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HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — Not every day is a hard news day and some days you get stuck covering a cat up a tree.

Ruby the cat has been up a tree near her owner’s house for days. Her cries are loud and desperate which caught the attention of many neighbors concerned for a pet they say is a neighborhood staple. When Ruby’s owner, Linda Piver, couldn’t get any help from the local fire department, she decided to call WWAY.

“Hampstead Fire Department would not come help,” said Piver.

Piver says she knows most people don’t think a cat up a tree is news, but she needed action. She says Ruby is like a part of her family.

“They’re like your babies, especially when you’re single,” said Piver. “They’re like your children.”

So, we went searching for answers to get Piver’s baby out of the tree. Soon, Heywood Bryant with Barewood Services came to the rescue. Bryant, a self-proclaimed dog lover, quickly scaled the tree next to the one holding Ruby. After getting to the top, Ruby decided it was time to go and did the unthinkable. Jumped.

“He went down again another 10, 15 feet before he leaped from the little gum tree and he landed on his feet and took off towards the street,” said Bryant.

After the ditch effort, Ruby was nowhere to be found. A search party formed to find the cat but came up empty-handed. Bryant says he thinks the cat is fine and has probably learned a lesson.

“I’m real sure he’s not going to climb a tree again,” said Bryant.

Neighbors say we’re not in Mayberry anymore since the fire department wouldn’t respond to help the cat. Ruby is still on the run but Piver says she hopes she will be back soon.

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