FIRST ON 3: Sexual battery, assault on female warrants issued against BSL mayor

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Submitted: Thu, 09/27/2012 - 9:45pm
Updated: Fri, 09/28/2012 - 4:14pm

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Four warrants were issued Thursday for Boiling Spring Lakes Mayor Richard White.

Now, the alleged victim is speaking out. She says what happened may have cost White his job with the Brunswick County District Attorney’s Office.

The alleged victim, who we’ll call “Rachel,” says she filed charges Thursday, but this is not the first time she has complained about the situation with Richard White.

“I originally went to the DA’s office back in April,” Rachel said. “The first of April, and I reported this to the District Attorney at that time.”

Rachel says she told the District Attorney about the situation, because that’s where she originally met White, who was working as a detective for the DA’s office. She says White continually came on to her although she told him to stop.

“The physical contact was unwanted,” Rachel said. “I told him repeatedly that I did not want his physical advances, but he would continue to put his hands on me, and try to kiss me and touch me in ways that he knew I did not want him to do.”

Rachel says after she told the District Attorney’s office about what happened, White resigned from his position there. She says she pressed charges Thursday, because she feels that something else needed to be done.

Rachel took out four warrants against White, including three counts of sexual battery and one count of assault on a female.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says it has contacted White. He told deputies he was out of town until Monday, but he would turn himself in when he got back into the county.

We tried to talk to White, but he did not return our calls.


  • GuestUSMC says:

    When dealing with Richard White, I have always found him quite professional. It is difficult for me to believe what has been reported here. I think something is very wrong with this picture and hopefully it will all come out during the investigation.

  • Guest keegan says:

    Is that where you got her phone number, Charlie? Man, you sure are sticking your neck out for someone who is as worthless as White!!!!! You WILL get caught! And just a reminder, Susan’s business is none of yours….it is White who is the “guilty one”, not Susan! Let’s keep the focus on him!

  • Guest LK says:


  • Scott says:

    Anyone can say anything to the magistrate to get charges taken out. Lets wait and see how the evidence pans out.

  • Guest 80 says:

    Is there anyone left in that town? Guess they are all corrupt . Looks like they are being taken down one by one!

  • Guest500 says:

    Thank you brave “Rachel”. I have no doubt that this is only the beginning and you have paved a way for many more victims to come forward and tell their story. Now we know the “real” reason White resigned from the Brunswick County DA’s office..shame on you Jon David, and let the cya scrambling begin. Also, would any other citizen be given a “weekend” to turn themselves in? R-E-A-L-L-Y,
    Brunswick County Sheriffs Dept? Does every sexually- based charged man get this “lucky break”? This is just unacceptable…absolutely unacceptable. I am totally appalled that an alledged abuser is out there walking around without a bond and it’s scary…and a Mayor to boot??? Somebody please do something…

  • sick of it all says:

    Amen…I am a female and he gives me the impression of being a womanizer. He looks you up and down and touches your shoulders when he is talking in a work-related setting. I dress appropriately and am 50. I do not flirt and he knows my husband. All I can say is good luck to Rachel and I hope you have the proof to bring this man down and the DA, too for letting him off with a resignation. No arrest…how convenient! He has not committed a crime against me, but I feel that I have good instincts and he is one to watch if you are a female.

  • Very Concerened BSL Resident says:

    WOW!! this is GREAT!! looks like Captain Ledbetter will get his job back

  • Old Guy says:

    Dear Mr. or Mrs. GuestUSMC,
    If you haven’t learned by now misdemeanors are not investigated in North Carolina. There will be no investigations into these allegations! It will come down to the DA’s office respresenting the victim and Mr. White with his attorney, in court with a Judge deciding on who is telling the truth or not. Or maybe Mr. White will make a plea agreement with the DA’s Office and with his old buddy Jon David who in fact was in bed with Mr. Jain from Leland when the officers did work(while on duty) on his home by laying and hooking up his cable and internet connections.

  • windsnake6969 says:

    Well don’t you seem like quite the stalker yourself!

