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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Wilmington voters, the ball’s in your court.

Voting ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on a bond referendum in November will determine whether professional baseball will find a home in the Port City.

Even though the City of Wilmington has reached an agreement with the Atlanta Braves and Mandalay Baseball Properties, voters must pass a bond referendum before financing a stadium can come to pass. During a news conference, supporters of the referendum kicked off their ‘Vote Yes’ campaign.

“We’ve got to be effective in communicating the message that this is really more than baseball,” said Terry Spencer, Vote Yes Campaign Manager. “This is about making Wilmington a better place to live, work and play. It’s about economic development, it’s a source of civic pride.”

Frank Wren, the general manager of the Atlanta Braves, called Wilmington a dynamic city that’s a perfect fit for the Braves’ franchise.

“It’s an opportunity for the Atlanta Braves, the City of Wilmington and Mandalay Baseball to come together at this time and build a ballpark this is one of those fleeting moments,” Wren said. “If it doesn’t happen now, it likely won’t happen.”

But as this campaign fires up, so does the opposition. The “Vote No Stadium Tax” group is swinging back with its own campagin. It considers the stadium a waste of taxpayer’s money.

“It’s a business. The government doesn’t have any business in business,” says Scott Harry, leader of the ‘Vote No Stadium Tax’ group.

Wednesday night, the “Vote No Stadium Tax” group held an organizational meeting to rally support and discuss ways to get their message across to voters.

“I think our battle is more to educate the public than anything,” Harry says. “Once they learn the facts, and fortunately we have the facts on our side. Once they learn the facts, they’re going to vote no.”

The group will be holding a news conference Thursday at 3 p.m. on the steps of the Wilmington Convention Center.

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  • taxpayerim

    For those that the rent is going to increase because of the last property tax increase and another from the ballpark can say NO,because they have more to lose (loss) ,as some property owners will pass the tax increase on to them.
    NO to anything that does not help everyone in Wilmington and the “county”,we need a h-ll of a lot more things another ballpark or another park built in Wilmington or the county to have to pay to maintain after it is built.No ones looks at cost for keeping things maintained only that we want it.

  • Katherine

    Anyone who isn’t an idiot, anyone who isn’t profiting directly from this, anyone with any basic math skills, anyone who believes you shouldn’t waste money when you have no money to waste.

  • 1981duke

    To the stadium,Braves-Single-A,and Mandalay.
    Quality all over the place!

  • Guest 2020

    Just from looking around me seems like most everbody aint voting for that ballpark. People are saying that things only going to be helping a few insiders and everbody elses gonna be paying for what those people get. That just dont seem like a fair thing to do.

    Seems like your liking it a lot. I see your always coming up with something to say about it. Most times what your saying just dont seem to make alot a sense to me or I’m guessing to a lot a people.

    Ever time someone says something I’m seeing you pop up like one a them mushrooms after they have one a them big rainstorms an like I said most times it dont seem to be making too much sense.

    Maybe your just not knowing it but them mushrooms use all a the rotton stuff for their food an to build on. Just dont seem like thats a real good foundation for that house a arguments your trying to build.

  • Vog46

    To quality entertainment
    To a MLB Great – a Hall of Famer
    To great shopping experience
    And a great MiLB team
    And a Free stadium

    Cal – I won’t “Rip”ken the taxpayers off

    Keep trying Chuck

  • guesty

    Those of us that own property within city limits can say No to them. You keep riding on the freebie train ride.

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