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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wednesday, in a decision that has garnered controversy among both parties, Democrats altered their platform by reinstating a reference to God and Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Both references were in the Democratic party’s platform in 2008, but were later taken out, only to be put back in.

Wednesday at the DNC, the convention chairman called for a voice vote three times for the changes. On the third time, he ruled the amendments approved, which caused chaos and uncertainty on the floor.

Before the changes GOP officials argued that not including that discourse posed questions about Obama’s support for Israel and religious Americans.

“By leaving the word out, the Democrats opened themselves up by super pacs to say that the democrats are all non believers,” says Rabbi Robert Waxman of B’Nai Israel in Wilmington.

Rabbi Waxman agrees with the new language but says Democrats only changed their platform to get more votes.

“Both parties are trying to show that their support for Israel and of course their interest in garnering the Jewish vote,” Waxman says.

Philip Martin, an independent voter in New Hanover County agrees.

“I felt like they were doing it to try to change their platform in order to regain the Jewish vote or the Christian, Catholic vote that they seem to be losing lately,” Martin says.

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  • Guest12345

    Matzel Toff!!!

  • Guest61246

    You are so right. Religion and politics do not mix at all. God gave us all (well, most of us)brains to think with and to work out problems without having to pray to Him every 5 minutes for “guidance”. It is very scary that some base their political decisions on religion instead of common sense, very scary.

  • Das Weibstück

    There shouldn’t be any religion in politics at all. Has nothing to do with a persons integrity, morals or ability to run this country. Scares me that a lot of people vote based only on religion.

  • Lenor

    It scares me to think, that people would vote for the devil to run our country…..

  • ChefnSurf

    Of course a person’s religious beliefs have something to do with their integrity and morals. Any personal belief affects a person’s integrity and morals and vice versa and any person who has a religious belief has the right to use their personal beliefs to influence a political outcome with their vote. That’s called democracy.

    Now if you were to argue that politics these days has little to do with integrity and morals I might agree with you.

  • ChefnSurf

    Regardless of the political party or the specific item, if it takes three voice votes to include something in a party’s platform and after the vote has passed it creates chaos and uncertainty amongst its members, that political party really didn’t mean what it just said it meant.

    Welcome to America where if the truth doesn’t work a lie will get the job done just as well. And no one even thinks twice about it anymore.

  • SurfCityTom

    the new miracle drug from the DNC is Tryphorgetten.

    Think about that for a moment.

  • MrT

    At least the Dem’s recognized their error and made an attempt to fix even if it wasn’t popular. Republicans were so hardheaded that they wouldn’t even consider their unpopular stance on abortion in the case of rape and incest. No wonder there was such a stark contrast in the professional manner in which each convention was held. According to all media outlets including Fox and CNN. The Democrats were far superior.
    One would have thought that with all their money the Tampa Clowns could have put on a better circus. I guess the organizers spent a little too much time in the Tampa Strip Clubs and too little time on their homework. Cant wait for election day!!!

  • Guestarticulatore

    Hey (real)John,

    Congratulations… you have had your guest ID hijacked by a republicant troll! Fortunately, this election in November will bring to a close the false patriotism and more false promises foisted on the American people by the Reagan sycophants.

  • What’s really scary JOHN is that your rhetoric mirrors that of Obama. He would LOVE to be someone like a supreme leader who does not have to answer to anyone. America will not go back to her former glory until Obama is squashed. Watch for him to declare marshall law or a stay of elections right before the election to seize power. I have news for you JOHN, the monster that you helped to create will turn on its own. Obama for life would be a death sentence for this country. My guess is that you are either radical Muslim or one who receives entitlements and doesn’t want to be told to work.

  • President Obama is our only choice. He needs at least eight more years to fix all the problems he inherited. If America is not back to her former glory at the end of his second term then all elections should be terminated until we can get back on our feet. Obama for life!

  • B M

    You better check the kool-aid your wife is serving you, something just isn’t right, and by the way, want to get a head start on what life would be like if someone like Obama were to run a country for life, go ahead and move to Kenya today, then you’ll know.

  • Peyton Garrett

    Your nuts! As long as Obama is in office getting on our feet will remain on a slippery slope. Your views only confirm a socialist agenda and that is scary. If you want Obama for life, you don’t plan on living very long.

  • Guest12345

    That is hands down the most idiotic thing I have ever read

  • FemalesforROMNEY!

    President Obama for 8 more years or better yet for life?? You are smoking something illegal. Your post just proves how so many are delusional in this country. There’s a new slavery in the U.S. and it has nothing to do with race. I cannot understand how people think that someone else should work and pay taxes so they can sit at home living on government benefits. Yes, I am a female, have a job, pay taxes, and I have never filed for unemployment, received handouts, or expected anyone else to pay my way. I do realize that there are circumstances that dictate the government’s assistance, but I am also aware of the increasing number of people who are receiving benefits that do not need or deserve them. I am tired of offering employment to people that tell me they are receiving unemployment benefits and are not “really” looking for work. Yes, I am voting for Romney.

  • Guest5050

    obama will say anything to get re-elected, but the truth is that he will sell Israel out when the time comes for a confrontation with Iran.

  • Guest211


  • Guest327

    Let Israel and Iran solve their own problems. We have enough of our own.

  • Philip

    The democrat platform was only changed for the convention coverage. Once re-elected they will show the Jews their real intent.

  • bob

    this is exactly why the dems don`t need to be in office, they try to appease everyone and stand for no one . obama can`t lead and his cabinet is clueless as to what it will take to turn things around in this country . same problem with this dem. senate . lead , follow or get the hell out of the way !!! romney / ryan and sheriff joe for homeland security secretary !!!!!

  • ChefnSurf

    Hard to find almost anyone in politics with clean hands these days. In a plutocracy, everyone’s vote is for sale in one way or the other.

    I’ve always been a strong advocate for limited terms in office. More lame ducks in office might result in more independent decisions being made. Maybe.

    Tryphorgetten ….. I’ll have to try to remember that ….. :-D

  • Grand Ole Party

    What world are you living in? How can you speak of “False Promises” with a straight face? Do you need me to name the ones your current Chief of Clowns has broken? Or are you up to date on the current mess we are in? Thought as much!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Every Democratic platform since Johnson has included a position that Israel is “our strongest ally in the Mideast.”

    That was dropped from the platform this year and was NOT added back.

    Any Jewish voter who casts his or her ballot for Obama needs a psychiatric evaluation. Obama has proven through his statements and behavior that he supports the spread of radical Islam and will not stand with Israel in preventing Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.


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