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BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — Boiling Spring Lakes Mayor Richard White turned himself in yesterday after a woman filed warrants accusing him of sexual battery and assault on a female. Today we found out more about past allegations against him.

During his time as Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief, White faced several claims of sexual harassment as well as a lawsuit filed by a former officer.

Former BSL police officer Christopher Alexander filed the federal suit in October 2000 against White and the town. Alexander alleged he received credible complaints that White was sexually harassing female citizens of the town. The suit says Alexander reported the complaints to the SBI, which led to an investigation. Alexander sued because he said after he resigned, White retaliated against him.

In response, attorneys filed an answer to Alexander’s allegations, saying White and the town did not have sufficient information to show truth in the allegations of sexual harassment.

The case was dismissed in July 2001 after both sides settled out of court, where, WWAY has learned, Alexander received an undisclosed amount of money. No charges were brought against White.

We called White’s attorney Bruce Mason today for comment. He has not returned our call.

We tried to talk with White at Tuesday night’s Boiling Spring Lakes City Council meeting. He did not want to talk about the accusations, but he did say they are not distracting him from his duties as mayor.

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  • Columbia County

    We,also, live in Columbia County and have purchased a home in BSL and our goal is to move within 2013. We travel back and forth. As you state the area is gorgeous – hopefully local government will do the what is best for the town and citizens.

  • not a detective

    I am certainly not a detective of any sort so I don’t know how or do any “field work”. But I have been around the block more than once and have a very good “read” on people if I get enough information from someone. Well, I have had more than a month to look at, read, digest and simply use some common since to the words of the accuser(s) on the daily blog.

    This lady certainly deserves the sympathy of anyone that has read her ramblings. I am sorry to be callous but, she is a “fruit cake” that blames everything in this world on any and everyone else and takes no responsibilities for her own actions at all. I had a cousin that was the same way. “I could have been this if it had not been for…”. “I would have succeeded if, _____ had not failed me in class.” “Things would have been different but, ____ was out to get me.” “I was convicted but let me tell you, I WAS INNOCENT AND WITHOUT ANY FAULT ON MY OWN AT ALL!”

    Now, she accuses one of the most well respected judges on the bench! Why? Because she was told (according to her) a commissioner in BSL told her the judge said this or that. Gosh! Wonder who that may be? There is only one of them that is “friends” on her facebook page. Do you think? Again, no detective here but the answer I think would have to be either, ‘yes’ or duh’!

    Judge Marion Warren is a decent man that has stood for the law for many years. He takes pests off the streets rather than leave them on the streets. Frankly, it was a little hard to believe all these people were out to get basically a nobody. But to accuse a sitting and well respected judge? It is now hard to believe one single word from her.

    Shame on the attack on Judge Marion Warren! And, all those that have stooped to this low, in the gutter talk. In the end one can only expect the ones in the gutter to be no more than the sludge that is always found in the gutter!

  • brunscogirl

    Nothing Susan writes comes as a surprise anyone who knows the courthouse. White has been a womanizer for years and this attorney has been carrying on affairs for years. No one wants to hurt his family by calling him out and White has powerful friends that keep him safe. There has been a blind eye turned to corruption and abuse for too long its about time someone called it out.

  • Guest like

    WOW!!! More stuff on White we didn’t know about but not surprised to find out about!!! Man!!!! This boy has a real bad habit, it seems!! Go git em ladies!!!!! Drag him into the courts!!!!!!

  • Guest keegan

    How many different writing styles are there? And why would she use a different name? She doesn’t need to do that to keep people reading the blog….everyone waits for her next one!!! YOU sound strange to me, she doesn’t. You, my friend, are not qualified to say she needs help! An honest court system is EXACTLY what is needed here, because as a Christian, I know the real guilty one here is White. This is what it is all about! Don’t try to throw the focus on someone who is standing up for that…God will punish him even if the court doesn’t! You all can be sure of that! Obviously some humans cannot BE treated the way we would want to be treated. We all know you want to throw the focus, but that isn’t going to happen. What you are saying is the same as if you hit a person on a crosswalk with your car while you are drunk, the court should say the person shouldn’t have been there in the first place…..hide the real issue? Don’t think so buddy!

  • Guest keegan

    As a Christian, I am seeing the person who wrote this post is “judging” the wrong person. Susan is not needing mental health help. Susan is not lying. Susan has not broken the law. It is Richard this Christian should be concerned about, not Susan!

    God will be the final judge! I believe I said that before, but I also believe God wouldn’t be happy if we all let this woman molester off without fighting for these ladies rights!

    Why not let the Christian speak for herself/himself? Or are you one and the same?

    I fight for the innocent, not the guilty, and it is ever so obvious to anyone with sense, Richard is guilty.

    “Common sense is not so common anymore”.