  • Guest l.keegan says:

    If you had been to some of the city meetings, if you really know Richard White, if you ever looked at public records, if you listened to what people had to say at the city meetings, if you had taken the papers handed out at one of the meetings AND read them….you would then know this is not so “hard to believe”! What is the problem? What more could you want to convince you this is the truth? Why would someone go to all the trouble to make people see what he is really like, and have the papers to prove all of it, if it can’t be the truth? Wake up and smell the ‘crap’ going on here! He is embarrassing us! Jeeze…wake up people!!

  • Guest User says:

    I am wondering why WWAY3 revealed Mr. White’s name and not the lady who accused him. It is fairly easy to file a warrant for sexual harassment even without proof. Of course, proving sexual harassment in court is the real test. “Rachel” better have some real proof or she may be exposing herself to a lawsuit. Did WWAY3 check “Rachel’s” background or just assume she is telling the truth? I don’t know of any politician who is “clean as a whistle”, but Mr. White has always acted like a gentleman around everyone, male and female. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some other motive in these accusations. In the meantime, I expect that Mr. White will be assumed guilty until proven innocent.

  • HaHA says:

    Problem is they drop entitled acorns. That will be just like them.

  • Guest211 says:


  • Ada L. says:

    “Rachel” is well known to many of us in Brunswick County. She is a gadfly who has appeared on TV in the past. She loves publicity and is a “regular” at the Brunswick County Courthouse. In this case, she has a long-standing vendetta against Richard White. This will be a case of “He said/she said”. Prediction: This case will be thrown out by the Special Prosecutor without ever going to trial. What is appropriate here is the famous quote: “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned”.

  • Bob and Carol says:

    I have been waiting for WWAY to provide some objective information about the alleged victim. That didn’t happen so I did my own research. It’s amazing what information can be found in the public domain with just a little effort.

    Fact #1: The alleged victim is a convicted sex offender. In November 2011, she was convicted of stalking and sexual harassment in Brunswick County District Court. She pleaded guilty. In lieu of jail time, she was sentenced to community service, probation, and paid a hefty fine.

    Fact #2: Several months ago, she filed a State Bar Complaint against her attorney. She alleges her attorney was in a conspiracy with her stalking victim,the Judge, the District Attorney,Richard White, and others. The State Bureau of Investigation has not acted on the complaint.

    Fact #3 She is being evicted from her rented condo. The issues have involved non-payment of rent and housing animals in the condo in violation of condo association rules. She has gone to court in an effort to overturn the eviction. This is an on-going process.

    Fact #4: She operates a photography business out of her rented condo. The Better Business Bureau has given her an “F” rating.

    Fact #5: In violation of NC law, she still has Tennessee tags on her car even though she moved here almost three years ago.

  • Susan Prater says:

    Hey Lee,

    Does Jon David pay you extra to go on public forums and defame the victims of the state. I’ve only lived here for a little more than 2 1/2 years. I’ve never been a regular in any courthouse because I’ve never committed—even the slightest offense. I was gracious enough to let your office use me for the purpose of proving a crime against one of your fellow attorneys—remember? You know the story all too well and so does everyone else in your office.

    You shouldn’t hold me (the victim) to a higher standard than you hold your boss or your fellow co-workers. Let’s give everyone a chance to learn the real story—the true story about what you boss, Jon David and some of your fellow co-workers did to me. And lets show everyone just how much your boss appreciated my selfless act of agreeing to be used for the betterment—to catch a couple of criminals.

    Everyone can read the truth @

  • Level headed says:

    Sounds like the same lady who accused the Trooper in Wilmington of rape. Its amazing how much is expected of law enforcement and how they are required to have some measure of qualifying someone as a reliable informant…..but the news can just print something because anyone says so. Does the news actually realize how many people they interview are unreliable and of questionable character. Why are news reporters enabled to live to lower standards? The news should be the liable ones for defamation of character lawsuits….report the story when it has been proven to be fact or you have overwhelming evidence to produce.

