, keep it up.

  • Fed up


  • Guest disgusted

    Way to go! Let the repeated offender out on bond, he is allready back on the streets selling dope again!!!!! And we wonder why we can’t solve the drug problem! I agree with the guy that said. Treat him like a terrorist, because that’s want he is.

  • Jon

    And they’ll be another to replace him,and another ,etc… Until we have a serious conversation about regulating drugs,things will never change and will keep footing the bill!That’s also the only way will ever be able to help these people addicted to drugs,by not treating them as criminal’s.


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