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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Hoggard High School student gave birth today on campus in one of the school’s bathroom stalls. The baby was born around 3:30 p.m. right as school was letting out.

New Hanover County Schools spokeswoman Valita Quattlebaum says that the school nurse and staff acted heroically in getting medical attention to the student and newborn.

No word on whether the baby was a boy or girl.

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  • Lovelyk

    Have any of you ever seen the show “I didn’t know I was pregnant” ?it happens to women everyday. Some women go an entire nine months without a buldge in their bellies or any symptoms,so it is very possible that a teen who doesn’t speak good english didn’t know she was pregnant. And who says the govt is going to take care of her baby?? Maybe she has rich parents who just don’t pay attention to her enough to know she’s pregnant. Everything is about money to you ppl. This is a human teenager who could be any one of your children.

  • Guest2020

    Such judgmental people on both sides of the aisle. Morality dictates that a girl shouldn’t get pregnant before marriage. Morality also dictates that a girl shouldn’t murder her unborn baby. But morality also dictates that we love everyone and take care of each other. People make mistakes and being judgmental serves no purpose and certainly doesn’t add anything to the situation.

    More people should be like my dad. One of my aunts was considering an abortion because she couldn’t afford another baby (she had two from her previous marriage). My father told her that if she had the baby that he would see to it that the baby had everything she needed. And my dad did just that.

  • MichelleLW

    Are you kidding me right now?? This is what our world is turning into! You hear about kids smoking cigarettes in the school bathrooms but really having a baby!! This disgusts me…did she get pregnant in there too? Ugh what a disgrace! You go to school to get an education…not have a baby!

  • Windsnake69

    Maybe she didn’t even know she was pregnant! She could have thought her bowels were acting up, in which case going into the bathroom would have made perfect sense! Though I do have to wonder if the school nurse and others were involved why did they not move the girl out of the bathroom and into somewhere more appropriate? Must have been a speedy delivery!!

  • bob

    Rather have her giving birth in the bathroom then doing something drastic to the baby. Everybody would be calling her the next Casey Anthony. Damn if you do damn if you don’t

  • Guest666

    I suppose the baby didn’t realize where he/she was at the time he/she decided it was time to meet the world.

  • Beth C

    Wow Seriously….. Please do not judge others, young or old. You nor I know the circumstances around this young lady. It is not our right to judge this young lady and call it a disgrace. The child has been brought into this world surrounded by questions, whispers and people like you judging the mother and child. The baby should be surrounded by love. First off – if you didn’t all ready know – – – teenagers are having SEX and no matter how much sex education or even “protection” being handed out – it will not change the problem. The pregnancy thing is not something that just started a few years ago – it’s been around as long as there has been man, woman and a thing called hormones. Years ago – in the early 80’s and before – young women where shipped off to an “Aunt’s” house and then returned once the baby was born. It was always hush hush. I personally know of several teenage Mothers who are in school – have graduated and moved on to college and take care of their babies as well. I applaud these young women – especially when people like you look down your nose at them. I guess you must live a perfect life and never made a mistake. Give it a rest – don’t judge – jump in with both feet and try to help people in need, give advise, or just listen. That’s whats wrong with society today – no one cares about their fellow mankind – it’s a ME society we live in today.

  • ashlyn

    Its not like she woke up this morning and decided to have her baby in the bathroom. It disgusts me that people really think they need to comment stuff like that on here… like “did she make the baby in there too?” Like, seriously… grow up! Just because a teenager had a baby doesn’t mean shes a dirty slut, you have NO IDEA what happened. Maybe she was raped or maybe it was her first time. You have no idea and its not your place to go and make assumptions and cruel comments. I bet you shes probably reading all of these. If you cant say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. As for me… I hope that the baby and mother are healthy and doing well and I wish them both the best of luck… and happy birthday to the baby its my brothers birthday too.
    And next time decide if you were face to face with that girl if you would have said all the stuff you typed hiding behind your computer screen. Be considerate of other people.

  • Maskinia

    Get off your soapbox girl!! What were you a perfect teenager? Let me guess you were one of those “mean” girls right? The ones who make the other girls feel like crap!! The bully?? I bet your parents are proud of you right? Wonder how many other girls grew up with knowing you were the person who lead them to feel insecure in their lives or even killed themselves because of the way you treated them. I do agree getting pregnant too early isn’t a great path. But, it doesn’t Kill you. It just makes you grow up faster. At least the girl was IN SCHOOL. Still getting her education. I really would like to meet you face to face. I think it would be funny to see just how dumb you are. I pray you never have children and if you do already have them, that they never see your comment on here. Way to take a negative and NOT turn it into a positive.

  • SurfCityTom

    I believe state law requires she be allowed back in school and that the school provide day care for the new born. Your tax dollars at work.

    Perhaps she thought she could take the place on Teen Moms of the Oak Island role model who is moving to New Jersey.

  • J Word

    Have a heart. You don’t know the full story about this child. Thankfully the staff at JTH was able to handle this emergency. They should be commended for their efforts. You are obviously missing the point of this story.

  • John

    Seriously? Common sense would indicate this would be another wellfare family… therefore being a liberal obama supporter who wants the government to do everything for them.

    Wake up.

  • GuestGOP

    Spoken like a true dumbass lib. Only an idiot would make such a statement. I’m surprised you can even read, let alone use a computer.
    The truth is, more like another Dem looking for a free handout. “Someone please pay for me to go to school, have sex and raise my baby.” Come on, be honest. This is your child, right?

  • Guest 11

    There is plenty of birth control info out there. This is probably a new obummer voter with its hand out for a check and some food stamps

  • Guesthug

    Another future GOP voter is born! This is where not getting birth control information gets you, kids.