  • A Good Christian

    I have been re-reading many of the posts on this site and was struck with how similar the writing is, both the negative and positive comments. Some of the positive comments have been filed by Susan under her own name and some under anonymous names, which I expect are actually Susan. But some of the negative comments have the same writing style. Could Susan actually be writing some of the negative comments as well? It appears so. I think the negative comments are designed to set forth a responding message from Susan either under her own name or an anonymous name. It gives her an opportunity to promote her blog or to defend herself even when no real person would raise a critical comment about her. Sound strange to you too? This doesn’t mean that I excuse her actions. Many of the things she says about people, especially her former lawyer, are despicable. But as a Christian, I must focus on how best to help a fellow human being. It is clear to me that this lady suffers from mental health issues. I am not qualified to say what those issues are, but she clearly needs help. I hope she has good friends who still follow these postings and will convince her to get the help she needs. The court system is not the solution and will likely negatively impact all involved. This lady is sliding down a slippery slope. Let’s hope and pray that she still has good friends who will help pull her back up. All of God’s children should expect to see his goodness if they treat their fellow human beings the same way they wish to be treated.

  • Geek

    Your apology is graciously accepted. There is not one of us that don’t do better when we think before we speak. Artists in any and every medium are very possessive as to claims in their world of art regardless of medium(s). This kind of thing is what gets the hair to raise up on the necks of the artists. Hopefully this photographer will lay claim to the obvious field of photography and refrain from labeling the works, paintings. Thank you again for taking the time to reply as you did.

  • Someone Else

    Not that it really matters,but is Richard White a republican or democrat?

  • Guest keegan

    A little deep for me, pal! Obviously you aren’t the one I thought might have written about her picture so I apologize for that mistake. And I can admit I know nothing about paintings or photography…..

  • Geek

    I don’t know nor do I care where you are going with your rant as far as friends, shoes, and the like. Kind of weird though. Regardless of “the blog” one way or the other, it will be whatever it will be. But, as an artist, it is resentful when people misrepresent what they are doing. You either know this and ignore the fact or you simply do not know this. A painting is a painting and a photograph is a photograph, period. Now I am not saying for one second a photographer is not or can not be an artist. Some do but I think those few have no idea what art is and is not to begin with. There have been some huge names in photography that have been displayed in many of the worlds most highly acclaimed galleries and museums. So to get the record right on that part, photography can very well be art and photographers can very well be artist. But you still do not claim one as the other if you are being honest. Look, before digital photography was around there were thousands of ways to manipulate a photographic image to get an artful representation in the end. On the camera itself, filters (that go over the lens) that have amazing effects and subtle effects. The use of double exposure. An open shutter while movement is going on and then firing a flash at some point to cause the blur to go into sharp focus. In the dark room, dodging (causing less light to make it to part of the photo paper than the rest) or burning (causing more exposure to a part of the paper) to name only a few of the thousands of things that could be done and were done. The end result could be and has been, spectacular. But when Annie Leibovitz or Ansel Adams (to of the very best in the world) did this (use of filters, manipulations in the darkroom, etc.) and there work was displayed in a museum, they did not say, “this is my painting”! It was their “photography” and great it was. The exact same rules apply to digital manipulation. You are doing the exact same things however you are doing them on the computer rather than some of the older “film” ways of doing this. And yes, with that said, digital photography and manipulation can be art just as standard film photography and darkroom manipulation has been. But there is a line and painters take great exception to photographers claiming the work they did through the camera and then on the computer is a painting. It, is not! And, while some painters resist the idea a photographer is an artist, those are in the vast minority as most believe great photographers are. Where does all this come into play? It has to do with truthfulness or at best, ignorance of the arts and what can be claimed.

    In conclusion, without any prejudice one way or another as to the story that is being told and put forward, your friend’s work is not a painting and your friend has represented it as such. This does get the ire of painters as it should. Your friend is a photographer and not a painter and just because some PC software may call a program or part of a program something like artist or painting effects, does not cause the photo to become a painting. One of the crap software’s that is included in the most least expensive of almost all computers being sold is called “Paint”. While it is not really crap for real digital manipulation of a photo if you do use it for that purpose the end result is not a painting just because it was finished in the program, paint. There are several high end soft wares that do amazing things especially with a great base photo and then a person that also knows the software well. Artistic results can be and are attained. The point being, your friend misrepresented her work when she stated it is her “painting” by any and all acceptable definitions. So it does go to either the honesty or much less worrisome, the ignorance of the person making the claim. Let me also say, ignorance is not a slur or slant on anyone. It simply states a lack of knowledge and that just does not equate to stupid. However if you know better or you should no better, that is a different story alltogether. As to “my friend”, this is written for my friends, that use the brush.

  • Guest lkeegan

    Obviously you are reading the blog, as you should do, or at least I would want to if I was in your shoes (glad I’m not in them), but posting a comment like you just posted is a sure sign you are scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything to write about!!! Could it be you are a tad worried about the future for your beloved friend? Could it be you are beyond any means of helping him with any more lies you could come up with? Nothing more to say in his defense? I am still hearing new things to be used against him and they aren’t lies. Who really cares about whether or not she painted the portrait? All we all care about is the truth she is printing about your buddy. Stick to that…..

  • computergeek

    Folks, if you have a computer geek friend, especially one that is into picture applications, get them to go to her blog. You will see on top a picture of her son and her reference to this being “her painting”. If you don’t know how to tell a real painting from computer enhancement, and sometimes that is not all that easy to everyone, get your ‘geek’ friend to look at it. Her ‘painting’ I totally believe is not a painting at all but a computer driven image from a photograph using software such as photoshop or one of the other numerous software applications available to anyone. My point? She is again putting her fantasies in front of realities and expecting you to believe them. Or, better put, not being full forthcoming with the facts. Why would this be important? Is that not obvious? ‘Just saying’

  • Raymond

    I can’t believe stuff some people are saying. What is wrong with you. What if this woman was your sister,daughter wife or mother? What if this woman really was assaulted and she never reported the crime, a predator could be left to assault again. Next time maybe it will be someone in your family that is the victim.

