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CARTERET COUNTY (WCTI) — A 12-year-old girl who was reported missing on Monday has been found. FBI officials said that Abigale Lefevers and Timothy Newman were located at a parking lot a block from Interstate 95 near Miami, Florida.

Her father says he’s now breathing a big sigh of relief.

“I’m so excited for her to have been found and to be on her way back to me,” Robert Lefevers said.

Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies had joined in the search for the Carteret county girl after reports she was last seen in the area, with the 38-year-old Newman, who is also a registered sex offender.

After it was discovered, she had her father’s debit card, police started tracking purchases, which led them to Florida.

“Tim Newman was caught on video tape, using my debit card and that’s what pinned him again,” Robert Lefevers said. “They just tried to use the credit card again in Miami and that’s when they were spotted and located.”

An Amber Alert was issued for Lefevers was issued Monday evening. Officials on Tuesday filed a warrant for Newman’s arrest. That warrant, which carries a charge of child abduction, was filed through NCIC and NCAWARE.

Newman’s roommate said he believed Newman was involved with a woman, although now investigators suspect Newman was texting the 12-year-old girl.

Newman was taken into custody at the scene.

Authorities say the girl was taken to the hospital to be checked out.

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  • Leland Gal

    So glad. Thank U Lord.

  • Guest23

    Funny how the lord was absent when she was abducted, but he gets credit when she’s found. I guess whatever happened to her between those two points on the timeline is religious collateral damage. How about “Thank you law enforcement”.

  • PublicAvenger

    God Bless That Beautiful, Sweet, Innocent Girl.
    The dirty monster, that kidnapped her will get probation. He will recieve “counseling” and “medication” for a diagnosed “mental disorder”. He will also get a “disability check”. And sit on his butt, while we work to pay for it. What he needs is a bullet in the head.

  • justin

    When daddy told her to stop texting this perv, what did she do? She kept right on texting and communicating with the guy. Look at her MySpace page and tell me you would approve of your 12-yr-old daughter posting photos like she has. I’m shocked that everyone has made the assumption she was “abducted” – would someone who is being abducted have time to snatch up daddy’s credit card before leaving the house? Pack a knapsack of clothes? Update her MySpace page from the road? Sorry kiddies, I ain’t buying it. I predict this pervert convinced her to willingly go with him … and let this be a wakeup call for all parents!

  • Hey….just because you don’t know God, don’t comment on those who do. Keep your sarcasm to yourself. We need more people of faith, not more of you.

  • Gustafo

    Agreed. Even if there is a god, he obviously has nothing to do with free will

  • She wasn’t abducted….hello…she went willingly! She needs to have her ass tore up and stop trying to be so grown. There is really something wrong with some of these girls these days. I met a 12 yr. old that was trying to convince people she was 18, Just saying, put some of the blame where it needs to be.

  • In His Grip

    the Lord was NOT absent at all when she was abducted. God does not remove Himself from our lives when bad things happen to us or we make poor choices. He is there, allowing us free will, and HE uses everything for the good of those who love Him and for His glory, whether we understand His purposes or not. He is ALWAYS good. I thank Him that He gave all the law enforcement involved every tool they needed to find this girl and the abductor. Whether we recognize it or not, He is in control He is our Creator, and He loves you perfectly, regardless of the sin and circumstances of our lives. So yes, thank you law enforcement, but more than that, thank you to an all-knowing, all-loving Creator who gives wisdom and strength and perseverance to those He uses.

  • Guestarticulatore

    How about thanks to BOTH, Law Enforcement for its diligence AND God for His good providence?

  • Guest123456

    Amen to that!!!

  • Grand Ole Party

    You’re a complete idiot. She is twelve years old, children make stupid choices in life. And we don’t need you to tell us you are “Just saying” we can read what you are saying. I am assuming you’re either 15 yrs old or just plain dumb.

  • Guest123456

    Unbelieveable!! you can’t really believe your life is due to an invisable magic man that lives somewhere in the clouds….do you? Most of us live in reality…..would you like to come over to this side? Just try to realize that religion is a crutch for the weak minded who are afraid of the dark and the unknown. The world isn’t flat people!!!!! Open your EYES

  • On the contrary Guest123456. Those who have had extraordinary experiences with faith are above those with your belief system. They know something to be true. Their minds are open enough so that they experience something in a different realm. God does that for them. You seem to be among the masses that believe religion and faith are the same thing. They are not. And one must remember that God has closed the eyes and minds of some. Not all are chosen.

