FIRST ON 3: BSL mayor surrenders after warrants issued, attorney responds

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Submitted: Tue, 10/02/2012 - 3:46am
Updated: Fri, 01/18/2013 - 1:34pm

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Boiling Spring Lakes Mayor Richard White turned himself in this morning after a woman took out warrants against him for three counts of sexual battery and one count of assault on a female.

The alleged victim says she met White in the office of District Attorney Jon David, where White worked as an investigator. White resigned from the job earlier this year.

In the warrants, the victim says White grabbed her by the shoulder holding and preventing her from moving while trying to force her to kiss him. She also says he rubbed the top area of her buttocks with his hand on her bare skin and also kissed her by sticking his tongue down her throat, pressing her breast against his body and placed his hands on the top area of her buttocks.

The victim says she told the district attorney about White’s actions back in April. She says David then wanted her to file a formal complaint. Afterwards she says David called her the next day and said White no longer worked in the D.A.’s office.

This afternoon, White’s attorney Bruce Mason released a statement saying the allegations against White are “entirely false.”

“Law enforcement has already deemed these charges to be unsubstantiated and therefore declined to prosecute,” Mason said. “The accuser in this matter has a substantial history of false claims against judges, law enforcement and other public officials. She has brought false criminal charges against individuals that have been dismissed by the Brunswick County District Attorney’s Office.”

We asked Mason to clarify which law enforcement agency investigated the claims and didn’t prosecute. He said it was the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. However, a spokesman for the BCSO says he doesn’t know what Mason is talking about.

Mason said White expects to be exonerated and will pursue all legal remedies against his accuser.

WWAY does not identify victims of alleged sex crimes.


  • uncertain says:

    So, she wrote it down and even more talking to you she said this actually happened to her. So everyone under the sun and heaven are to accept this as the gospel truth because, she said it and you believe it’? So if someone says you are an idiot and just one other person believes it, that would be true too, Right? You see that is the problem with your rant and the rants by this woman. People are expected to believe every word just on her and your word.

    Check out what you have said and that is exactly what you want to happen. Again, she said it, you believe it, so it is true. Common sense pretty well shows, you have no common sense. Thank God for a justice system that requires proof and not just who can scream the loudest and the longest.

  • scales of justice says:

    Your information that you post is totally untrue. You are perpatraiting lies and mistruths about Mayor White’s employment. About the so called “warning” DA David about Mayor White unless you actually made a call on conjecture or the world according your state of sanity it is confidential what goes onto a an enployment app. or in an interview. You must be a cop hater or you are supportative of unethical and corrupt ones. All of this information is a complete pervarication. If you cannot get your facts straight or at least think on your own with no promptng from outside influences I suggest you refrain from posting on items you know nothing about. My guess is you hang with the wrong crowd who have been voted out of office or have been fired for just cause and you are doing their bidding. Your agenda is obvious and you are stating untruths. It would be wise for you to just stop opening up your mouth because your brains are falling out. You have just plain WRONG facts. DO your homework your making a fool of yourself.

  • scared for victims says:

    I have been reading all these comments over the last couple of days,and I have to say I find myself to be very shocked!
    Many of you have went on the attack and have made so very troubling (for lack of a better word ) comments about the victim in this case.
    I find myself asking these questions –
    1. What if she does have mental issues, Does that give someone the right to force himself on her?
    So everyone who has ever been depressed, or had any other mental health issues that makes them fair game to any oversexed man who crosses paths with them?

    2.Why was the mayor “seeing” this woman in the first place?
    I would think a man of his position would be careful whom he spends his time with or whom he is assoiciated with.

    3.I understand there has been past allegations (according to the news and word of mouth) made against this same man. So are all those ladies crazy too? Is this all just a conspiracy over at least a 10 year span?

    4. According to the WWAY news story there was a past lawsuit filed against this same person and the town was forced to settle.
    So, doesnt that in fact proved that he has at least been less the honest.

    I’m saying he is guilty or innocent in this case but I am saying there are some questions that need to answered!

  • Debbie Smith says:

    Dear Mr. *Now Make Other Corrections*, (whoever-you-are), I Am ONE of the-ex-wives. I don’t know you, and actually, I don’t know Mrs. Keenan. NEVER met her in my life. BUT, since YOU pulled ME into YOUR Little Bickering Conversation, I feel I have A Right to respond… I’ve lived here in BSL since 1977. I know more about Our City than I really want to know. If Mrs. Keenan wants to talk to me, I have NO problem with that whatsoever. YOU on the-other-hand, I DO have a Problem with. How Dare YOU, bring a subject up that YOU Sir Know NOTHING ABOUT!!! You Don’t KNOW Me. And I Don’t want to Know You! Because, I can already see that, by putting ME in your responses, You write things that You obviously make up as you go. My ex- husband and I BUILT a Life “Together”. Not that it is ANY of Your business, We BOTH made Mistakes. That Sir… is why we are not together as of this day. I don’t appreciate you implying that I ever gave my ex-husband any cash.(the statement-right after you asked her if he has hit her up for any cash) Do You Know What Would Be *FABULOUS* (apparently a WORD you like), if You Would PLEASE Leave Me OUT of Your OPINIONS next time. That Sir, Would Be *FANTASTIC*(another one of your words) Oh Yeah….DO I KNOW YOU?..because You’re Obviously Too Scared to put Your Name on YOUR COMMENTS..Man UP!!! Have A Nice Day and God Bless, Debbie

  • Guestarticulatore says:

    Calling Kblue, calling Kblue! where are you!

  • Guest LK says:


  • Guest LK says:

    Is this the way you would feel if the lady involved was your girlfriend or your wife? And do you honestly think Susan wanted to have this happen to her? Shameless? Do you know that for a fact? Female cops are on to her game? I haven’t heard that from any of them! White is the one with the mugshot, not Susan.

