FIRST ON 3: DA asks for special prosecutor to investigate allegations against BSL mayor

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Submitted: Fri, 09/28/2012 - 4:07pm
Updated: Fri, 09/28/2012 - 8:55pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County’s District Attorney has asked for a special prosecutor to handle the investigation into the mayor of Boiling Spring Lakes who used to work for him.

Yesterday a woman took out warrants against BSL Mayor Richard White for three counts of sexual battery and one count of assault on a female. The alleged victim says she met White in the office of DA Jon David, where White worked as an investigator. White resigned from the job earlier this year.

David says because White used to work for him, he has requested a special prosecutor handle the case. David said it will be handled by the office of William West, the District Attorney for the 12th Judicial District, which includes Cumberland County.

White has not returned our call for comment. The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says White told deputies he is out of town until Monday, and that he plans to turn himself in at that time.


  • urjoking says:

    Hell no is the best and shortest answer. BTW, it has not been “Captain” Ledbber for several months now. You can only correctly hold the title if you are actually and actively employed as a Captain or, you have duly retired with the title. MR. Ledbetter does not fit either scenario. So, get over it!

  • Guest LK says:


  • BSL Concerned Resident says:

    Hey, does this mean Captain Ledbetter will get his job back????

  • Guest12345 says:

    Being from up North doesnt make you any better. If you really want to run things go back up North and try there.

  • taxpayer says:

    won’t help. You’re either born with ethics and morals…or you aren’t.

  • transplanted northener says:

    What, on earth, makes you think a northener would/could do a better job? NY/NJ have their own politician problems and nothing I have experienced in my 63 years on this planet leads me to believe ANY northener would/could do better.

  • craver says:

    OMG . . . another crooked politician in Brunswick County. Sorry locals, we have been around here long enough. Let us Northeners have a try at running things.

  • jj says:

    That is what is wrong with this country now. Look at Washington..

  • Guest Redneck Across the River says:

    Not in this lifetime. Look at the mess you have made up there and are running away from.

  • David says:

    Northerners like you is what gives “northerners” a bad name. Running things…exactly what we need from your stupid a**!

  • Guest20562 says:

    There are crooked politicians no matter where u go…but us TRUE (born & raised) southerners definately don’t need any help from any damn yankee!! If u like the northern way of things, then u should move back up there!!

  • The Strange Life of Richard White says:

    Things are getting more and more strange with the goings on of Richard White. Over age crazy or what?? First it’s give a woman you just met a credit card. She maxes it out and he sues her and gives her back her jewelry he was holding a collateral. Something fishy going on for sure……

  • north vs south says:

    its not where you were born that makes you who you are, those of us that live in the area by choice are not running away. its actually the weather, the beaches, cheaper living. but most of the born and bred brunswick county southeners dont know anything about that because you have to leave the comfort of brunswick county to experience anywhere else. For some reason some people in this area are yankee haters regardless. . Those of you that are yankee haters….can kiss my yankee butt! im not going anywhere :-)

  • Guest 911 says:

    I just love how Jon Davis is so quick to call the media to say he requested a special investigator . Funny, did you ever think that MAYBE the victim requested a special investigator?
    All of a sudden he wants to do whats right? Yeah right! Why didnt he do whats right when the victim went to him in April? Instead of Charging White or Firing him like he should have , He quietly let him resign. And refused to persue anything for the victim. Guess it really is about “who you know ” in this county! Of course Jon David is going to act all prime and proper now that he has been exposed as the dirty DA ! I am so glad I no longer live in Brunswick county with all its good ol’boys politics!

  • BSL Resident says:

    Mayor White and the Board of Commissioners are running this city
    just fine. We don’t need any outside help!! And for the record, 2
    of the commissioners are from the South. One is from NJ and one from NY. As far as the allegations against White-remember…this is America…innocent until proven guilty.

  • getn tikd off says:

    This area is absolutely comical. You really can’t make this stuff up about the constant abuse of powers and incompetence of public officials around here. I have lived here for 5 years and have never seen anything like this in my 50 years of living around the country. I would challenge anybody to find a similar part of the country that has this much currupt, inept, incompetence and dishonorable elected or otherwise public servents. It’s true, time for a northerner or we can compromise, a westerner, to start leading this area.

  • Guestwhoknows says:

    Missy, if you admit to not personally knowing him then how can you make the statement that he was conned? Can you answer that? And if you approve of the job he’s been doing, then maybe he’s hitting on you too! Because we all know he sucks!

  • Missy says:

    I wonder if this is the same woman that he filed suit against a few weeks ago for conning him out of that money?

    That was certainly a fishy story. Wonder if these two incidents are connected?

    I’ll wait for more information before judging him. He’s my mayor, and I approve of the job he’s been doing in my town.

    However, I don’t know him personally.

  • Sick of it all says:

    It is amazing at the things that people of power or in office think they can get away with and do sometimes. The lady who was victimized, became a victim again when the DA office did not defend her and steer her in the direction of pressing charges. She is not the first vicitm and will most likely not be the last if the house is not cleaned.

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