  • BSL says:


  • Susan Prater says:

    Your facts are completely false!
    I am not even listed with the BBB as ever having any sort of complaint against my business. I have a home or residence in TN and I have every right to have my car tagged in TN. I am not being evicted for non-payment of rent. I won the eviction hearing because the owners of this condo lied about the non-payment. The owner of my condo was being threatened with a lawsuit if she didn’t evict me because I reported an infestation of raccoons within the buildings to the health dept. and wway3 at the request of the owner of my condo. My dogs have been here with me for almost three years and the only reason my dogs became an issue was out of retaliation by the HOA president for reporting the raccoon issue to the media and health dept. The health dept. substantiated the existence and problem concerning the raccoons living within the walls and attics of the buildings. A huge health risk to the public!

    I was not charged with a sex crime. The harassing charge was harassing text messages. Both of those charges were filed after the opposing party was arrested for assault and violation of a 50b order of protection. Those charges were filed against me in retaliation at the advice of this person’s attorney because the attorney nor the defendant wanted me to testify in a child custody hearing.

    The DA’s office used my case and those charges as a means to prove wrong doing on the part of my attorney, the defendant and his attorney. I offered to allow them to use me. The DA’s office handled the matter incredibly wrong!

    I have never committed—even the slightest offense. I’ve never even had a speeding ticket. That’s the reason the state could use my case to prove the crime against the attorney, and the opposing side in my case. Because deferred prosecution is only offered to those individuals who have never been in trouble before. Once the deferred prosecution process is over, the charges show voluntarily dismissed on a person’s record. The only reason you or anyone else can see the deferred prosecution is because it was printed in the newspaper.

    But regardless of that—regardless of any of that, Richard White has been accused and has a long history of being accused of inappropriate contact with women. He has been investigated by the SBI for these same accusations in the past.

    Investigations take a long time. My attorney, the opposing attorney and the person who assaulted me may or may not pay for their crimes against me. I guess that remains to be seen. But I stand by my offer to be used by the state to prove the crime. And I stand by my efforts to expose the raccoon infestation at the request of the owner of my condo. I have no control over anyone else’s actions other than my own. I will always do what is right—as far as my convictions. The truth usually comes out in the end and people usually —eventually pay for their crimes.

    Defaming me—or trying to defame me, won’t change—or make up for the fact that “public opinion” can’t exonerate anyone. That only occurs in a court of law. The evidence will speak for itself.

  • Susan Prater says:

    Read the blog post entitled; “Understanding The Need For Damages—101″ on my blog site
    @ to understand the need for “damages” in proving the crime against my former attorney, the opposing attorney and the defendant of the original court matters.

    And you can also read the entire story—Parts 1 thru 63 on my blog site.

  • Guest4755 says:

    Since it’s clear you have been here longer than 60 days – you have said you and your dogs have been here three years – you are violating NC motor vehicle law. It doesn’t matter where you OWN property. It matters where you live. You are not a student, or military, or anything else that would exempt you, and you actually own a business here. Whether it’s registered as a NC business, or not remains to be seen. That brings up another interesting question… Where do you claim you live for the purposes of filing income taxes? Tennessee because of no personal income tax? NC DOR might be interested (reminder to self… call NC DOR Monday).

    You should be paying taxes and insurance in NC. Law abiding citizens do. Does your insurance company know that the location the vehicle is garaged is nowhere in Tennessee? If not, you are committing insurance fraud.

    You, yourself say you live in Oak Island: (Can’t be too many people “Spilling The Beans On…..”

    Next, the BBB DOES list you as having a complaint against your business:

    If that’s not you, you should talk to the BBB because that is your phone number:

    Then, there’s your “blog” where you show how good you are at making things up:
    “Although some of my stories are based from real life experiences, they are all works of fiction and should be considered products of my imagination”

    “While I was interviewing with the FBI agent on Friday…”
    They have medication available to help with these conditions!

    I am making no accusations here. Just aggregating information online.

    Your statement “I have never committed—even the slightest offense” is just a little inaccurate. It should read “I have never been convicted of committing—even the slightest offense”. If that’s even accurate.