  • Guest keegan says:

    Oh, and btw….the concealed post as written by “scales of Justice”, but even tho John Q doesn’t think I have a brain, I DO know that he uses several different “guest names on here. ( I found that out for sure after suspecting it) from a friend……of his!

  • Guest keegan says:

    I kid you not when I say ….”from a friend…of his” but swore I wouldn’t tell on this friend and I believe what was told to me and passing it on to you and whoever wants to know.

    If you feel the need to kneel to me and they as followers, so be it, but it isn’t necessary. If your friends are anything like you, they all have very clean brains…mine have a clean reputation so I will stick to the ones I have now thank you!

    According to the mail I have been receiving, I’m thinking alot of people are feeling a bit more impressed with my thinking than yours presently. Looks like they might want to join the caravan and they are more than welcome. It ain’t over til it’s over.


  • sickofherlies says:

    I agree Keegan. It is HUGE alright. ANOTHER HUGE WHOPPER! And I am sure you are here to tell one and all how every single word is the truth. Sh*t man, she talks all about her “investigation(s)”. Go back and check out who she says is on the committee to look for a new Police Chief. Even after being reported to the public in the newspapers, she can’t even get that very simple little fact right and that is probably the least of her multitude of errors. Just give that some real thought. You claim to all that every thing she writes is the truth and she can not even find the truth as reported in the news. And there you are, in her little stand and pushing her kool aid! Your lack of credibility is only surpassed by hers. Oh man, it cracks me up. You can swear to that too. roflmao!

  • Guest lol says:

    It looks as though Mason spoke based on what he was told by White, and never checked with Law Enforcement. Mr. Mason this man has a very long history of lies. You will better serve him if you check what he tells you before you speak before the media. It looks bad for you when your source states that they don’t know what you re talking White has done this to many other women. He was reported to the SBI by his very own Police Officers for this same kind of crap. He has left every job he has had behind allegations of the same conduct. I hope justice is served against this predator of women. If you have never read the lawsuit against him and the City of Boiling Spring Lakes for lies he told on an Officer that worked for the city. Please look into it, want to know what others found out about this greasy pile of crap. Look into his background, it’s apparent that Jon David never did after he had been warned about him. What do you think now Jon David ? Proud of your investigator now?

  • Susan Prater says:

    Hey Ada L.

    do you think we don’t know who you are. Why don’t you ask your boss Jon David about the incidents. As if you don’t already know the specifics. “Rachel” has never made false accusations against anyone in “her” life! Boy, the DA’s office is sure in a mess up there—isn’t it!

    And to think, you guys are supposed to protect victims! Where did you go to law school—again?

  • Brunswick Native says:

    I like your handle because we are all sick of her lies. BTW, I hope you know that Keegan is really Susan even though she will deny it. The frustrating thing is all this stuff is like water off a duck’s back. She is so convinced of her righteousness that in her mind, I am certain that she believes all the stuff she writes about. We probably should feel sorry for her because she is clearly mentally ill. Maybe she will go back to Tennessee where she came from almost three years ago. She still has Tennessee tags on her car in violation of North Carolina law. I for one would support granting her clemency if she would only leave. But then again, how could Brunswick County survive without her investigative skills. After all, we are all sooooo corrupt!

  • bsl bs says:

    If he is guilty put him in a French maids suit with garter belt ect and place him in jail with some rapists. GRAB YOUR ANKLES IDIOT!!!

  • sickof herlies says:

    I understand why you may think they are one and the same but they are not. As you already know she lives on the Island. The Keegans (Mr & Mrs) live in Boiling Spring Lakes next door to a disgruntled fired and former BSL police officer, Curtiss Ledbetter. Ledbetter and the Keegans blame the mayor for Ledbetter’s firing. They do not give a flying flip about her except they see her as a way to further their goal to go after the mayor. As you must have noticed from her ramblings, she is just not very believable. But the Keegans don’t care about that and they are just once again rolling the dice. Anyway, it is certain there are the Keegans and there is her and they are comrades in arms but not the same people.

  • Jane Bullington says:

    Ada L,

    actually, your friend is mistaken. The incidents occurred on four separate dates in the Month of March. the victim reported these incidents to DA Jon David on April 1st. Richard White was asked to resign by Jon David within a couple of days after he received the formal complaint.

    THe district court information which you are directing individuals to is the same information the victim writes about in her blog. She was used by the Brunswick county DA’s office to catch a criminal. Read all about it on her blog site @ The story is called “It’s time to tell the truth, I’m spilling the beans on brunswick county” There are 59 parts to the story so far and she continues to write about it. Don’t be swayed by false information. This girl is the real deal!

  • Guest so what? says:

    So what does this have to do with Ledbetter and the Keegans? It is Whites picture on the news. Who cares where these other people live? I want to see White put down for his crimes! Seems there are many of them! Who wants someone like him in office? What if my wife gets “groped” by this idiot? And is my little girl safe in the neighborhood? I don’t know and I don’t want to find out!! You all just need to leave other people out of it and concentrate on the guilty party and read about the truth!

  • Guest lkeegan says:

    Wow! Guess Debbie said her say to you!! Guess YOU should have talked to his ex-wives before you said anything!!! Lol lol I will one day maybe get to meet her….have never heard anything bad about her so she must be a good lady! Guess you should take some advice and keep this issue about the one in the picture, huh? This isn’t about my neighbor’s reputation at all….it’s about White. It CERTAINLY has nothing to do with my neighbors ex. I have, however , had some things told to me that Whites ex has said about White!!!!

