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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — After weeks in court, the Craig Bryant murder trial in Brunswick County has finally wrapped up. Now the jury must decide Bryant’s fate.

Today, both sides had one last chance to convince the jury of their argument.

The prosecution argued that all its evidence proves Bryant is guilty of the first-degree murder of Adam Bradshaw in 2008. The defense said the evidence might not be as air-tight as the state claims.

Bryant’s lawyer argued that no DNA tests proved that Bryant was guilty and the only thing the prosecution had to go on was the testimony of Bryant’s ex Lora Moultrie. He said Moultrie was trying to lessen her sentence for her involvement in the crime by throwing Bryant under the bus. The prosecution said Moultrie has no reason to lie because she also admitted her guilt by accusing Bryant.

Prosecutors also argued that the defense was trying to make Bradshaw look bad by saying he was a drug dealer, even though there was no solid evidence of the accusation. They argued that this character assassination was done to make it seem like Bryant was not the only one capable of killing Bradshaw, even though he had a signed deed for land forged after Bradshaw was dead.

The jury was given specific instructions on how to determine if Bryant is in fact guilty of first-degree murder. The 12 jurors are still deciding the verdict.

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  • Guest2020

    I hope they come back guilty and that he gets the death penalty.

  • anne

    I feel so sorry for the family. Adam’s widow just recently lost her mom and she has to deal with this. The sad thing is all the evidence that the defense brought out about Adam. I didn’t know him or any of the family, but there is something so very wrong about this evidence when Adam is not here to defend himself against the accusations.

    The defense was reaching for whatever straws they could get to help their client and I guess raking Adam’s reputation through the mud was one of the things they chose to do. Their witnesses are the scum of the earth and should they really be believed? They are drug dealers and prostitutes and of course they wouldn’t lie would they?


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