  • Guest1101 says:

    LOL…suit… can’t file one when its the truth idiot.

  • Guest keegan says:

    The lady you just said all that stuff about is not the one in the picture being charged with sexual “disorder” now and in the year 2000. There is no reason for her to defend herself of anything you say. She isn’t the one being charged here. You must get your information from White or his puppet! Y’all are just trying to take the focus off the real guilty parties and honey, that ain’t gonna happen! No siree, Bob! It ain’t gonna happen! Her tags might be from TN. but she ain’t no sex offender!!!!!! No siree Bob!!!!!!!

  • GRR says:

    I for one am very interested to see the outcome of these charges. I am not one to gloat about another person’s downfalls but when it comes to Mr. White, he thinks he is above the law. I wonder how our distinguished D.A.will handle his buddies case. Probably the way he did in the case of the Leland Police Chief a while back. Birds that flock together do stick together!!!!

  • Rusty says:

    It is obvious you are one of the FEW that just can’t get over the fact you can not take back with rhetoric and misinformation what you lost at the ballot box….TWICE!

    Your given reasons for resignations are not factual at all and you can not in any way prove your lies. BTW, a piece of paper that you print up and does not have all the substantial facts attached is as worthless as your own ethics.

    You will continue your rhetoric and noise making. The rest of us will continue to laugh at you. If cleared in court, what is going to be your explanation then? I am sure you will have one since facts have no place in your world of mayhem.

  • Guest 01 says:

    Really? Is anyone even the least bit surprised by this at all?
    Everyone In the town of bsl is aware of his history of victimizing women then intimidating
    Them to keep them from pressing charges. He has been misusing his authority for years and any time he ever gets
    Caught he has been allowed to quietly “resign” . Well it’s about time someone showed him he wasn’t above the law! He “retired” as police chief , he ” resigned” as investigator , now he needs to sign as mayor.
    Bsl needs a fresh start without the corrupt officials!

  • Chuck U. Farley says:

    Funny thing about this post… I have lived in the BSL/Southport area since 1987, have had business dealings with White’s predecessors, and White himself. I also like to think I keep my finger on the political pulse around here as much as possible..

    I have never heard even one single whisper concerning any of these accusations you have leveled in the above post against White.

    Where is your evidence? Like it’s been stated in several posts…. Anyone can say anything on here and be anonymous.. That way you don’t have to be held accountable for what you say.. So I say to you, “Guest 01″.. Get some proof before runnin’ dat mouth..

  • Sweet Girl says:

    Will his good friend the District Attorney ever hold this guy accountable. He just let him quietly resign last time? I think we need a specially appointed prosecutor. Someone needs to come in and clean up this corrupt place. It seems there is no end!!!

  • Happy Camper says:

    Karma is a bitch, ain’t it?

  • Mr.T says:

    You can’t leave the bridge up!! Haven’t you heard, Cal Ripken is building a baseball stadium over their. At least that’s what the local echos are saying. Got to have a way to the Stadium Man.

  • RSimmons says:

    Barely a day goes by that something bizarre happens on that side of the river. Next time the CFM bridge is stuck in the raised position can we just leave it up?

  • Guest L Keegan says:

    Well well! Is it about time or what? We tried to tell BSL what kind of person White is, but they wouldn’t listen. Handed out papers and the smart ones took and read them and believed they HAD to be true while the ones not so smart wouldn’t look at them at all. (Maybe they couldn’t read because they were blind to the truth !) He had the police remove my hubby from a public meeting because my hubby had the “goods” on him! Bad move, White!
    There are a lot of things I can say, but I will leave it at that for right now. Hey, if you ever want to read the papers handed out I think you could still get them. Maybe this will open your eyes!!! Then again, maybe not!

  • fed up in BSL says:

    I am not sure how the Power trip works, but we are so sick of stories on the news that shows how Power takes over these people and they can and have got by with whatever wrong doings they do.

  • Geez again says:

    And another one bites the dust!!! Seems this town is full of crooked people .

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