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WASHINGTON (AP) – U.S. officials say the Obama administration is investigating whether the assault on the U.S. consulate in Libya was a planned terrorist strike to mark the anniversary of 9/11, and not a spontaneous mob enraged over a anti-Islamic YouTube video

President Barack Obama vowed in a Rose Garden address that the U.S. would “work with the Libyan government to bring to justice” to those who killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American personnel. Intelligence officials said the attack on the Benghazi consulate was too coordinated or professional to be spontaneous, according to a U.S. counterterrorism official.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the incident publicly.

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  • Robert Green

    President Obama showed his weakness from the start of yesterday’s events by offering an apology initially. Obama’s Jimmy Carter moment has arrived and he should expect to receive the 3 AM phone call during the last three months of his presidency when Israel takes proactive measures to protect the Jewish State.Obama is pro-Arab sympathizer , who has contibuted to the fruition of the Arab spring and seeing the Muslim Brotherhood as a benevolent influence. Obama shows his immaturity and disdain for Israel by not meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu because the Prime Minister does not play the diplomatic game and does not mince words. This tough talk makes the political rock star uneasy because he has never been around real leadership. The Iranian war machine and influence is reverberating throughout the Middle East and the Narcissist In Chief is too busy campaigning to save his failed presidency. Leadership or the lack of will be apparent by the actions of this weak kneed President in the coming weeks. Obama sees these events as an inconvenience to his re-election bid and will look to appease all parties until after the election. History does not play out according to Obama’s timeline.

  • MrT

    for Israel to realize their stock aint worth what it once was. America is on the verge of establishing new and important relations with the Middle East as a whole. As this region develops there exist a tremendous economic potential for American exports and interest. It’s about time for Israel to stand on it’s own. If they think war is in their interest so be it. Let them have it and use their finances to foot the bill. Israel chooses to not make peace with their neighbors and makes no effort. Their my way or the highway approach keeps them in trouble and all they do is whine to the US. The time has come for America to grow some backbone and quit trying to solve every countries problems when it leads to the cost of life to our best a brightest.

  • Guest234455

    Obama to speak about attack that killed US envoy
    Wake up people!

  • Guest6421

    To all those who are so quick to blame this on President Obama’s failing leadership, did you respond the same way by blaming President Reagan as a failing leader when the Marine barracks were bombed in Lebanon in October of 1983 and 241 American Marines were killed? President Reagan’s response to the bombing was that he withdrew the remaining Marines from Lebanon in February of 1984 and then shelled from sea a suspected terrioist camp. I bet if President Obama were to shut the doors on the American Embassy, leave Libya, and then order a few air strikes, he will be labled a traitor and a coward by all the right-wing Haters!

  • Guest7969

    these types of things will happen to Americans as long as we remain FREE..no matter WHO is in the White House. Second…I will base my thoughts on his ACTIONS..not his words…as we all know..his words are MEANINGLESS!

  • Grand Ole Party

    We are upset by his response. You left-wing nuts don’t get it yet do you? Still got your head down grazing on the grass.

  • Robert Green

    The World Apology Tour that Obama took upon taking office has not paid dividends. The man whose mentors are Andrew Said , Roberto Unger and Frank Marshall Davis does not have any credibility in being a FAIR mediator in a conflict that has endured for centuries. The United States of Islam is being forged by the Muslim Brotherhood , Hezbollah , Iran and other radical elements , who see this as an opportune time to expedite their influence. They know there is an American President , who is a product of an environment that is similar to their own. The RADICAL elements we are dealing with do not acknowledge appeasement and the ability to coexist. Their ideology is simple , “be killed or convert”. The battle between Islam and Jews/Christian has been waged for centuries and escalation rises and falls likewise. The Arab nations have always been on the wrong side of history from the time of Ramses and Moses to Hitler using the North African continent to facilitate his objectives.

  • Du

    So, are we to show stregnth by ignoring an ally who acts as though their existance is threatened (oh yeah…it is), and then make economic ties to the enemies who would like to have us fail after Israel? I really hope you were being sarcastic, and not that ignorant.

  • Grand Ole Party

    In case you have missed the news of late, our relations with the Middle East as a whole is as bad as it has been in the last twenty years. Israel has tried to make peace with their neighbors just as much as they have tried to make peace with Israel. I know it is hard to see from your bigoted point of view, but it works both ways.

  • Grand Ole Party

    You must have missed all his other posts, he is being ignorant trust me. He is not intelligent enough to be sarcastic.

  • Justin America

    Our stock isn’t worth what it once was either you @ss hat. Israel is about to stand on it’s own because our Government is about to let down our most powerful ally and only Democracy in the Middle East. I think you will really like Sharia law. I’ll die first.

  • RSimmons

    That the GOP is trying to make political hay out of the death of our Libyan Ambassdor. What is more disturbing is Mitt Romney’s smirking facial expressions during his news conference and when he left the podium

  • Guest61246

    In my opinion, Mitt Romney would stop at nothing to gain money, power and control. He has absolutely no character, personality, and cares nothing about anything or anybody but himself. He is nothing more than a sneaky, sleazy little weasel.

  • Grand Ole Party

    I was just as disgusted and disturbed when the Dems tried to make political hay out of the shooting of Giffords. Did that bother you too or just when the republicans do it?

  • guesty

    But it was an another attack on American soil. The American Embassy’s are considered American soil, therefor we were just invaded by an unfriendly population. Our military should strike back with 10 fold the force used against us.

  • Make something/Not war

    Who let Bush on here? Another Hiroshima…THAT’S what we need!!! yay!

    : /

  • Overburdened taxpayer

    You can disagree with a man’s politics but Mitt Romney doesn’t have to rob this country and give our tax dollars to the unions and his cronies in fake green energy companies. Mitt Romney is a successful business man that knows how to make money in the private sector. The Democrats have taken a egotistical community organizer and put him in a position he was never prepared for. Our economy, our military, and our foriegn policy is falling apart because we have a community organizer in the White House that has never supervised a business, a state, or even held a private sector job. The weasels are the big union bosses and fraudulent green energy big wigs in the Democratic party that put this puppet in office. I am afraid that people like you measure compassion by how much of someone else’s money a politician is willing to hand out.

  • Grand Ole Party

    And Obama is not and never has been interested in money gain, power and control? Sure thing skippy.

  • Guest2020

    In addition, these types of things will continue to happen to Americans as long as our government has an attitude of policing the world.

  • Guest 10101

    So then both items disgusted you? Interesting.

    I never realized that the year Giffords was shot was also a presidental election year and that the “Hay” you so euphemistically refer to was of equivalent political value.

    Perhaps what you really meant is that if it’s anything at all that you feel might potentially offend the political party you so blindly pledge allegiance to you’re offended?

    Don’t feel too bad. There are plenty of extremists on both sides of the aisle just like you who, instead of actually thinking, just blindly follow whatever their political leaders tell them to and when “offended” just act out emotionally. The 100%’rs, who insist that there are no grey areas in politics. Just like in real life.

    Too bad that’s not actually true in real life.


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