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Wilmington, NC (WWAY) — A historic house along Front Street may have been given a temporary reprieve from the wrecking ball, but the future is still uncertain for the condemned classic.

“Mark has done some good things in preservation, but he certainly hasn’t done good things with 226 S. Front Street,” said George Edwards of Historic Wilmington Foundation.

Mark Evans, the owner of 226 S. Front St. appeared in front of the Wilmington City Council Tuesday night to ask for a six-month extension to save the home.

Evans faced some initial skepticism from city council member Kevin O’Grady that a six-month extension would provide a positive result.

“I don’t see why the city should go on the hook for this land owner who has neglected this property for five or six years,” said Kevin O’Grady. “Why would we help him by doing his demolition for him?”

The city council did help Evans by granting him the six-month extension in an effort to save the historic home.

To help try and sell the house North Carolina Preservation has listed the home for sale on their statewide database. The current asking price for the home is $397,000.

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  • Katherine

    City Council can eagerly hand over $37 million+++++ to some strangers from out of town, but they didn’t want to give a hard working long time local boy 6 months to deal with a run down house.
    It’s easy to see who and what our local government folks care about: Big talking outsiders.

  • Guest 10101

    Outside of the fact that there’s a house that’s in bad shape, I have no idea what this story’s about. The owner’s asking for an extension to do something? The city’s trying not to demolish the house for some reason? There was an extension with the city for some reason? So apparently someone is either trying to sell, fix or demolish the house or get an extension of some kind?

    I think I might have known more about this house before I ever knew anything about it at all.

    I know we’re not the biggest news marketplace in the country but this is ridiculous.


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