    If this woman lying she will go to jail, and White will be vindacated and all this will just be a bad dream for him. Give him a few beers, he will be alright,Ill even buy. But if this lady is telling the truth then you are kicking a woman when shes down insulting her like that. Some yall really makes me sick. Have some dang respect.

  • Mr .King

    This continual deception is tiring.

  • Julie King

    First of all, I think you may be on a Witch Hunt…And yes I am educated and know how to spell “Witch”.

    I have been following this story with fascination as I, too, have been fearful of being alone with Mayor Richard White. He did not break any laws or assault me, but now I am certain that my instincts are on track. I have researched some of the items that Ms. Prater has written in her blog. Her charges of stalking were dismissed. I have talked to someone else who is mentioned in her blog that backs up her court stories. This person who told me this is in fear for her job and possible bodily harm if she says anything. As far as Susan’s attorney, his wife is a very nice woman, who deserves someone who does not cheat on her. I am not talking about the lady mentioned in Ms. Prater’s blog, but someone else I know.

    Ms. Prater did have raccoons at the condos. I live near there and saw it myself. I have never met her, but she is becoming an important part of our community and an example of a strong, determined woman who is trying to make a difference. I know the truth will come out and the right person metophorically will be burned at the stake (not steak).

    Get a clue…Haseyes….Get your facts straight. I am guessing you are a male or perhaps a female who has never had unwelcome advances that would not stop even though you told the person you weren’t interested.

    When is the court date? I will be there to hear the truth and watch the weasel squirm. I am praying to see justice work.

  • Susan Prater

    Julie, Thank you so much for supporting me! The court date currently scheduled is Dec. 3rd. Tell your friend—the one who backs up my story and the one who is in fear for her job (and bodily harm to contact me.) I would love to thank her personally for being honest and standing up for what is right—regardless of her fear!

    And again, Thank you

    Susan Prater

  • haseyes

    Regardless of where anyone stands on the issue here, your post with a link, proving a conviction in a court of law is worth something. There is indisputable proof of and action and also, the justice system doing the job it is supposed to do. You post is certainly credible because it is not a he said she said or speculation of any kind. You state something happened and then you post the unarguable factual proof. If all the posts in this blog that are words and accusations, defences and plain shots at one another, BUT HAVE NO BACKING WITH PROVEN FACT (as yours does) suddenly disappeared, about 90 percent of the posts in here on all sides would be gone. I would like to see all the posts that are simply opinions without basis of fact, removed. Of course, that would probably mean this one would go to because after all, it is just an opinion. But, it is not a slam to anybody.

  • Guest lol

    Lets see who’s the fruit cake, Richard White quit his job at the D.A. ‘ s office on the heels of these allegations….truth. Richard White was reported to the SBI in 2000 for sexually harassing women in BSL… Truth. Richard White had a sexual harassment complaint turned in against him in 2007 by a BSL employee…truth. Richard White got arrested for sexual battery…truth. Richard White was sued in 2000 by a former Police Officer and the town settled the suit by paying with tax payer money…truth. Who’s the fruit cake? The lady who stands up against this piece of crap ? I wish it was your daughter or wife that this piece of crap had tried to force himself on, as he has many women before. There is the truth so far ……. Don’t be stupid, use your common sense if you have any, or maybe you defend him because you are like him. Force yourself on women and think they owe you. This sex predator will be stopped no matter how much you defend him. We the decent people of BSL will see to it..

  • Guest like


  • Guest Who

    I think the site administrator of wway3 needs to step in look at the IP addresses from where these messages are coming from, and settle this once and for all. I’ll add my own bit of proof to help shut the person above up.


    Bullying has no place in society, in real life or online. Insinuating that someone is mental for the purpose to harass IS slander.

  • BSL Gal

    Wow! Is Susan moving to Boiling Spring Lakes. Of course, in a comment listed below she would have you believe she is from out of State and will be moving here soon. She goes on to urge us to throw Richard White out of office because the Mayor in her fictitious town was guilty of child abuse. This is darn close to slander. In a later posting, she also adds an anonymous comment “welcoming herself” to town. Perhaps she has a split personality and doesn’t realize that she is posting separate comments under a guest name. That would make sense considering her mental state. Just think about this. When she moves to Boiling Spring Lakes, Richard White will be her Mayor. Awkward!!!!!

