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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County jury convicted Craig Bryant of first degree murder today. The group of 12 deliberated late thursday and all day friday before reaching a verdict this morning.

After weeks of testimony, the jury said it had enough proof that Bryant murdered Shallotte real estate agent Adam Bradshaw in 2008. The judge sentenced him to life in prison without the chance of parole. His attorney says he plans to appeal.
The defense argued that bradshaw was a drug dealer who had many enemies. Ultimately, though, the jury did not buy that theory.

Prosecutors said Bryant had his girlfriend Lora Moultrie lure Bradshaw to an abandoned house off Watt Road and then shot him from inside the house.

Moultrie testified against bryant two weeks ago. She said Bryant told her he was going to kill Bradshaw in order to gain ownership of land that belonged to his family before Bradshaw sold it.

The jurors heard from a number of people throughout the case, including Moultrie, but Bryant did not take the stand.

Moultrie pleaded guilty to second degree murder last year because of the part she played in getting Bradshaw to her home on Watt Road. Moultrie was sentenced today to between 10 and 13 years in prison for her involvement in the murder.
Bradshaw’s family testified during a hearing for Moultrie. They said her testimony helped prove Bryant’s guilt.

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  • Ronin

    Sorry Craig that this real estate a-hole had to bring you to this. Believe us, we understand. As for the rest of the phony- appeals of “sadness”, they would not have given a d**n if you were white, they are only upset because “one of their own” was killed. Well, Good riddance to the real estate agent, 12 less in the world. Keep cleaning. hugs and kisses Craig. Forget the others, they are self-righteous and really didn’t even know that real estate jack-off. Bet if that same guy stole THEIR property that we would not be reading all of these bleeding heart comments. People are full of cow’s dung. It’s most likely that the rest of the commenters have committed a crime sometime or another in their own lives. It’s all BS. Hope you get out soon so you can take some more down…sorry about you’re having to go to prison, though. It’s as bad out here as it is in there. The only difference is that they slap a little make up on society and call it “civilization”. It is truly no better out here. Your nay-sayers are just being racist neurotics as usual. Of course you’d find that here. Not everyone is against you brother. Keep appealing and take it easy. This is no joke. We mean this. Oh, and to the little phony “rip” comments..oh please,…as if any of you care..most of you are criminals as well in one way or another. Remember, the rest of you are NO better!!!

  • taxpayer

    The taxpayers get to spend 40k/year giving this POS 3 hots and a cot…plus cable…plus a gym…plus, plus, plus.

  • Guest Linda k

    I agree! Yayyyy! I have thought for many years how unfair this is to taxpayers! I think the guilty ones family should provide for “their own” in these cases. If they loved him/her, he/she would be well taken care of. If they didn’t love him/her, oh well!!!! Why should we all pay for them??????? It isn’t right!!!! Amen?

  • SusanK

    For all families involved this day is long overdue. There were far more victims than one at the hands of this animal.

  • anne

    I’m glad the jurors saw through all the crap that the defense brought up and saw the case for what it was – murder. Although the harm has been done, and Adam cannot be brought back, at least some measure of justice has been brought for his family and they can move on with some peace of mind.

  • CoastalJade

    They should have gave this animal the death penalty.
    My heart goes out to the Bradshaw family. To a wife who will never hold her husband again. To his son who will never get to grow up with his father.

  • Guest One

    Really.. funny how “this animal” who yes has been convicted with 1st degree murder. Should have the death penalty.. but not the cop who yes hit and killed the man on the motorcycle in this same county. Saddened for both deaths. But no sin is bigger than another, no life is more important than another.

  • guesty

    So you can’t see the large difference between premeditated murder and a vehicle accident that resulted in a death? Please go refill your meds before you spout off any more garbage.

  • Tommy1967

    This thug has killed multiple people in multiple states, let him enjoy the loving he is about to receive where he is going, then his maker can judge!

  • CoastalJade

    You are on wrong thread.
    This ‘animal’ killed a good man in cold blood and was premeditated.
    I don’t think the cop set out to kill a guy on a motorcycle that day.
    I can’t believe you would troll a thread with the post you made when there is clearly a thread going on about this.

  • Justice4u

    Bye Craig!!!!! have a nice life


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