    You said in an earlier post, I have mentioned Ledbetter and too, Emmett has been mentioned because we are all ” in the mix” but we are not against those people….just White, and YOU might be next. As a group, we defend the innocent while you try to blame them for something (anything) to keep the attention away from your buddy…we all know that for a fact. Now you are stooping so low as to drag TOTALLY innocent others into the mix! Well, if Mrs. Smith wants, she can join our “caravan” and go after your a– right along with White.

    Thank you, Mrs. Smith (Debbie) for YOUR input. Don’t be surprised if you see in here that you are really Susan P. or me, or someone else…..okay?

  • Mental Hospital Catcher says:

    K Blue only comes out for real stories. Read this lady’s blog and you will see needs a first class ticket to the mental hospital. My gosh, everything in life is a conspiracy to her. Get Jesse Ventura to look in to this conspiracy theory or get back on your meds!

  • Guest515 says:

    Seriously!!! What if it was a year ago!! Does that excuse the fact that he tried to force himself on her?
    I guess if a person is raped if they don’t report it the next day I guess it’s ok right?
    Give me a break, that’s digging a little to deep to try to defend him!
    And let me just say regardless of her mental state , her past or anything else..that doesnt excuse his behavior!
    Why don’t you ask the question if she was crazy then why was he is around her??? Maybe he seem her as an easy target!!! Since HIS past shows he likes preying on defenseless women!

  • Silver Fox says:

    I’m sure that is what Mr. White TOLD you…he actually told everyone else “I” know that he decided to “retire” from the DA’s office…YOU say they were downsizing the department…to me, that would mean they ASKED him to leave…I don’t think that was the case…I’m sure he quit…the water got too HOT! If you think “I” don’t have any brains….I’m a’ thinkin that the ole’ Southern boy has FRIED yours into thinking he is on the straight and narrow….and everybody just follows him like he is a “daddy duck”….well, I say to you….start thinking for yourself and you MIGHT aee a few “holes” in his explanations…just dont drink any of his “kool aid”!

  • Eyes wide open says:

    Are you people really that blind or just that stupid?
    I’m thinking a little of both! IF you took the time to actually read her blog
    As I did when this all first surfaced you would see the e-mail exchange where she talks about
    The assault to him and he responds to it. Wouldn’t he question the e-mail had the situation never happened?
    Furthermore the fact that members of the district attorneys office are making malicious
    Comments about an alleged victim is sickening ! It’s their job to protect the victims and their unethical acts
    Just shows the authenticity of her blog! I think the people chose not to believe what has been right in their face
    For years because it they admitted the truth they would have to accept the fact that they have been made a fool of!

  • Guess who?? says:

    Well isn’t that an oxymoron!! How do you get J.T. out of Silver Fox??? Hope you didn’t feel too bad the other night when no one applauded your lousy speech. HaHa! When are you going to catch on that nobody cares about your negative opinions? You’re a part-time
    resident and you don’t even vote here. Yet you pontificate like you’re our cities’ saviour. We don’t need the likes of you or your small band of naysayers to save us. We’re doing damn good on our own!

  • Guest keegan says:

    Now we have Keegan, Susan, Ledbetter all in one post here….and again, I have to remind y’all this is about-guess who?- the pervert in the mugshot who was told to leave all of his past jobs who has puppets sitting to the right and to the left of him at meetings that attacked a lady in an elevator and made all of the lady city employees afraid of him and assigned himself to a committee to hire a bad guy as chief of police because of some favor he owes…..quite a list, yes? It goes on and on!

  • correction says:

    Sorry I could not get back to you sooner. Had a health problem but now I am back home and at the computer. I think it is just fabulous that you found the grammatical and spelling error! FANTASTIC FOR YOU! Now that you have proved you can do that, why don’t you go back and correct all the lies and unfounded, unproven posts you have made. You have shown you can do it. So, do it or forever be known as just another, liar!

    There would be an ‘exception’ and that would be if your actually believed all the crap that your neighbor has told you and you don’t know much about his past. This could be very possible if you are not from here and were not around while he was building his own reputation. Start by talking with his ex-wives! BTW, has he hit you up for any cash yet?

  • Guest905 says:

    I don’t know why anyone would believe a word on Miss Prater’s blog. It states at the very top that it is a work of fiction. This can be for only one of two reasons. First, she knows it is fiction, in which case taking out criminal warrants you know to be baseless is most likely a crime in itself. Or second, she believes what she writes to be true in her own mind, but is still sane enough to realize that it won’t hold up under scrutiny if she is charged with libel and she thinks calling it fiction will giver her an out. I lean toward the later, as she never names her old BF or his attorney and has now removed Judge Warren’s name from her blog, all I’m guessing due to court actions or threats of court actions. Either way, it doesn’t make anything on that blog believable.

  • Guest keegan says:

    Nope. And he has never “hit on” my pretty daughters, never tried to rape someone in an elevator, in a parking lot, at their home, …..none of that, either!!!

    How much does he owe YOU?

  • Guest pk says:

    We know all we need to know about our neighbor’s past, thank you. He is one heck of a good guy. We know more than we need to know about White’s past to know he is a real criminal who needs to be locked up for quite a few years! BTW….how’s White doing with the lawsuit to rip some lady off for money? No one owes us a dime!!!

  • Guest keegan says:

    Hi Folks! If you liked yesterday’s write up on the blog, you’re gonna love the new one. Check it out!