  • Guest 4

    Well that’s something to be proud of. Great job.

  • Wilmington Observer

    Why did you have to resort to “name calling”?? Michelle stated a fact with her opinion of that fact. I, happen to agree that “kids having kids”, especially in a school bathroom, is disgusting. It is also a fact that schools are a place for learning not delivering babies. The next time you are offended by stated facts or someone’s opinion of those facts, try responding with facts or, mature, opinions of your own instead of “name calling” By the way, there will be a next time because you do not have the Constitutional right, to not be offended.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Jen Price

    My heart goes out to this young girl and her family. She is a child herself. I can only imagine how scared and alone she felt. I hope that she is treated with the kindness and compassion that she deserves.

  • None

    Thank you for your kind words. Many people make accusations before knowing the whole story.

  • Guestsad

    Wow. Boy, have things changed…

  • 129u321bn

    This is obviously a republican; a liberal teen would have aborted that thing immediately so she could pursue a liberal arts degree or something stupid.


    All of you are incredibly ignorant, Seriously. Especially the dumba**es who are talking politically. This has nothing to do with either Campaign, yet the GOP is clearly shouting out for help if this is where you choose to do your marketing. I graduated high school (HOGGARD) ONLY two years ago, and I look down upon nearly every single person who has posted on this (excluding the lady who said “have a heart”). You guys are the reason I will never live in Wilmington again, and if this poor girl is smart she will take her baby and get the hell out as well; to somewhere more free thinking.

  • RSimmons

    The GOP wants to teach our children abstinence and religion Well have fun supporting yet another child with our tax dollars for 18 years so you can feel all warm and fuzzy on Sunday morning.

  • Guestarticulatore

    RSimmons, you are close in your conclusion, but here’s what I feel that the “real deal” is. The Repub’s have protected this child through birth, now they will begrudge any care whatsoever for the child… This child will become important again when draft age comes about so that he may be used as cannon fodder.

  • windsnake6969

    I seriously hope she’s not sitting around reading all this, considering she has a newborn baby to take care of! There hasn’t been enough time yet to coordinate how the taxpayers’ dollars will take over its care!

  • GuestMan.

    that the 1st post was more on point. If you don’t teach birth control or if people don’t have access to birth control, what do you think is going to happen? You don’t even know who this is. They might be from a good republikan family like the Palins. Wait a minute, maybe we should pick someone else besides Bristol. Anyway, you know what I mean.

  • Guest5

    Ok. So good job on being that in touch with reality television but not state regulations when it comes to the school systems. These children having children might get food stamps and welfare but you can thank the presidents before Obama for allowing this not him himself. Foodstamps and welfare for single mothers was put in place way before Clinton was even voted in office. So get a clue. Next let’s move on to the school system shall we. Children with children are NOT again I repeat are NOT provided daycare or money for daycare. They have to figure that out themselves, as well as getting a job to support that baby and the daycare. However, schools do provide them support and guidance in a time when they need it the most to finish their academics. Another thing, great job to the Hoggard HS team for making sure an innocent baby was born into this world and keeping the mother protected and safe as well. GREAT JOB!

  • GuestMan.

    you are wrong and it had been so long since you posted you couldn’t help yourself, could you, troll?

  • SurfCityTom

    some witless wonder takes shots at surfcitytom.

    I guess, when you say it has been so long since I posted anything, you’ve missed the discussions on the taxpayer funded ballpark. Or maybe you’re one of the proponents who will say anything to get the voters attention away from the truth about this pending albatross.

    I am more amazed at some of the mindless and frankly downright stupid comments some have made on this issue.

    “She didn’t know she was pregnant”. Please tell me how someone goes through an 8 to 9 month gestation period and does not know she is pregnant.

    “She barely spoke English. She was still learning.” Shaking the head side to side communicates NO in any language. What her language skills had to do with teen pregnancy eludes me.

    Giving her free food stamps, cell phone, section 8 housing, medicaid for the child will have costs which the taxpayers will bear.

    And if anyone reads print media or watches the national news, there have been numerous reports of the spike in teen pregnancy caused by non-thinking teens who view that pregnancy as a ticket to appearing on their own reality show.

    Too bad so many weasels focus on slashing at yours truly and don’t focus on solving the problem.

    Now one poster noted she barely spoke English. Was she in the country legally?

  • I graduated Hoggard in 75, and I knew pregnant girls in school. Back that up 3 years to my 9th grade, there was one there too. I’m not saying that it’s a good thing for teens to get pregnant, but guess what, it happens and it is not a new problem. Perhaps this girl had stomach pain but it wasn’t time for the delivery date and she thought she had to use the restroom. I can’t imagine she set out for the restroom with the intention of delivering there! You guys imagining her heading to the bathroom with the intention of delivering a child in a filthy stall have to be wrong! Bravo to the Hoggard staff for doing the best they could with this unexpected suprise.

    And this has absolutely nothing to do with the campaign, but amazing how the political zealots have to take one more parting shot on EVERY single story.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a senior at Hoggard high school and you have no idea what that child probably went through. First of all she could barely speak English (she was still learning) and she had no idea she was pregnant. She had the baby in the bathroom because she was in agonizing pain (it’s birth people) and couldn’t be moved for her safety and the baby’s. the school nurse rushed to the girl and started to deliver the baby BEFORE the ambulence even arrived to the school. It’s a blessing that the baby and mother are healthy and okay. So next time act like an adult about this situation because imagine if this was your daughter going through the slander and name calling and judgement from people who don’t even know her or are even familiar with the school.

  • Windsnake6969

    It is perfectly understandable that this child did not know that she was pregnant. Perhaps she thought that the watermelon seed she accidentally swallowed sprouted in her stomach and was growing into a giant melon.


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