  • haseyes

    Susan has several problems with her blog and most of them have to do with, no facts whatsoever, just allegations from one that has already been convicted of stalking! But forget that for the moment. Her “story” is, in a word, “incredible”! If you read it all, from start to finish it is easy to see it is “incredible” beyond, belief! I mean, who has not “attached” her in one way or another. First the guy that she said was stalking her but had that case dismissed while she was convicted of stalking him. Then, her attorney, a well respected one here in BSL that not only has never been charged with anything but also has a wife that has worked tirelessly for the betterment of our children here in BSL. Then it goes to the DA and the DA’s investigator. Why? Because they will not snap jump to her bidding! Look people, this is not just Richard White. It is some poor slob that got involved with a loon and tried to get away and she could not stand rejection and, her own attorney and, the DA and, White, and, etc.. etc., etc. So, where does she get her support? She gets in from the neighbors and friends of a disgruntled, fired employee. That is factual. Now to speculation and at least I will admit speculation rather than say it is fact because, “I think so” or “someone told me”, she gets it from the same group that has tried to defeat White at the Ballot Box and has failed two terms in a row! Of course they will ask for a resignation with their trumped up charges. Why, because they do not like what the majority of the citizens here in BSL said they wanted. They go further to insult those same citizens by calling them names like, stupid. In the end the truth will come out regardless of the circumstances. The truth will be, the truth. And when it does, this bottom feeding group will regather like all bacteria and try to survive on any flesh it may infect. The bottom line is, this will play out in the courts as it should and will not be played out by a mob of liars and disgruntles. When the [TRUTH] does come out, only the [TRUTH] will prevail regardless of what side of this apple you are on. It does seem the [WHITCH HUNTERS] today are just like the ones of old. Burning at the steak is much more important than fact.

    To those looking to come to BSL, that is the fact so come on we want you here and when you get here you will not be burned by vulgar and unwarranted allegations without any proof in a court of law!

  • Guest LK

    Oh, but it IS about just Richard White!!! We see no picture of a “slob” other than his. There IS proof of all he has done and it WILL come out in the end. The people I know had nothing against Mr. White until he actually showed his real self…..that is NO FAULT of the neighbors and friends of a disgruntled ex-city employee or anyone, except Mr. White, himself.

    I am praying the truth will come out. For the sake of his next “victims”.

  • Guest who

    Thank you for the welcome! I’m very excited to make the move.

    I don’t know Susan, but I did check her blog site that was posted here, and she seems to be trying to wake some people up. That’s tough and thankless task to attempt to tackle.

    I also looked up the stalking charge someone mentioned, and according to the Brunswick County court report, it looks like those charges were dismissed against her.

    All I can say about that is it seems to be human nature to attempt to discredit someone and call them a hater if they don’t have any real points to counter what the accuser is saying. Perhaps the person who is making these claims against Susan is a family member of the Mr White, and they have no real other way to defend him. It’s understandable, although it’s certainly not very honest. If you’re going to defend a friend or family member against wrongdoing, it’s smarter to have some facts on hand and to not embellish the truth. With the internet, anyone can look up almost anything and see what is what.

    Finally, I will say this- it seems to me, if a person writes a blog and discloses all their information about themselves on their own site, they probably wouldn’t be too shy about posting their name on a comment site.

    Can we now please get past this and focus on the issue at hand? Let’s have a meaningful discussion about the real problem.

  • BSL Gal

    Is anyone else getting tired of Susan P.’s anonymous comments on this site? Whether she is calling for Ricard White’s resignation or plugging her own incomprehensible blog, I expect that 90% of the comments here are from her. She will, of course, deny that. And this is the the so-called poor victim in this fiasco. Never forget that whatever she says, she is the only one who has been found guilty in Brunswick District Court. But in her twisted mind, the real guilty parties are the judge, the District Attorney, Richard White, and by implication, the rest of the residents of Brunswick County who have all conspired against her.

  • Guest like

    Someone continues to accuse Susan of writing these posts that she isn’t writing and forgetting the fact that this is about the mayor. I am hoping and praying people here will open their eyes and see this man for what he really is before something more terrible happens!!! He IS a pervert and HAS assaulted many women and his commissioners know this as well as we all do, but refuse to do anything about it. I think they are afraid of him and I don’t understand why.

    White has done absolutely nothing since being put in office as a favor by someone to get him out of another position he was about to be pushed from because of the same misconduct. His main objective was to fire the people from the police dept. he didn’t like because they wouldn’t do him favors!!!! And he has succeeded in doing that and once his mission is done, he will leave but continue to assault women wherever he goes (because he is “sick”) if someone doesn’t stop him and arrest him and jail him for at least 20 years.

    Thank you for liking our little city and we would welcome you here.

  • Guest who

    I’m not quite a BSL resident yet….once I sell my house I plan on moving there. It’s a gorgeous area. Since I’m out of state I won’t be able to be there for the city hall meeting, but hopefully I’ll be there in time to vote in 2013.

    I really hope the mayor or council does the right thing. If you guys are reading this, please listen to me. The town I come from just went through an awful ordeal with our former mayor, he was found guilty of sexually assaulting his adopted daughter and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. It was humiliating for the residents of our town, especially when our elected officials took the stand as character witnesses for the mayor (after he was found guilty) at his sentencing.

    Please, Mr.White, do the right thing and step down. Don’t drag us through the mud with you. BSL council, please be prepared to act if the Mayor does not do the honorable thing. Spare BSL citizens the humiliation. Show us that you are Christians and have the best interests at heart for BSL.

  • Guest like

    I like your thinking! People need to do a petition asking him to step down!! Start one of your own and get everyone you know in BSL to sign it….I know they will given that he is sooooo bad! Not losing anything because no one I talk to can even come up with one thing he has done for our little city! Be at the meeting in Nov. (on the 13th) and voice your opinion. You as a taxpayer have that right, you know?

