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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Iron Man may like the ocean, but it looks like Captain America prefers the lake.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” long rumored to be considering Wilmington as a filming location, will film portions in Cleveland in 2013, the Greater Cleveland Film Commission announced Friday.

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  • taxpayer

    it’s Bush’s fault? Where’s Obama…where’s McIntyre…where’s John Hinnant when you need them. Oh the travesty of it all!

  • Guest Reply

    That’s right! We need Captain America here to straighten out the Cape Fear Bridge problems!!!

  • SurfCityTom

    is to have the Wilmington Film Commissioner square off against the film commissioner of whatever community thinks it’s a better site for filming. Winner takes all.

    Why didn’t smiley stop over, in Hollywood, on her way to Japan to make some personal, hand shaking attempts to secure the filming?

  • Guest7969

    never heard the Captain America rumor…but I did hear that Marvel liked Wilmington so much they were talking about the possibility of filming Avengers 2 here..

  • Sherry

    Not to mention that lawmakers renigged on their promises to Iron Man III so they are pulling out for the last month of filming and staying the entire time in Miami instead of comming back to Wilmington to film. Once word of mouth gets around in the film industry of how unfriendly North Carolina law makers are you can say goodbye to the film industry. But I guess giving subsidies to cement companies like Titan that pollute the enviroment than the film industry that employs thousands and supports local business and restuarants through its purchases is more favorable.

    Thanks NC lawmakers for not guranteeing the incentive to Marvel for Captain America so now they are going to Ohio. It is only a matter of time before NC becomes an oasis of unemployed former film employees like it was three years ago.


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