  • URSICK says:

    Oh Great and Omnipotent Master Keegan. Grace us more with your wisdom and truths. Thou quotes from great others. Some with names and some without. You speak with great instruments of value and knowledge as you prove your all knowing ways with such great words as, “…I found that out for sure after suspecting it from a friend…of his!” Oh great master of this universe that can obtain mere hearsay and know when it is the truth and when it is not. And thanks be unto you that you would grace us poor mortals in BSL with your blessings and guidance by sharing all the hearsay with us but at the same time assuring us as to the factual nature of such sayings. Ye that knows more than the courts. Ye that knows more than anyone. Ye that is so great and Omnipotent. We kneel before you and your army of dark angels and accept the words you speak as the gospel! Freakin NOT! When are you going to learn the rest of us are not idiots and we don’t give a peddlers damn about your hearsay opinions. YOU AND YOUR CARNIVAL WACKED OUT BUDDIES AND FRIENDS ARE LESS THAN A CIRCUS AND JUST A POOR AND PITTIFUL JOKE. Your pitiful little caravan has been on this road for three years and you have yet to have the citizens in BSL to find you credible, in any way! And you insult them by calling them stupid. That is going to get you a whole lot of friends in the community, don’t you know? Take a powder and get over it. The majority here just does not agree with you. They have not and they do not now.

  • Guest LK says:

    You poor thing!

  • Guest LK says:

    Doing damned good on your own? Yeah! I can see that!!!!! Lol.

  • Rusty says:

    You have hit the nail on the head and you are exactly, 100% correct. And, the answer will come from the courts by the rule of law and not from Mob rule. I have been here in BSL for many, many years and I can tell you that most of the rants, yes rants here are nothing but a bunch of people with a mouth full of sour grapes. Be that as it may, and back to your statement on guilt or innocents, that group certainly does not want to wait for the courts to rule because they are a lynch mob with a lynch mentality and they worry IF they are wrong and this comes out in the courts, they have missed the chance to hang the guy. The truth will come out in the end and the truth will prevail, regardless of how anyone feels about any part of this issue. The sensible, will hold judgment and actions until after the court(s) have ruled. And again, at that time, and only at that time, we will ALL have to ACCEPT that verdict!

  • BSL Lady says:

    She’s revealed her own name on her blog, as well as giving a full accounting of what allegedly happened. Just read it, if you want to see just how unhinged this lady is.

    I knew I’d seen her somewhere before, and sure enough, you didn’t have to google long to find her. She’s the racoon lady, that WWAY reported on a few months ago. That was the incident where the HOA at Caswell was out to get her.

    I’m still keeping an open mind. However, after spending some time reading her blog, I’m not as convinced as I was before that there was something to her story.

    If she is indeed telling the truth, then bless her heart, she certainly hasn’t helped her cause by writing that incoherent blog.

  • saveCB says:

    Come on get a life, she is VAMPIRA. Do not waste your emotions on this one she capitalizes on others weakness. She is a human Venus flytrap! I have worked with genuine victims and have went above and beyond for them but this one takes the cake. She is totally shameless, this is a sign of a sociopath. To the brothers in blue, she will seek you out while avoiding the female cops the females are onto her little game. Beware boys, she’ll get you too.

  • Guest like says:

    After the book is published, we could make a movie and title it “The Dark Side of White”.

  • Susan Prater says:

    If I comment on this website forum or any other forum, I always leave my REAL name, unlike most others.
    I don’t have anything to hide because I’m just a good person trying to seek justice and report wrong doing. Everyone has their supporters. I certainly have mine.

    It’ll all come out in the wash because it always does. I’ve been brave enough to open the door but I’m guessing others will walk through. And that’s my hope.

  • Susan Prater says:

    Hey BSL Lady,

    I”m standing up to—and against the Brunswick County corruption exactly like I stepped up to the plate and reported (for my landlord at her request) the raccoon issue at the condo. And guess what—the raccoons are now gone! But they would still be here possibly putting the vacationers in danger if I had done nothing.

    If I had not written my blog, I wouldn’t have the support—from the good decent supporters out there—and if not for them, I would have never reported the incidents or the abuse.

    My Blog is factual—because if it wasn’t, I’m writing about a lot of powerful people and revealing some extremely dirty dealings—and they would have had it jerked from the internet the first week—when I began publishing back in June. @

    I’m just a good person who offered to do a really selfless thing for the DA’s office to prove criminal wrong doing on behalf of a couple criminal. And not only was I not appreciated in the process but I was used in such a way that it became abusive in nature and I was re-victimized by the DA’s office and then again personally by Richard White.

    Have you ever heard the old saying; “No good deed goes unpunished?” If you haven’t, that is the gist of my blog. But you should read all of it because if you did, there’s no way you couldn’t believe because there’s no way to fabricate something like that. But just wait and see what happens. It’ gonna all play out.

  • Susan Prater says:

    Hey Lee,

    Does Jon David pay you extra to go on public forums and defame the victims of the state. I’ve only lived here for a little more than 2 1/2 years. I’ve never been a regular in any courthouse because I’ve never committed—even the slightest offense. I was gracious enough to let your office use me for the purpose of proving a crime against one of your fellow attorneys—remember? You know the story all too well and so does everyone else in your office.

    You shouldn’t hold me (the victim) to a higher standard than you hold your boss or your fellow co-workers. Let’s give everyone a chance to learn the real story—the true story about what you boss, Jon David and some of your fellow co-workers did to me. And lets show everyone just how much your boss appreciated my selfless act of agreeing to be used for the betterment—to catch a couple of criminals.

    Everyone can read the truth @

  • Concerned BSL Resident says:

    It is clear to me that three-quarters of the posted comments are from the alleged victim. The writing style in the comments is the same as her blog: convoluted and close to incomprehensible. I took a look at her blog after reading the WWAY3 article and the comments. I agree with the comment of the other BSL resident that the victim is a bit unhinged. I did not support Richard White when he ran for Mayor, but I think he has done a pretty good job while he has been in office. I doubt he is a perfect human being (none of us are), but I also doubt he did what the victim said he did. She is a convicted stalker and that alone raises serious doubts about her credibility.