    City council is stuck to him like glue….don’t let him have the next year in office!!!! Take action now if you are a BSL resident. He still has a year to go!!!!!!!

  • Guest who

    This paints such an ugly picture of a beautiful town. If this man has a single shred of respect for the town and citizens he would step down immediately. If he refuses to do so, then City Council needs to do the right thing and take action.

    If the council doesn’t take action, then every single person in BSL needs to be lined up at the polls and vote every single one of them out of office.

  • Guest. Keegan

    Nope! You’re wrong again!!! Susan wouldn’t use a different name than her own! Why would she need to? I was totally impressed by what she said and just wanted everyone to know about it. She has proof of all of this and if people still don’t believe her, they are really nuts. She should have been an investigator…at least she would have done an honest job unlike White and the rest of you people!!
    BTW LK=keegan

  • Brunswick Native

    It isn’t too difficult to figure out that Susan posted this comment under an alias to promote her Blog. I agree with her that you should read it. By doing so, you will realize what a “hater” she is. She hates Brunswick County and hates all the public officials and private citizens that were involved in finding her guilty of Stalking last year. She even hates Food Lion because in her twisted mind, Food Lion altered the the security video that was used in Court to prove her guilt. I only offer a caution when you read her Blog: Besides being vile and disgusting, she is a terrible writer so you will have a hard time following it from sentence to sentence.

  • Guest LK


  • Funny Gal

    WWAY seems to be practicing one-sided journalism. What seems relevant to me is that the alleged victim was found guilty of stalking and harassment in Brunswick District Court last year. This wasn’t a miscarriage of justice. She pleaded guilty to the charges. Guess who the investigator was in that case? It was Richard White. Could the victim’s current charges against Richard White be a form of “payback”? I certainly hope that WWAY eventually sets out the complete story. Viewers have a right to know.

  • Humble

    while you are preaching you should do some more reading and study yourself! It seems that some very nice soft spoken person came in to this dialog with a Christian attitude and was then rudely turned on by you. So do a little more study and practice what you preach.

    Matthew 7:1-2 1Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    Romans 2:1 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things

    Luke 6:37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged:

    The courts and not anyone else will render judgement on this matter here on earth. He will render judgment for eternity. You, nor I, or anyone else has any right to judgement at all.

    Do you believe ‘the Word’ is for everyone except you? I don’t have a clue who wrote the original message and speaking as Christan but God bless them for trying.

  • Guest28451

    and it just keeps coming out against this apparent deviant repeatedly. At this point the women cant all be lying. Id dare say this guy has serious issues with acting appropriately at minimum. Best he plead PJC and get major mental help because he obviously needs it, before one of these times he ends up committing a full blown rape and ends up ruining that woman’s life (His would be worthless and Im far from worried about him at this point he needs help with his obvious sexuality issues to say the least).

  • scales of justice

    I have been in this game long enough to know if you do your job and do it well certain people will not except the results. It is very easy for those who get into trouble with the law for speeding to investigations, the amount of females throwing themselves at you and then if they are rebuffed they will make up the most audacious stories and lies. Really you all cannot be this naive can you? Oh I forgot who I am dealing with. The problem is this new government has done some garden weeding that has much been needed ever since Ms. Kinney has been gone, but still operating through Ledbetter, Thure which rhymes with manure, Ballree, and former clerk Merry. Really Ms. Kinney you have really stooped to levels I never thought you would. You are 70 years old you need to keep some dignity.

  • silver Fox

    Yeah….and those files are “sealed”….that is when he was “asked” to leave or as HE says… retire as Police Chief….the women were so intimidated they kind of disappeared, altho, from what I understand, he did get charged with “sexual battery” something about sexually abusing a woman in an elevator… and that also is “sealed”…very convenient for the “dirty cop”! As I said, he is very vindictive…but HE won’t get you…no, he has all his buddies do his dirty work …AND Charlie, of course! But check his “personel” file in BSL…not a grevience against him…thanks to the interium city manager and probably the HR person at the time…who is NOW the new city clerk with a nice $5000 raise…isn’t THAT special!

  • Guess who?

    Hey Silver Fox! I heard you and your hubby were all upset because no one applauded your lousy speech the other night. What do you expect? You only live here a couple of months a year. You’re not a registered voter here and yet every speech you ever give is filled with negative attacks. We’re tired of listening to you. Your opinion means nothing to us, because it’s selfish and self-centered. You and your small band of naysayers serve no positve purpose in our cities future. Do something good for a change and maybe someday you’ll hear us clap for you. Maybe…

  • scales of justice

    Once again you have imagined a story that is so far away from the facts it is pathetic. Let’s face it you are doing the bidding of previous elected officials and fired police officers. Your facts are not factual at all. You are pathetic, and you live here part time you should stay up where you go when you are not here. They probably ship your nasty self back down here to spread your mess. Judy you are a pathetic trouble maker that does not get her facts straight. You are a BIG fat JOKE. You need to take your big yankee mouth and go home. You constantly are assaulting people and you are headed for jail yourself, one of these days you are going to assault the wrong person and you will be gone! Get a life, your a slob!

