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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A desperate search to save a child from a registered sex offender is underway. They were last seen in Brunswick County near the state line.

Twelve-year-old Abigale Lefevers is missing from Carteret County. Now a family already dealing with loss is suffering even more.

“To think that anybody would take my 12-year-old daughter away from me after her mother passed away last year,” Abigale’s dad Robert said.

The man wanted for her kidnapping, 38-year-old Timothy Newman, did some odd jobs around the house for Robert. Robert says once he learned about Newman’s past, he told him to stay away. But investigators say Newman still kept in touch with the child.

“All I can tell you for certain is he contacted her numerous times over the past several weeks. We’re looking into that,” Carteret County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Ken Raper said.

Lefevers last saw his daughter Sunday around 10 p.m. at their home in Newport. When he woke up Monday morning, she was missing.

She may be in Newman’s red 1998 Chrysler Sebring with license plate number AKT-6534. The car was last spotted on US 17 in Brunswick County near the state line, but investigators say by now, it could be anywhere.

And not knowing where she is or if she’s safe is hard for Robert Lefevers to handle.

“I’m concerned, because he told me he’s never going back to prison, so it makes me worried about my daughter,” Lefevers said.

If you know anything about this case, call the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office at (252) 504-4800 or local law enforcement.

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  • Das Weibstück

    While I agree they should have all dangly bits removed w/o anesthesia, they would still have the urges and ability to harm other children. Perhaps removing their eyes and hands would be better? Gives children a one up.

  • Guest461

    Maybe true, but there’s very little holding a scumbag like that from an early meeting with his maker! I pray hard that this innocent little girl returns home safely! I can’t imagine the anguish and torment her father is enduring and just hope that this has a positive ending very soon.

    I’m sick and tired of these convicted sex offenders being allowed to openly and freely prowl the public after committing heinous crimes against nature and against children. I’m sorry, but men like this should automatically be castrated upon conviction and left with only enough urinary tract to empty his bladder on a good day. Call that cruel and unusual punishment? Fine with me, it’s a cruel and unusual crime they commit to violate a precious child!

  • Guest hater of crime against children

    To start with, creeps like this creep should NEVER be let out of jail with his arms and legs still attached!!! They NEVER get cured of this sickness and as soon as they are let onto the streets again, go right back at it!! Dogs are shot after attacking a person, so should more drastic measures be taken against child molesters. I think a good thing would be to turn them over to the child’s parents to decide what THEY would want done with him once he is caught (in all cases).
    Said he didn’t want to go back to prison? Well then, he shouldn’t have committed the crime again, right? But he never should have been let out in the first place!
    when will our system get wise about this? And we taxpayers don’t want to support them, either, so I suggest their own families pay for their “room and board” in jail. If they want no part of it, too bad for the bad guy!!!!!


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