  • Silver Fox says:

    Madame….let me see….being a woman, I go to the DA’s office with a complaint …the detective assigned to me trys to put the “make” on me and you think I should have hit him with a CHAIR? And WHAT, have him put out a warrent for MY arrest, like he did the poor woman that he put the make on from his “gun” class and then she took him for some money….(one crook took advantage of another crook)….he is a vindictive, dirty cop….you obviously havent been privy to some of his sleazy actions….I am ashamed that you would think it is okay to be victimized by the person that is SUPPOSED to be helping from behind a “badge”!!! Ask some of the BSL “old timers” about his “sexual battery” charge when he was Police Chief…I suppose THAT woman that was accosted in an elevator was supposed to pull a chair out of the air like magic… you don’t always have a chair available….and you SHOULDN’T have to defend yourself against an officer of the law….get real! (Whether she had racoons in her attic or not!)

  • Guest keegan says:

    …”anything stated ‘except’ something about White” not ‘accept’ ……never professed to be perfect in the use of words, punctuation, and the likes, but I guess you can’t either. Makes us even on that subject.

  • Guest keegan says:

    From sour grapes comes something sweet, be patient!

  • Tracie C says:

    Oh really? Send the loser my way and I’ll show him how it feels to take a beating by a female for a change. Not to take away from the FEELING of being victimized but….if more women would STOP acting fearful and STAND UP for themselves instead of sitting back and acting like weaklings these types would be much less likely to act again. YES, there are circumstances that do NOT allow for this type of action but CMON!!!! There were no chairs you could grab? There was NO ONE that would have heard you scream? You were obviously allowed to leave right? The guy turns around, you clock him with something heavy. And what happened to filing charges? THEN? Not after so much time goes by. So what he got dismissed? What exactly should that have changed as far as prosecuting this idiot?
    Smarten up ladies. Don’t let this be you, better yet….don’t let yourselves be the next victim.

  • John Q BSL says:

    Ms. Prater, the reason why people will not leave their names is because of your unstable past. I have dealt with you before and your are NOT wrapped to tight. You have lied about a previous stalking incident where you called and texted your victim after being TOLD to cease and desist. You claimed you were being stalked and it was clearly documented on video that YOU were the one who stalked. You really need to leave this area and go back to where you have come from or the rock you crawled out from under. YOU Ms. Prater have worn out your welcome. Do not let the door hit you in the back upon your departure. You have no morals and are a complete liar shame on you. Folks this alledged incident happened in March why did it take this depraved person until now to put her hand on the Bible and swear to God and an officer of the court that what was just stated is the truth. Hmmmm makes you wonder who ALL are involved in this debacle. I smell more than one RAT!

  • What goes around comes around says:

    He has no regard for how his actions affect another person- it’s all about him getting his own personal little rocks off.
    I believe every word that any woman says about him because because I know first hand how he uses his power and buddies to protect him.
    Glad these women are speaking up but don’t get your hopes up-
    it has been proven for years that he can do and act however he sees fit on the backs of innocent women who didn’t deserve his sexual abuse.

  • John Q BSL says:

    Mayor White WAS NOT asked to resign by District Attorny David, he resigned on his own he has earned his retirement! Susan Prater is nothing but a crazy miserable person who needs to be on perscription medication perscribed by a psychartrist. Like a child negative or positive attention makes this person thrive. Geesch grow up, your pitiful. GO HOME YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE.

  • Guest keegan says:

    Wway, have you read the new blog by Susan Prater? This actually happened to her….I spoke with her lastnight and she was telling me what was going on while the people were checking to see if “John Q” was at the VFW (and he was). This blog is not fabricated! This is really going on and I feel all of this needs to be reported and stopped!!!! John Q has even told me he carries a concealed….is that a threat? Why do they threaten just WOMEN? I am a woman with my opinion just like anyone else, and I noticed they pick on women more than anyone….cowards!

    It was even written to me on here that I am, they think, a product of a brother/sister relationship. What does that have to do with anything??????? Childish!

  • BSL Lady says:

    Ms Prater, are you the young lady the Mr White has sued for failing to return the money he loaned?

    That took place while he was an investigator for the DA’s office.

  • saveCB says:

    Susan Prater you are NO victim you are a perp! You get your sick twisted kicks by lying about your victims and leaving a messy trail if you are REJECTED then you make up these imaginary stories of being victimized. You are the epitome of the little boy crying wolf. You are embarassment to all true victims. Shame on you, you will have to pay for these trangressions some day. Get some religion ask for forgivness you need it girl.

  • correction to you says:

    You write, “It is Whites picture….”. That should be White’s and not “Whites”. As far as who cares I guess nobody except others that are obviously involved. For example, “Keegan”. You post here but you do not want anything stated accept something about White. Well, when you posted you put yourself in the mix. Also, others have mentioned Ledbetter and now Susan has mentioned Ballree. You are all in the mix now right along with White. You, are now part of the story. So while you are taking shots do not whine about shots taken at you. Just get used to getting something back when you throw something out. That is the way things are. BTW, while you are doing it, get your spelling and punctuation right. So it has to do with Ledbetter and the Keegans as they have been at the very least joined the conversation with questions as to these parties. Last but not least, they all have been involved with this hunt for years now.

  • Susan Prater says:

    No, I am not the woman whom he has sued. However, I am aware of his versions of the story. I heard two versions and I write about those in my blog

  • Susan Prater says:

    Obviously you are one of the only a handful of “Richard supporters” who will do anything to defame the character of a victim. I have only one question for you, If i’m so unstable, then why was Richard in such hot pursuit of me? Have you ever asked yourself that question? The video in question was gathered at my request and proved 100% that I was the one being stalked. The video was altered because I agreed to let your friend Richard and his buddy Jon David use me in the DA’s attempt to show criminal wrong doing on behalf of my attorney and the opposing (counsel and defendant). As Richard called it on the phone one night, “my civic duties” which I so selflessly agreed to do for the state. I have never called or texted anyone who doesn’t or hasn’t called or texted me. And you have never had any dealings with me because I don’t date—and haven’t “dated” anyone here other than Sociopath—who doesn’t live here.