  • factquest

    With your own hands you admit to files that are “sealed”. But then you go on to tell everyone what they are about and what is in them. Silver Fox, do you have X-Ray eyes? Then while you continue your diatribe of posts and facts, you also use phrases such as, “from what I understand” and then further you state what is not in a personnel file (again with the X-Ray eyes) and even who you allege tampered with them. You must have been a fly on the wall at the same time. So really in the end all you have is a bunch of hearsay and not one shred for proof. But you just keep making up sh*t as you go along for whatever your purposes are. Frankly, you are quickly becoming just as boring and just as unbelievable as the whacked out woman that wants us to believe EVERYONE is somehow out to get her. So dribble on and continue to make an a** out of yourself. You have zero evidence to back up a thing you say and zero credibility.

  • Common Sesne

    Let’s begin with the fact that you refer to yourself as “Silver Fox”. Being a female (old female) with an 11 year old boy’s haircut with silver hair does not constitute you as a “Silver Fox”.

    Furthermore how are YOU – a part-time citizen accessing personnel files at the city? I enjoy how your comments are vague, not factual and furthermore, hearsay. Just in case you missed this day in law school, hearsay is not allowed in a courtroom. Maybe you should have heeded the recommendations of the former interim city manager when he threatened to take a civil case out against you for slander.

    I hear the weather is great in Chicago this time of year, why don’t you go home?

  • Bob and Carol

    This is one of the most interesting cases that I have ever seen on WWAY. I have followed with interest the articles that have been posted along with all the comments. Wow! You folks have really stirred up a hornets nest. I don’t know what the truth is here. I guess that will come out after the special prosecutor completes his investigation. However, I must comment on what I believe is a lack of journalistic fairness by WWAY. You publish all the allegations against Mayor White, including the alleged allegations from 2000 which never went to court. As best as I can tell, Major White has never been convicted of anything. Yet, the alleged victim, who has now revealed her name and advertised her blog site in the comments section, apparently has had legal difficulties. If some of the comments are to be believed, she has been found guilty of stalking and harassment. If this is the case, why hasn’t your reporter, Ms. Catlett, done a balanced job of reporting on both the accused and his alleged victim? This is a great story and WWAY deserves a lot credit for bringing it to the public’s attention. I just wish that I could feel I am reading fully objective journalism.

  • Susan Prater

    Bob And Carol,

    The story is very interesting. And unfortunately I’m a victim—four fold. I met Richard White as a victim of assault. My attorney messed up my case on purpose for the opposing side while I was out of town in TN with my family because my father was dying. The DA’s office was aware and knew of criminal misconduct on the part of my attorney for the opposing counsel in the case. I offered to let the DA’s office use my case to help prove the wrong doing. I had to incur damages as a result of firing my attorney for the “wrong doing” to be proven. The DA’s office did not handle the situation correctly. As a result, I have suffered enormously. And that is only part of the re-victimization. The rest is this.

    I was just a good person trying to do a good thing to help put bad people in their place. And I was misused terribly. And that—Bob and Carol, is the truth!

  • Guest l.k.

    White is the reason Curtis Ledbetter was fired. White is the reason Paul Yarolin didn’t get hired on the police force. The main reason Mr. Yarolin wasnt hired is because he befriended Curtis and everyone knows he hates Curtis.

    No one will ever make me think any different about any of the things being told about him recently. White is the reason the city employees have left their jobs….he plays dirty, in every aspect of the word! He is a sick man who needs to be relieved of the mayor position and seek help. He is a lieing, hateful, and revengeful person. Is he a sociopath?

    I, for one, am glad all of this has surfaced and I am hoping and praying these other women will come out of hiding and speak up….speak up to the media….. there is nothing anyone can do to you and it has to be difficult to hold it all in, so let it come out. You have that right! You have been victimized! If it had been your beloved child, would you want him/her to keep it a secret?

    Think about it.

  • Not yours

    Get a life and stop trying to make yourself look good on public television. WWAY is naive for thinking Richard White would do something like this, clearly you want something he has and think trying to put him in jail is a good way to do it. Clearly your not winning any of these cases considering it has already been said that you have a past of trying to get government officials in trouble. Go WWAY for making a big deal out of something that some women lies about because she has nothing better to do.

  • Susan Prater

    that was the purpose for me agreeing to be used by the DA’s office—so I could file a bar complaint based on my damages as a result of the collusion and conspiring from my attorney with the opposing side. And then the bar complaint would end up in the hands of the SBI. Which, according to what I’ve been told, it has been in the hands of the SBI for some time.

    I don’t regret what I did. Helping, allowing them to use me was the right thing to do because there was a small child at the center of it all.

    Jon David’s office mis-handled the entire thing. Had it not been for that, I would not have been further damaged.

    Again, I don’t regret what I did to help, but I trusted people whom I didn’t know (Jon David, and his office) and it’s unfortunate that they weren’t really worthy of that trust—given what I did for them, they should have taken better care of me and of the situation to protect my reputation.

    I’m not the first person to have ever been persecuted for their selfless gestures, and I won’t be the last. From what I understand, things like this have gone on and been a typical occurrence in Brunswick County for a long time.

