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Wilmington, NC (WWAY) — The November elections are just two months away and each political party is pulling out the stops to try and sway your vote.

For the last few months’ volunteers have been trying to spread the word that every vote counts in this crucial election year.

“In swing states every single vote counts,” said Janet Cooley of the Republican Party. “Obama won the last election by fourteen thousand votes so every single vote is important.”

To drive up numbers at the polls volunteers have given shoppers more than they bargained for on their trip to the store by setting up voter registration booths.

To register to vote you will need a few basic pieces of information: Your legal name, age, mailing address, and social security or drivers license number.

You can register online in the privacy of your own home. After completing the form you simply print it and mail it back to your local board of elections.

The deadline to register to vote in North Carolina is twenty-five days before an election.

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  • Guest3130

    You shouldn’t post such an allegation without some link to a respected source. I could just as easily say that McCain received “1,365 dead people votes. . .” Not everyone just falls into lock-step, they actually do their own thinking.

  • Erlkoenig

    Yeah, let’s all get a lecture from Democrats on how to properly conduct a vote.

    Step 1 choose outcome
    Step 2 load teleprompter with election “results”
    Step 3 hold vote
    step 4 Declare election victory.
    Step 5 demand investigation into Republicans for voter fraud.

  • Obummer

    I would never accuse any Obama support of doing any kind of “thinking”…

    Much less working, which you cant do without a photo id or pulse.

  • RSimmons

    Obama should be losing, but the GOP is talking to empty chairs and nominating empty suits. When the NC democrats hit the polls in November the NC GOP is gonna think that Tecumseh Sherman has risen from the grave and is paying them a visit!

  • chris

    I have seen what the republican party has done in the past from 2001 to 2007 , and were paying for that today ,, i also have seen obama has done ,i really think we are better off today then 4 yrs ago. wall st was on one leg , your 401 k plan was going broke , and we were loseing 450.000 jobs a month , obama came in to office ,wall st is at a all time high, 16 points and climing , 401 has doubled and jobs are growing , slow but growing ,, we are moveing forward !mayne not fast but we are , the republican party has a record for filabusting everything , and wants more taxes on us , the common folks why the higher class get a better deal on there taxes ,, is not fair that someone who works at buger king and tring to go to collage and pays 35-45%in taxes why a person who’s income over $250.000 pays 13% ,, ya thats good for wilmington . we have a port here that should be open 24/7 and have over 2.000 people working there but we dont ,, we give to the rich and thay take from the poor

  • Obummer

    I have no doubt I can spend my own money better than the city of Wilmington, State of NC or Country of USA.

    How bout we let the Rich, Middle and Lower class all keep most of their own money and spend it the way they see fit. Not the way progressive do gooders feel we “ought” to spend. I dont spend 125% of my income a month like the good old USA does and understand that if you do the collector will come a calling one day for that money you borrowed and the jig is up (see greece).

    Rich people earned their money, let them keep it you envious tax thief.

    And by the way, life aint supposed to be fair…

  • SurfCityTom

    are you the person referred to who is working at Burger King and going to college. If you are, I commend you for taking charge of your future. But, while in college, why not bone up on spelling and grammar?

    Frankly, no one has a 45% tax rate. YET. Give the current administration 4 more years to borrow and fund entitlement programs, and it may well be above 50% for generations to come.

    Where did you ever come up with that number?

  • awake

    Chris, did your welfare check increase? You spouted off some
    Democratic talking points that I would expect to read on MSNBC.

  • Guest dooley

    I HOPE so

  • Obummer

    Of the 14,000 votes that turned the tide, 1365 were dead people.

    I wonder if the Voting Dead will vote so overwhelmingly for Obama again…

  • Erlkoenig

    It will be extremely important that the Taxocrats get out the convicted felon vote this election.


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