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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — For many people Sunday is a day of worship, but one local church is doing its part to ensure its message resonates long past the Sunday bells.

For over a year Heath Caddell was a pastor without a pulpit. Recently Leland Middle School gave Heath Caddell and his congregation a place to call home.

“In our heart we didn’t want to just create another church,” Caddell said. “We want to truly have an impact on our community, and that’s partly why we’re doing what we’re doing here at this middle school.”

Just as the school has adopted Reach Community Church, the church has adopted the school and made it its personal mission to ensure that the students there have a better learning environment.

“We come in and kind of clean things up,” Caddell said. “We came in and painted bathrooms. We’ve cleaned hallways, painted squares around the pencil sharpeners. Just really whatever we can do.”

Though the church is brand new, its message is already inspiring others to pitch in, as 20 volunteers drove from Chapel Hill to help renovate Leland Middle School.

Caddell and his congregation hope to plant the seed of faith one classroom at a time.

Reach Community Church meets every Sunday at 10 a.m. at Leland Middle School.

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