    Jon David is inexperienced in the ways of operating his office and he messed up in a huge way, by the way he has handled the situation and because of the employees he chose to hire.

    The entire situation is really unfortunate and it’s the reason others fail or refuse to get involved and help out when an opportunity presents itself.

  • Huh?

    So, DA, the investigator for the DA and your own attorney all got together and wait, let’s not leave out the JUDGE!, all conspired against you?????? And when you accepted probation for your wrong doing, oh, excuse me, for something you really didn’t do but you just felt like going along, that was a mistake? And now you have hooked up with Ledbetter, a shamed and disgruntled former employee and his politico friends and allies. You want us to believe you????
    Only in your dreams! You must think you are really something important to even imagine something like this.

  • SurfCityTom

    if what you say is true, why have you not taken your former attorney to the State Bar Association. They can offer recourses not available through posting on this website.

  • Missy

    Huh…you summed up my feelings nicely.

    If you go to her blog and read it, that’s exactly the story she tells.

  • SurfCityTom

    you can download the forms required from the Bar’s website; complete them and either scan & email back or snail mail them.

  • Huh?

    Well that works for me because you got my point, EXACTLY! This is her “story” the way “she” tells it. And the point is, it is way to huge, as in whopper of a story, to swallow as true. Reminds me of parents talking to children btw. Instead of asking, “are you telling a lie” the question would be the same but more tender. As in, “are you telling me a story”. So again, I take it as “her story”. Nest thing you know she will be blogging how the NC Attorney General and the Governor are in on this too.

  • Silver Fox

    My dear Huh….no person representing the “LAW” should EVER touch a woman…no matter how unsettled she is or as some call her “crazy”…again, that is even MORE reason for law enforcement to PROTECT her. What if your wife, daughter, mother or girlfriend would try to get help and all she gets is a detective that “trys” to seduce her…….THAT is what happened here…not once, but several times! The detective should be of the HIGHEST moral standards…and since this type of accusation has followed Richard around…I think his morals are at the “bottom of the barrel”….and Susan has NOT HOOKED UP with Ledbetter….because he defends her…that is “hooking” up? Get real….but since you brought him up…I suppose you think the Mayor didn’t have a vendetta against him? I can tell you, he had a vendetta against EVERYONE that testified against him at his last little incident with the city…THAT cost our city $12,000 because of his “skirt chasing” oh and not to mention that he LIED under oath…I have the court documents…morals you say….not so much!

  • Guest905

    How can anyone be expected to take your blog seriously when the first thing on it is a disclaimer stating that it is all a work of fiction? Did you file charges based on fictions knowingly? I’m pretty sure that’s a criminal act in itself. Or do you believe what you say to be true yet realize that it won’t hold up if you are charged with libel and seek to give yourself an out with your little disclaimer? I lean toward the second option, as you never name your bf or his lawyer and you removed all references to Judge Warren, I’m guessing all three after threats of more legal action against you. Either way it doesn’t make anything on that blog very believable

  • BSL taxpayer

    Would you please just dry up and blow away, your lies are repulsive as you. You did not like the results of your lies and now you cannot lie in the bed you have made. Poor you every body else is to blame you have no culpability over this. You have teamed up with Curtis Ledbetter so your credibility is completely null and void, he does not hang with the female species unless he is boinking them. You really need to keep better company if you are even considered to be an enncie bit credible. You have made fast friends with fired police officers Ledbetter and Ballree you are really pathetic and so are they. The liars club you fit in well with them.

  • satisfied citizen

    You have stated exactly how Ms Prater should have gone about her original grievance and still could today. However, she did not and I would predict, will not now. Why, because down deep inside she knows what the end result will be. The Bar would find her allegations against her attorney as unfounded and that would be the end of it. Well, the end of it, no matter what she says is not what she wants. The end would bring an end to all the drama and attention she is not getting. So, don’t hold your breath for her to download the forms and go the correct route to have her grievance(s) investigated. Again one could only surmise, it would be because she knows she has no grounds and it would be over.

  • LKGuestLK

    Ledbetter and Ballree? Isn’t this about White? The guy who preys on women?

  • Guest LK

    There you go with the Ledbetter thing again trying to take the focus off the man in the picture! Mercy, he must have really made you mad! Focus on the picture, man…..that’s what should be making you mad!

  • Guest what? Keegan

    Can anyone tell me what Ledbetter has to do with ANY of this? One would think this is all about him instead of the person in the mugshot……we see Ledbetter, Ballree, and so on through all of this and it’s supposed to be about the one who is charged with these sexual charges and needs to be stepping down from mayoral duties he hasn’t performed in three years!
    What has he done for BSL? Can anyone HONESTLY answer that? If his mind was on the city as solid as it is on things it shouldn’t be on, we’d have the richest, most popular city in the United States!!!!

  • Boat Lover

    This is another example of the David Regime and the reach it has. No media organization in town has ever taken a close look at the David Regime and how many cases they sweep under the rug. Problems in Leland, now this. One day the chips will fall. Until they do, the five counties under their control will need some real “special” prosecutors!

  • Guest2020

    If you have a District Attorney who puts the needs of his cronies above the needs of the public he was hired to serve, then that District Attorney needs to go. I hope that everyone in the 13th Judicial District will join me in electing someone else into this office when David comes up for re-election.

