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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger is once again back in the spotlight. After requesting county staff to send out a news release about a conference he was invited to, Berger did not go. But Berger says it’s not his fault.

Berger was awarded a full scholarship to attend a local elected leaders conference in Chapel Hill that ended Thursday. Though he planned to go, Berger says county manager Chris Coudriet told him he was not allowed to, because he currently owes the county $500 in travel expenses.

“If anything, there’s just as great a chance that the county owes me money as there is that I owe the county money,” Berger said. “In either instance, we’re probably only talking about maybe a $50 swing one way or the other.”

According to county spokesman Charles Smith, Berger does owe $500 in travel expenses. In June, the County Commission unanimously approved a travel policy where all members must pay off their balance before any more travel.

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  • Vog46

    So much promise
    So much controversy

    The county policy of not allowing travel if you owe $500 seems fair to me (unless the travel is right after a previous trip).
    An alternative would be to ask for a travel advance if available.

    It seems that this is all about attention grabbing by Berger or the other County Commissioners (Whatever happened to substance?)
    I don’t get politicians sometimes……..


  • RSimmons

    He would blend right in with the rest of the fruitcakes in Chapel Hill.

    NHC should dock his pay for the money owed. Judging by the stories here on WWAY over the past two years,Berger has established a track record of not living up to his obligations.

  • ConcernedVoter

    A vote for Derrick Hickey is a vote for Brian Berger

  • Gstvoter

    not to mention running our legislature ragged this year with lawsuits to force monkey junction to pay for the massive wpd, cfpua which is big enough to serve a city the size of Charlotte. y’all just be patient because Brian is here to stay.

  • Guest 10101

    “Brian is here to stay”? You did mean just until the end of his term right?

    Unfortunately for Mr. Berger, he’ll be lucky if he even finds employment in the private sector much less being here to stay.

    Are you an actually an Earthling or are you just temporarily visiting our fair planet from somewhere else far out in the galaxy?

  • SouthEastNC

    more people need to be aware of this

  • Guest30

    Right on, its close in figures this is unbelievable– charlotte nc is 111 million; cfpua wilmington nc is 69.9 million http://www.cfpua.org/DocumentCenter/View/3276

  • Guestwiut

    Another smear from some county folks lined up with Caster and McColl?
    Selective leaks against Berger- a violation of law by calling the Star NEWS anhd breaching his rights of confidentialy are blatent examples of misconduct by a few bad apples in county government. Berger aint no saint but lets apply this policy retroactively against barfield davis and others. It would be nice if Wanda copley remembered she is suppose to me more than a friend of Louise.

  • It’s backwards

    ” Though he planned to go, Berger says county manager Chris Coudriet told him he was not allowed to”

    When does a county manager tell a Commissioner what to do? Aren’t they his boss?

  • Guestwit

    Better Brian- than the crap in county government that has given us Titan, the convention center, and a ball patk we dont want or need. I agree with earlier post that some county employess have crossed the line! Smearts and selective leaks are obvious. We intend to file complaints with 3rd parties against those responsible. Copley should read the canons on ethics- she might learn something? Chris either do a fair job or we will ask others to look into corruption here in NHC!

  • Guestwhy

    The County Manager’s job is to carry out the wishes of the Commissioners as a whole, and the Commissioners voted to suspend travel if there are any outstanding expenses. Commissioner Berger has $500 worth of outstanding expenses. He actually voted for that. He made his own bed, now he must lay in it.

  • Guest1118

    “New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger is once again back in the spotlight”……ummm, that would be a NO….WWAY is putting him in the spolight with a non-story. Scott Pickey must be so distraught over teen mom moving that he had to create a story about Brian when there is none.

    And I’m sure this is one of those “first on 3” stories. LMAO

  • Ken

    Now let me get this straight. New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger says his not attending this conference to which he was awarded a full scholarship was not his fault. OK I can go along with that explanation for the time being. Next we must find out why it was not his fault and it appears, according to a Mr. Charles Smith that Commissioner Berger owes the county approx. $500.00 for previous travel expenses. Everything seems to be in place so far. Now if the policy is that a County Commissioner cannot get travel funds until all arrears are paid and if Commissioner Berger does indeed own the funds to the county then his not attending the conference was not his fault but rather the fault of the other Commissioner Berger that owes the county funds for travel related expenses and that Commissioner should be the one to be made to pay the travel expenses owed the county. That was an easy exercise.

  • Guest111

    If he owed the county monies that had not been repaid then the county should not have allowed him to be considered for this trip, much less let him accept it. This man is unbalanced and EVERYONE knows it. I think everyone concerned is just letting him bide his time till he’s out. No one should have taken this offer and acceptance seriously. Is everyone on the board in the same shape as Berger?

  • Philip

    Just claim that its was Bush’s fault. Thats the excuse Oblamo uses.

  • Guest211


  • Supporter

    If you going to blame it on Obama, please spell his name right.

  • Guest111

    I don’t care for Brian, at all, but according to this article it is not his fault he didn’t attend. He was told he could not go. This isn’t news, folks.

  • Guest1204

    IT IS HIS FAULT. He knew about the travel policy and that prior balances must be paid before new travel can be issued. He should have resolved this matter prior to accepting the scholarship. This scholarship money could have then been given to another individual to attend the conference who would have appreciated the offer as well as any new information gained from the conference.

    Berger is a waste of taxpayer’s money. I hope that anyone in the private or public sector takes a good look if he should apply to their organization for a job. God help them!

    It is time that the news media stop covering anything about him and maybe he will stop pulling these shenanigans.

  • Wade Griffis

    Otherwise council meetings would be duller than dirt.

  • guest57

    My thought is that he clearly anticipated an opportunity to spin for sympathy.The conference could have been attended at the mere personal expense of travel/lodging(maybe)since it was a scholarship.Why alert the media of this when you knew the latest rules regarding owed monies blocking further travel,unless you just wanted favorable attention along with reintroducing your agenda of persecution.I truly hope he RSVP’d early with a note of appreciation for being given the opportunity,anyway.What a loss,when someone could have benefited by attending.

  • Das Weibstück

    He has owed this 500 for a while……. pay your bills !

  • Guest 10101

    “Brian Berger Skips Out.” Period.

  • Guest DeRail

    We love him keeping things on hold so poor decisions to spend our taxes is delayed instead of 4 million of our money given to giant polluters like Titan, behind our backs! Just sit in your meetings and be quiet while the great big wait happens on everything. We love Brian!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peyton Garrett

    Well, it had been a couple of weeks since this feeble minded little dweeb had made the headlines of a news story. First Berger, why don’t you just address the unpaid balances and clear up the matter? If the county owes you money as you say and knowing your dire financial straits, why don’t you now or why haven’t you in the past submitted invoices to the county for reimbursement? The reason being? You are a liar. A delusional liar. I also find it comical as to who would award you sir, a scholarship? Perhaps a grant in need for the mentally challenged, as you have proven time and time again you would amply qualify. Man up and clear the air. Clean up your financial obligations to the county or better yet, just sit home and spare us the embarrassment.


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