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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The iPhone 5 is now on sale.

In California people lined up as early as Monday to get theirs. Here in wilmington, they lined up too. Just not that early.

“I got here at 3 a.m.,” iPhone buyer Wayne Oliver said as he waited at the Verizon store on South College Road, even though the store did not open until 8 a.m.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I decided if I couldn’t sleep, I’d just get up and go early,” Oliver said.

Dozens more had the same idea, as sales associates got ready for their arrival inside.

It was not really the mad rush you’d expect. Verizon allowed one customer through the door for every customer that exited.

“It’s all about the customer experience,” Verizon Business Sales Manager Armin Asady said. “We’ve had people standing outside since 3 a.m. We want to make sure they get the attention they deserve.”

So what drives these customers to come on the phone’s launch day?

“It’s super light, and I just like having the top-of-the-line technology I guess,” customer Nash Stapleton said.

And for now, the employees will continue checking people out, rather than getting in line themselves.

“I don’t want to take a device off the shelf for my use when we can put it in a customer’s hand and make sure they’re happy,” Asady said.

While Verizon employees boast of better network coverage, the iPhone 5 itself has a faster speed, bigger screen and is lighter than previous versions.

Despite all those new features, customers we spoke with will use the iPhone for its most basic function first: making calls.

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  • Guest421

    You are so right. Just another toy to empty your pocket book and gaze into. I have an old cell phone I have had for at least 10 years. It still sends and receives calls. It does not make pictures or anything else. I wouldn’t wait in line for one if they were giving them away.

  • anne

    Really? The other night they showed people who had been in line at some stores since last Thursday. What fools they are! Apple is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • 1981duke

    Apple is larger than my bank!

  • Gustafo

    What’s wrong with a company creating a great product that’s in demand?

  • Wade Griffis

    My phone does not even take pictures! I guess that means that if Obama drops his pants in my presence- I will not get rich selling the photos.

    Meanwhile, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan drop their pants verbally every time they speak.

    I am NOT a liberal. I am not a conservative. I am an independant. I hate the term that NC uses. Unaffiliated.

    Hell, I am affiliated with common sense. I am affiliated with the knowledge that both of the major party candidates are weaklings that take both sides of every issue.

    It is a good thing that my phone does not take pictures. Otherwise I would be rich. And what would I do with all that money?

  • Wilmington Observer

    Redistribute it.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Wade Griffis

    I would happily spread it around.

    We both know it is extremely unlikely to happen.I would even send some your way if you developed the guts to post under your real name.

  • Guestarticulatore

    Yup, redistribute it OK…. vote Romney and send more to the entitled rich!

  • Wade Griffis

    right after Mitt Romney redistributes his.

    I know! Do not bother telling me about how Mormans take care of their own. I understand that very well. I wus one once.

    It is too bad that the media people do not understand that, because it is a key to how this man thinks. On one level, I agree with his attitude.

    On the next level, I understand that part of the 47% that he disparraged are social security benefits people.

    I am one of those.

    I worked hard all my life and paid into that system. At 73 I deserve every penney that I get.

  • Guestarticulatore

    At least Apple isn’t reaching into taxpayers’ pockets to advance its product unlike some bush league baseball advocates we have come to know around here. Vote NO on the stadium referendum!

  • Guest Reply

    “Despite all those new features, customers we spoke with will use the iPhone for its most basic function first: making calls.” (Unquote)
    I doubt that…the first thing they do will be “SEND A TEXT”
    Ah…cell phones…can’t live with them…can’t live without them.
    In the words of my young daughter a few years ago, when a new neighbor approached us in our yard…she said to me…”Quick Dad…hand me a cell phone!!!”
    As long as one has a cell phone…why talk to people in person?
    Think about it :-(
    With some individuals (mainly the young) they are given this tool as a communication device, and in turn has driven them away from eye to eye contact with others 10 fold.
    But I guess when you ask them “What is the name of our Nations Capitol?”…give them a second or 2, and they will look it up on their phone, which does make it handy!


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