  • BSL resident

    I think that we should wait and see if the Mayor is found guilty or innocent before we judge him! I find it funny that Mr. Ledbetter complains about the Mayor being a womanizer considering he has been asked to quit several jobs (Brunswick nuclear plant security) for that exact reason. If you want Mayor White out has your mayor vote him out other wise support your city.

  • Guest lkeegan

    Oh, really? How many times has he been fired because he has tried to “force” a woman to be with him? Do you have proof he was asked to leave his job, any job, because he was a womanizer? We HAVE proof about White! Let’s see yours! It must hurt your neck real bad every time White has to sit down….better get your head out of there!!!

  • Guest2020

    There are so many reasons that we have a first amendment right to free speech and one of those reasons is that we are free to give our opinions on anything. By law, in the justice system, he is to be considered innocent until proven guilty, but in the court of public opinion we can think what we want to about him. I said it when things started heating up in Leland and I will say it again. Where there is smoke, there is fire. There are too many different allegations out there to assume that White is as innocent as a newborn baby. And that matter that settled out of court means that he took some measure of responsibility regarding those allegations.

  • Guest LK

    Isn’t this about White? I thought this was about the guy who has the mugshot. Let me look! Yes, I was right!! Well anyway, what happened with the petition?

  • Guest l.keegan

    Is it true there was a petition (to have White step down from mayor) handed to the commissioners at the meeting Tuesday evening? And, what happened to that?

  • Rusty

    Don’t know as I was not there but none of the press media made any statements to that effect so I have to believe the answer would be no. They did say one person stood up and called for him to resign but two others stood in his support and that brought about applause.

  • Guest987654321

    Give us one example where White has been “fired” for anything? He retired from Chief of Police and WWAY clearly stated that the resigned from the DA’s office. Check your facts.

  • Guest LK

    Sorry. Nothing I can do to dig up anything the crooked DAs office has hidden

  • Funny Gal

    Susan,you are really something. We all know this is your comment under a Guest name. After all, lol is your standard (e.g., Guest lol). Who else would reference your horrible blog. I guess if you didn’t use alias comments, no one else would write anything in support of you.

  • Guest lol

    This is the funniest picure of Richard White I’ve ever seen. Dont he look like a little cry baby. The ugly stick really whipped on him before this photo was taken….lets recap. He was reported by his own Police Officers in 2000 for sexually harrassing women in Boiling Spring Lakes. He had an affair and his ex-wife attacked the woman in 2007. In 2007 a Boiling Spring Lakes employee reported him for sexual battery against her. He has now been arrested for…….what ? Sexually Battery. At least he’s consistant in his efforts. Way to go Richard White you have made the citizens of Boiling Spring Lakes so proud of you, you have kept the spotlight on this little town. WTF….. I see that there are more coming forward. I hope you keep us in the lime light. Read this, this woman has met with the F.B.I. http://www.myoakislandadventure.blogspot.com Way to go Susan keep going. Maybe before its over Richard White will have a new office that someone else maintains the key. What a perv.. He’s the poster child for the saying….he’s so ugly that his mama had to tie a bone around his neck to get his dog to play with him. Wonder if he had this greasy comb over at birth…….

  • Guest LK

    Kinney? Ledbetter? Ballree? Merry? We are talking about Richard White, right? The one who has his mugshot on the news and all over? The skirt chaser? The one who women are afraid of?

  • cbmama

    How did you manage to throw Joan Kinney into this? Joan was one of the best Mayors B.S.L. has EVER had. I worked with Joan for several years, you obviously do not know Joan Kinney. She is a very fair person and every thing she did in office she did for the betterment of this city. Bet we can’t say that about the current mayor. By the way I am a full time resident and I can vote.

  • Guest LK

    I can swear to the fact that Susan doesn’t use different names when she writes here. Doesn’t take a brain at all to figure this out. Why would she be afraid to do that after the blog she has written? Are you stupid or what?????? Don’t put off to others what you’re doing yourself, idiot!

  • Silver Fox

    Someone DID ask for the Mayors resignation….one person lauded his partial return of the water assessment money and the third person felt that God should take care of this issue! WELL, God has NOT taken care of this issue and has left alot of women damaged over his actions under the “guise” of a officer of the law! My feeling is…he should be impecabile in his behavior toward women because he WEARS a badge…NEVER put a hand on them OR make sexual suggestions.
    I suppose YOU “think” his affair with his admin assistant was OK too…and that his “sexual” activity in HIS OFFICE was just a “man” thing…Oh, if you don’t believe it…I can give you the name of the woman that reported his “on the desk” adventures…oh, but I forgot, they were taken out of his file by the temporary city manager AND the newly promoted city clerk ….who just happened to be the HR person when that happened…and they BOTH lied under oath about the harrassment Richard caused the former city clerk….TRUTH!

  • Read it all in the paper

    According to the news report in the Star, one did in fact ask for his resignation and two others stood in his defence. The one asking for the resignation was INGORED IN TOTAL! The other two recieve accolades from those in attendance. Seems you are on the outside and all you have is noise and no support. Should we call the Wahhhhmbulance? Or, have you already done that? I think so as we can all hear it coming to you once again! Wha, wha, wha, wha!


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