    The truth is gonna come out and when it does, I think your little group might be surprised. I’m not going anywhere! So you might as well get used to seeing me around for quite a while.

  • PG Technicians says:

    Sorry for the victim. Now maybe some town contracts can be issued to non White family members of ole man White.

  • Ada L. says:

    This “victim” is well known in the Brunswick County Courthouse. Since WWAY3 doesn’t reveal identities of alleged victims, I won’t either. But a friend who knows her told me that these so called “assaults” were alleged to have taken place over a year ago. Are you kidding me! If I had been a victim of sexual assault or battery, I would have filed charges the same day. And she has done this before. Mr. Mason may not know the specifics, but I do. Check out the Brunswick County District Court decisions in November 2011 for yourself. This “victims” modus operandi is well documented.

  • Friend of a Friend says:

    Obviously, the Sheriff’s Office did not know of the problem “assault”, because John David never reported it to the Sheriff. It seems simple to me that John David let White simply resign and slither out the door with a simple resignation. Would not doubt that White was already on his way to his probable next victim. It kills me how they try to take credibility from an honest good person who has been abused by the system to cover their ass. Then they want to call her “crazy” or make up whatever other allegations while attempting to react to the situation. The truth will come out and when it does its going to be bad for the politicians. Just my opinion…

  • Guest lkeegan says:

    You have seen me in action….doing what? I have NEVER broke the law you dork! WHAT man that lives in “that house with me”? You sound like some sort of nut….maybe I need to carry a concealed…

  • Guest515 says:

    Guess ol’ mayor white plans to sue this woman too. It’s no surprise the sheriffs department would persue her charges. It’s still and always will be back door politics ! They look out for each other ! Their are MANY more white victims and I hope someone has finally open the door for them all to walk through and finally put that corrupt mayor in his place!

  • just in awe! says:

    Damn Lady! So let’s see If I get what you are saying right. The guy that was stalking you ended up having those charges against him dismissed and at the same time a Judge ruled against you for stalking him and slapped you with probation. So, the DA, the Judge and your attorney were all in this huge conspiracy against you! Is that what you are saying? Oh, and the guy you accused of stalking you, his cell phone records did not in deed have multiple text messages from you it was the other way around? And I believe you have (but I am not sure because you have made so many accusations against so many)said the Sheriff’s Department is also somehow involved in all these things. Is that right? So, the entire legal system in this county, all the officers of the court and your own attorney have ganged up on you and you are pristine clean without any guilt of anything whatsoever. Is that what you are trying to get us to swallow. You know what, I think there is no way you could be that wicked so you must really, really believe all this crap. I mean deep down inside. Gosh, you really do need help. You just have to understand, all that is just a little to much for the rest of us to swallow. It is not that we have anything against you. It is just you have spun a tail way to out there to even consider possible. Oh and btw, the security tapes like the one you talk about being doctored. Well, those systems are made to prevent that kind of thing or they would not be admissible in court so, there was no doctored tape either.

  • John Q BSL says:

    You were told by your VICTIM not to call or text him, yet you ignored his pleadings. He had the proof. You were mad because you were told not to go around him and you did it anyways and caught him in the sack with somebody else this got you mad. You tried to ruin his life. Your vindictive and hateful. I have no idea about Richard, however, I know of your untruths. And talk about a socio-path you must be looking in the mirror. You put your hand on the holy book and committed perjury, you have ZERO credibility.

  • Guest keegan says:

    Nice try.

  • Missy says:

    Tracie C, I understand exactly what you are saying. I have a young daughter that I’m teaching how to AVOID unwanted sexucal advances.

    I’m trying to give her the self confindence to avoid feeling like a victim.

    However, oftentimes, unwanted sexual advances aren’t in themselves a crime. They are often just a part of life for a pretty young girl.

    There are men out there that are going to try, even if they aren’t given much encouragement. They are looking for women who feel like victims.

  • john q bsl says:

    Keegan, you put it out there and then you wonder why a person would reply. I have nothing to do with the vfw, I carry concealed to protect myself from very UNSTABLE people such as y’all. You have a poor judge of charachter and do not seem to exercise your inherient gut feeling of right and wrong. You or that man who lives in that house with you have broken the law, I have witnessed it first hand, and prompted by a then an ex city employee who more than knew better than to do the unlawful things that was done. Pick your friends better in the future. No threat was made to you I feel a threat from you and your ex city employee friend. You need to go brak up another tree. I have seen you in action.

  • Silver Fox says:

    Oh yeah, he DID “retire” AGAIN but why would he do that when he only worked there about 4 months…I mean IF he THOUGHT he was innocent..WHY would he resign or why would Jon David accept his resignation if he thought he was a real asset to his department???? If you look in his employment history….he has “retired” from his last SEVERAL jobs….and I wonder why…could it be that the “pot was too hot” and he had to get out? Or that he signed a “deal with the devil”…I know he did when he left the Police Chief job…he was ASKED to retire…and why wouldn’t they FIRE the pervert….I keep asing myself that..obviously, Jon David, who was warned NOT to hire him, would be embarrassed to admit he made a mistake BY hiring him. From what I understand….he had a problem with EVERY job he has ever had…always the same reason, also from what I understand …that being his “mis treatment” of women! I’m feeling John Q is either his good buddy, YES man, sitting as a commissionor OR could be the AARP tax guy who NEVER puts his real name on anything…. am I too far off? If so, Susan, they must be living “vicariously” thru Richards excapades….to be so “up his rear”!

