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WASHINGTON (ROLLCALL.COM) — Rep. Mike McIntyre is turning out to be harder to dislodge than Republicans predicted when they redistricted the North Carolina Democrat into a GOP-leaning seat.

There is generally good news for Tarheel State Republicans as Nov. 6 approaches: They appear on track to pick up three Democratic-held seats in the House of Representatives this November – those of retiring Reps. Brad Miller and Heath Shuler and the seat of vulnerable Rep. Larry Kissel The lone piece of bad news: Ousting the eight-term McIntyre is going to be more difficult than originally expected – if he is beaten at all.


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  • Guest9743

    Mike McIntyre will easily be re-elected, most people already know that because despite of what some may say he has done an excellent job in representing this district, something a rookie won’t be able to do. Oh, by the way, David Rouser already knows something that a lot of people hasn’t figured out yet…on one of his TV ads he’s telling President Obama that he’s not going to work with him so that tells me he already knows who will be president IF he somehow happens to get elected to congress in 2012!!

  • Erlkoenig

    SlackIntyre has done an excellent job representing himself with his whatever-keeps-me-in-power voting record. He is truly a man without principal.

  • Guest2020

    The biggest thing McIntyre has going for him is that his opponent isn’t a particularly strong one.

  • Krap Koenig

    Yep. He never had a principal! Just teachers. Smart guy there.

  • Guest55551

    My Vote is against Rouser not for McIntyre. I see McIntyre as a lesser evil Republican-not a Democrat at all! It is ashame but that’s the dilemma this election cycle, again.

  • B M

    McIntyre has to go, he’s one of the biggest pork barrel spenders in Washington, he sways with the wind, whatever is popular at the time, biggest mistake GOP has made was putting Rouzer up instead of Pantano, my money says Rouzer is a RINO, but we gotta start somewhere so McIntyre is a good place. Why would anybody vote for a man that can’t keep his word, remember Mike saying if elected he would only be there for a couple terms, he seems to have forgotten his promise.

  • SurfCityTom

    and I am one, were overly optomistic to think they would send Big Mike packing. He’s more of a Trumanesque Democrat; understands fiscal responsibility; and with the exception of voting for Pelosi to assume a leadership position, has had a conservative voting record.

    Now whether he can make the inroads on the portion of the district which is new to him, is another story. His Lumbee constituents may not be able to pull off the level of support he will need.

    End of the day, who will work harder. It is interesting to note he did not stick around the Convention; nor did he display, to date, support for the White HOuse occupant.


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