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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says an overturned log truck shut down US 17 North at Brunswick Forest in Leland on Wednesday.

Reports from the scene are that the truck spilled its load across the northbound lanes. The truck hit another car on the passenger side, the driver was not injured and the injuries of the passenger are not known at this time.

Stay with WWAY for updates.

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  • They Should Be IQ Tested

    My wife just called. The cops have BOTH (only 2) entrances to Brunswick Forest blocked off. For no apparent reason. This is the same stupid groupthink that causes them to block off a whole lane of traffic to write a ticket or when they pull up behind someone.

    I’m sure they’re just trying to keep people from driving in (no where to go) but what about those of us who are just trying to go home? Why block off the other entrance?

  • Must Be A Genius!!!

    You sir, obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Before you are so quick to point out something you know nothing about I think you should take a deep breath and BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.

    Granted, they might not have needed to block off both entrances, but I am sure they had a very good reason. If you lived in the area all you needed to do is identify yourself and state your reason for needing immediate entry.

    As far as the other gross “stupidity” you refer to, you should pay attention to the news and use your internet to research how many officers and citizens have been killed during routine traffic stops by idiots who weren’t paying attention, were in a hurry to get home for no reason, or just plain stupid.

    You should also learn a little respect when you refer to the Men and Women who put their lives on the line everyday to protect you and your family. As I said before, you might have a legitimate gripe about the second entrance being closed but you lose all credibility when you begin by criticizing with no knowledge of the reasons involved.

    Thank you to our Military and all the First Responders for your sacrifices. I will never forget that “All Give Some and Some Gave All”.

  • Guesty1

    Might be trying to stay alive, it’s the law to change lanes anyway so why you need to be so close is beyond me. I shut down the lanes when I can, I would shut them both down if I could. Apparently you have not been standing by the road when a car blows by on their cell phone 3 feet from you.

  • guesty

    I like your choice of user name.


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