  • Guest keegan says:

    To Silver Fox: you are so right and yes they did “downsize” when they got Richard out of there so you are both right! Lol……anyway one of his “friends” told me he was fired! So I would believe the “friend” quicker! And like I said once before, why wouldn’t there have been a party for him if he “retired”? Especially after all those “years of service”. Lol guess they are scraping bottom now right? ( a different kind of “bottom”).
    Gotta run for a while….gotta go break some laws so my stalker ( who sees me in action) will have some more against me. Me and that man who is in my house. And the ex city employee who is to blame for my wrong doings!

  • Guest l. Keegan says:

    You people are up in arms about WWAY not revealing her name? Well, I’ll bet you wouldn’t like it at all if they decided to reveal YOUR real names, now would you? That would be so funny! WWAY, you are doing a good job regardless of what these people say!!!!! It will all come together soon and I hope you’re there to report it!

  • farmer jon says:

    And from the Asses of cows comes manure. Helps things grow. Good things but choking weeds also. But the fact remains it is still just a bunch of BS!

  • factman says:

    Fact one. White was not asked to resign as Police Chief in BSL. If that were true, why would David Lewis ask him if he could stay on a little longer than his original date to leave. BTW, that request came when it was found Ballree was having a problem with his LE certification. White could not stay even though requested by city manager Lewis because he had already accepted a job in Wilmington and had a report to work date.

    Fact two. White left his job in Wilmington on his own accord to come to work for the office of the DA.

    The above two are documented facts if you would take the time to go find them but, that would not serve your purpose at all.

    Three and I have to admit, I have been told this by several sources but have not gone to dig up documentation) White left the DA’s office due to cutbacks in the state budget. Again, I admit I have not looked for documentation on this last point. However, I do know the cutbacks were across the board all over the state and that was well documented. Also, since the first to facts are indeed facts, I really have no reason to disbelieve White left on his own accord. But unlike you, on this third point as I do not have independent confirmation I state that I believe this rather than it is a fact. I just give support as to why I would believe this.

    One last little bit of fact having to do with White leaving his job as BSL Chief of Police. Upon his retirement White was awarded the Order of the Long Leaf Pine. That high NC state award came from the recommendation to the state from….The City You State Forced Him To Retire! WTF is your major malfunction???

  • Guest l keegan says:

    This is for you…can’t put it in your real name cuz you don’t seem to have one…but I was wondering what Captain Ledbetter must have arrested you for that made you so mad at him. You poor little nameless crook!!!!

  • Guest LK says:

    Captain Ledbetter isn’t corrupt…..but apparently you think White is according to your remark.

  • Scales of justice says:

    Mr. ledbetter could not hold a candle to me. I should have arrested him! I believe you are a product of a brother/sister relationship I have seen you around town you are not right at all. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Guest l. Keegan says:

    Hey guest “20562” you cowardly “no name”! Put your name out here where we can see it and accuse Ledbetter of ANYTHING! And then prove what you say. I want to know what HE has done to deserve what you say!!!! You not only have anything bad to say about him, but you can’t even print your name to be confronted in person!!!!!! You are …never mind… know what you are!!!! I am so sick of these “people” who are sick in the head! Y’all are idiots!

  • Vast Majority-BSL Residents says:



  • Guest l.keegan says:

    C’mon BIG GUY……let’s see what you have to say about Curtis!! I don’t see anything yet and you was so anxious to “put him down”. We’re listening and reading and waiting! Mouse!! Put your name in the guest spot and spill what you have against Curtis!

  • Guest keegan says:

    I’m not sure which would be worse: to be born brainless or be born with a brain but lose it from the washing yours has had! So why didn’t you arrest Captain Ledbetter? And telling me you have a concealed sounds like a threat to me (even a brainless person would know that). (referring to your other post to me).

    As far as people revealing their name, I would think that is an option. Susan Prater isn’t afraid, One of the commissioners wasn’t afraid, I’m not afraid….could it be because we have nothing to hide or be afraid of? That’s not a stupid question, now is it? You might even be able to answer that one!! (also referring to your other post to me).

    Well….it’s been fun and I’m happy as the dickens with my life! Can you say the same? I even sleep good at night, do you?

    Oh, I’m not too surprised you think I am a product of a brother/sister relationship because if you truly believe what you are telling us about the mayor, you would believe ANYTHING honey!

  • very concerned BSL Resident says:


  • scales of justice says:

    Y’all suffer from hydro cephalis this is terminal, there is no hope for you, you are too far in the deep end. People cannot use their real names because of possible repercussions in your intellegence quotent this means vandalisim. I know who I am dealing with. I slao carry concealed because of the vitriol. Once again for your IQ the hate!

  • John Q BSL says:

    The old saying goes; C_ _ _ P in one hand and wish in the other, see witch one fills up first!!!!! LOL

  • Guest LK says:

    Well that’s a heck of a reason to not like Captain Ledbetter!!!!! Just tell him and maybe he will take some kind of action to make it better.!!!! I never thought he had bad breath!!! You silly boy!

  • Guest LK says:

    What is in your head is also in your hand, honey! Just don’t ever applaud if you are standing near me….and don’t shake your head “no” either. Promise? Thanks

  • john q bsl says:

    What has he (Ledbetter) done? How about breath.


    O YES WE WILL!!!

  • BSL taxpayer says:

    By the way, it’s NOT captain Ledbetter it is private citizen Ledbetter and law enforcement is all the better for his dismisal he is incompetent and unethical. He needs his cert jerked, then many will be happy as he is a BAD APPLE.

  • Guest l keegan says:

    You and White and the other three people are not the vast majority! So who says we can’t have him back?

  • Silver Fox says:

    Gosh Rusty, you need to talk to some of the OTHER woman who have been abused by him…I know that ONE of them actually has “blogged” on this site….it is the news stations and newspapers that elect to keep their names private…this gutsy little gal is screaming his “misuse” of his postion to the rooftops…and the woman I KNOW is going to join in the “parade” of woman that have the goods on this pervert who thinks he IS about the law! She “may not” win her case…but hopefully this will keep him from getting another job where “women” are sitting ducks for his advances!

