Bald Head Island residents speak out against Town Manager

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Submitted: Sat, 09/22/2012 - 1:07am
Updated: Mon, 09/24/2012 - 12:52pm

BALD HEAD ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — We told you a few weeks ago about controversy on Bald Head Island. Friday the citizens of the island told the Village Council what they thought about Village Manger Calvin Peck.

“You put your name on the ballot. We elected you. You represent us,” resident Jane Johnson told the council.

Villagers say they decided to speak out against Peck after Public Safety Chief Chip Munna resigned a few weeks ago. Citizens say Munna resigned because of a personality conflict with Peck.

The Village Council says it has said all it can about the situation involving Munna and Peck.

“Departmental matters, employee performance evaluations and personnel decisions cannot be handled in the court of public opinion,” Bald Head Island Mayor Andy Sayre told the crowd.

We tried to talk to Mayor Sayre after the meeting. He said the matter was closed and would concentrate on getting a new Public Safety Director. Peck said he would rather not comment.

Villagers say they plan to keep on fighting until they see results.

“This is going to be an ongoing petition. We will constantly accept signatures,” resident Marilyn Ridgeway said. “We will be watching to be sure the negative behaviors are not acted upon by Calvin Peck, and we’ll make sure this village gets back into the hands of the people.”

So far the petition has more than 100 signatures. Villagers plan to collect more in the days and weeks to come.


  • GuestBHI says:

    If you have documentation of unethical behavior, abusive action toward citizens or employees, harassment, or poor management practices by Calvin Peck, please contact WWAY to pass on to the petition carriers on Bald Head. We are trying to show patterns of behavior so even if your occurence happened years ago, we need to hear about it. We are asking the Council to use their state statute powers to investigate 23 concerns that have been reported to us by employees and citizens. Each of those concerns has a face or an incident behind it. However, our employees are fearful if they speak out because they will be fired. They have been told if they even talk to citizens about issues, they will be fired.
    There seems to a definition problem here on the island. When the words, “best interest of the island,” appear in a document written by Human Resources/Communication Director, “Village” means in the best interst of Calvin. For example, if I do have an employee who
    will stand by his principles not mine, it is the best interest of the Village to force him to resign. Chief’s Munna resignation was as voluntary as Calvin Peck’s resignation was in Carolina Beach.
    When the Council uses the words, “in the best interest of the Village,” it generally means please do not make us work harder than we are. When villagers use “in the best interest of the village,” we mean the people’s safety, health, comfort of those live, work, and play here. We are trying to redefine that term in the Councilmen’s minds. We know it will take awhile and hope people will support us by signing the petition.

  • bhiguest says:

    We have had no luck with Brunswick County governance either. Calvin Peck turned over Dangerous Dogs Ordinance to them and it was a disaster. We had to fight him on that as well until we finally got an ordinance that works in our unique situation.
    Please review state standards for policing. It sounds like you might have written the ICMA report that Calvin Peck ordered on a verbal contract.
    What about EMS service and water rescue? Should we all just bring first aid kits and flotation devices? Really. Is that the service you would expect in your community?

  • GuestBH says:

    First mistake is letting government employees board your ferry to your private island! Unincorporate and let Brunswick County serve you and get there best they can but don’t have offices on the island for them. Your home is going to burn down anyway if theres a fire in steady island winds. Stand around with hoses and spray your roofs and do like the old days. Neighborhood watch is more effective than police anyway and any citizen can take out a warrant so tune up your video cameras, clean he sea spray off the lense and handle petty thieves with video and warrants.

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