  • Guest5678

    I wonder where God was when all of these other children were abducted, unspeakable things were done to them, and then murdered? For sure a loving God wouldn’t let something like that happen just to test each family’s faith! Your religion is based on fear, not common sense.

  • slickness

    i hope you come to realize that you are lost before you end up in darkness for all time. if not you WILL remember your comments one day. you will also remember mine.

  • PublicAvenger

    So, I guess the kid deserved it. I agree with Ole Party. You are a idiot. Perhaps you are this monster’s relative. No 12 year old child “deserves” to be treated like that.

    I guess if he offered a 4 year old girl, a candy bar, for sexual favors, you would see that not as a horrible crime, but as a “bad deal” on the child’s part.

    15 yr Olds Mom: I seriously doubt you really are a mother. Any mother would not have a sick attitude, like yours.

  • Guest7969

    9 out of 10 Americans believe in a god….so WHO are these “most of us” you refer to?

  • Guest555

    You should be very, very careful what you say….whatcha gonna say come your judgement day? On your knees begging for mercy? Probably…..

  • guest 666

    Man created god then a heaven so that when he dies he will feel better knowing he will be riding on a cloud with wings and a harp after his departure. Even better is that all the earthly rabble and non believers will be in HELL! Yeah right!

  • longcolt

    Florida. authorities seem to always find these weirdo sex offenders in florida or going to florida. just set up police checkpoints on a roatating random basis at every road entrance to florida with all amber alert notifications. i’d be willing to pay some extra tax $$ for this type of police work & we’d double our wrangling of these freaks.

  • RSimmons

    When my kids were teens a few years ago. All I had to do to see who they were calling or texting was look at my cell phone accounts on the Verizon website. Same thing with the internet I made it a point to check their browsing history and email accounts on a regular basis.

    My kids weren’t angels but diligence on the part of my wife and I managed to keep them out of serious danger.

  • Guesttenheimer

    Child molesters/rapists/perverts cannot be cured…FACT!!! Eliminate the problem by castration upon conviction. Perform additional preventative surgery to leave just enough urinary tract to allow for bladder clearing. Done deal, no more violation of children, no more sex drive…problem solved!!!
    Forget this PC crap of “cruel and unusual punishment”! It’s a cruel and unusual crime that affects and even kills many helpless children every year! It is abolutely senseless to allow this type of heinous crime to be perpetuated over and over when a positive and functional solution exists.

  • Guest9743

    Oh, and one other thing….don’t forget to cut their tongues out too!!!!!!!!

  • Guest2020

    The victims of child molesters serve life sentences. The monsters should be given harsher punishments.

  • Guestuncw

    I think some of you are missing the point here!! You can not possibly blame a 12 year old girl for what was posted on her My Space page, or for texting an adult man. He is the responsible party. So what if she stole her dads’ credit card. So what if she packed a bag of clothes. SHE IS 12 YEARS OLD. I have a 12 year old, and this can in no way be blamed on a child. She is a victim. He is a pedophile. I can only pray that she gets some stable adults in her life who can teach her, love her, and not give up on her. Her mother died, and she seems to be left to take care of herself. Who knows, her father might be so overwhelmed he doesn’t know what to do with a young girl. He may, on the other hand, be a dead beat. We do know one thing though, this girl needs serious intervention before its to late, and the pedophile needs his D*** cut off. Just my two cents….Poor girl

  • B M

    Agreed! remember the dad that took the old 45 to his daughters stuff when she wouldn’t listen, maybe it’s time for more tough love coming from “responsible” parents! here’s a dad that knows how to put his foot down!

  • mamabee of 2

    This poor little girl lost her mother 2/7/2012. Then her dad uprooted her from her home where she had friends and family and moved her across the state in what looks like a camper. Then let this monster have access to her. Maybe instead of blaming this little girl for only want someone to pay attention to her and love her. People should start looking at what make her want to leave with this monster. Maybe they should be checking out what her home life like. If it was good why would she want to leave it.

  • Guest555

    Why was she raised to interact with someone of that nature?, of that age? My daughter is 13 and if she was interacting with older people to that extent that she would run away with them I would question my parenting skills. She “knows better” is my point. I believe we will see much more to this story soon, like always. Just wait….


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