  • Rusty says:

    I would normally agree with you on the point of not releasing names of (alleged) sexual assault. However, when the victim, Susan Prater, openly gives out her name by keeping a blog in her name going over all of this, what is served by the news people or the people in this blog using some other name? Kind of ridiculous at that point. Almost as bad as the people in here that would fire and or hang the buy without a trial. Can they possibly be afraid that Susan’s story or stories just may not hold up in court? Folks the final outcome is going to be whatever the hell it is going to be and nobody in this blog will have anything to do with it one way or the other. For myself, I am waiting to see what the judge rules when that time comes.

  • Guest123 says:

    Justice will not ever be served in Brunswick County. Not Now or never In Bruncwick county to many crooks. Jon David is not any better than Rex criminals are still getting off. Cases are still being handled in the back room.

  • Rusty says:

    If she wins her case it is because in a court of law she was able to prove her case. If she loses her case it will be cause she can not substantiate her allegations. You just don’t like the idea you can not manipulate that decision to go along with your desires. Same as you can’t stand to accept the decision of the majority of voters in two elections. But, that is you and not me or the rest of this country that subscribes to the rule of law rather than the rule of the mob! I will accept the rulings of our court. You will too if it goes the way you like. But if it does not, you will be the first to be blogging more venom from your very biased mind. If the day comes that you are simply accused and have not been tried on some action I hope I know about it and find out who you are so I can give you a real dose of your own medicine. On the other hand, if the courts rule against him, look for me to be in that blog accepting the verdict just as the law requires. I will be one of the first! Now, are you willing to state you will be one of the first to admit you were wrong if the courts do not rule the way you want? I am sure you will not. If it happens, prove me wrong.

  • SICK OF IT ALL says:

    I think the victim’s of sexual assault’s names should not be released. The person on the news was going by Rachel. I have seen this man in action and I believe there are more victims. Whether they come forward or not, will be seen in the next few days or weeks. Now if this person is lying and filed warrant’s, then by all means, her name should be released and charges should be filed against her for filing a false police report. I hope she has the proof and the truth comes out.

  • Guest9743 says:

    WWAY likes to be first at everything so why not be the first to publish her name….come on WWAY be first, publish her “REAL” name!!!!

  • taxpayer says:

    already did…much to the chagrin of “Rachel”. There’s a reason people’s name are not revealed. If your child were the victim of a sexual assault, would you want your name and your child’s name revealed? I doubt it.

  • taxpayer says:

    as a means of protecting the identity of this individual, they said they’d call her “Rachel”.

  • SICK OF IT ALL says:

    Why is this man allowed to keep abusing his power and still have be above the law? Maybe “Rachel” will be the straw that breaks the coward’s back. Please let the truth come out and justice served.

  • Guest2525 says:

    Why does everyone refer to this woman as Rachel? Her name is Susan! I agree with one thing ‘sick of it all’ writes. I too hope he gets what he deserves. If found guilty I am sure the Judge will make that so. But, IF he is found innocent, he deserves some apologies from you that are spitting out your venom. Of course in a case like that it would never happen. You all would just crawl back in your holes and make up some more smut. The good thing about all this is it will be handled in the courts and justice will be served one way or the other.

  • Guest1101 says:

    Hey he’s not really 6′ tall as he claims to be….

  • Guest951 says:

    Please of please put this creep away – Mason you are disgusting, so is your pretty boy sidekick Rutherford. Give me a break! I hope every single female he has ever hurt comes forward, lined up outside the courthouse…then you tell all them they’re crazy.

  • Very Concerned BSL Resident says:

    Hey, Does this mean Captain Ledbetter will get his job back ????
    He shoild when this vendetta is all over!!!

  • Guest20562 says:

    Hey Captian Bedwetter is just as corrupt as white is.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    he drank county water rather the bottled.

  • Friend of 1 of Many Victims says:

    I think the victims of this perverted man should unite to show exactly what type of person he is. It is apparent that he thinks he can get by with anything because he knows the DA and is entwined politically in this county. Guess what? I think someone has finally called his hand. Can’t wait to see what happens. Thank goodness special DA appointed and hopefully he is not serving home cooking to Mr. White!!!

  • Disgusted1 says:

    Under these circumstances can’t we citizens of BSL or the commissioners remove him as Mayor or at least suspend him? My gosh, this is about as embarassing as it gets for a small town like ours, furthermore don’t even try to tell us that the DA’s office didn’t know about this and that’s why he resigned! Why do all these people think we are so stupid…I am appalled at the things we are finding out about this deviant we elected…he has to go!

  • Silver Fox says:

    That would be a good thought…the only thing is…you have 2 people that are Commissioners that think he is “better than sliced bread”! They say YES to everything he wants and they think that “if he does his job as Mayor” he can be as sexually perverted as he wants and it doesn’t make him a “bad” man…not to mention “a dirty cop”! I, on the other hand, feel that IF you go to the DA’s office, no matter whether you are crazy or not…you deserve every protection they can give you …ESPECIALLY if you are a WOMAN. And CERTAINLY not have the detective on your case “come on to you”…! BUT, thinking about his actions when he was the police chief, and the sexual harrassment charges against him from the employees in the City Hall office…this doesn’t surprise me at all! Expecially since the nepotism in Brunswick is so in our faces! The other thing I can say to you…IF you attach yourself to “HIM”….I consider YOU as sleazy as he is!

  • nomercyforcreeps says:

    I hope Mason got himself a big ole’ fat retainer because guess what…she “Rachel” isn’t his only victim…just wait. Mason & Rutherford – bottom feeders representing scum like this…

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