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GREENVILLE, NC (AP) — It’s another North Carolina election season and Jim Hunt is once again out peddling for votes.

This time the former four-term governor is spending the final weeks before Election Day working for President Barack Obama’s re-election bid on what’s called a “middle class listening tour.”

Hunt spent Friday in the living room of a Greenville home in a made-for-media conversation with residents about why the president is best suited to help middle-class families in North Carolina. He held a similar gathering last Friday in Raleigh.

The 75-year-old Hunt says he’s back on the campaign trail because he cares about North Carolina’s future.

Longtime Democratic consultant Brad Crone says it makes sense for Hunt to help Obama because he’s probably the Democrats’ most effective campaigner in North Carolina in a generation.

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1 Comment on "Ex-NC Gov. Hunt back again to campaign for Obama"

2015 years 10 months ago

I would like to take the time to say thank you mr hunt , at the age of 75 getting out to the great people of north carolina and letting them know that oabam cares , obama has faught and faught to get peopel back to work , and the republican party has try and try to stop him ,,, that means thay dont care about you ,, i heard over 3 yrs now that the unemployment rate has been over 8% now its under 8% and thats because obama has don it on his owen ,, but what do you think if the republicn party did pass that job bill act, the rate would be under 4% you see they are holding you up to get ahead in life !! with good paying jobs ,,, obama wants the port to run 24/7 in his job bill act, the port would be running 24/7 and the starteing pay would be $20 a hr or more ,, thay the republican’s stoped that ,, just like in burnswick county getting a tire co here and it would of hired over 1500 people , the republican stoped it and now Sen. Lindsey Graham has that in his state , and laughing at our state for not getting the deal , so you think about it when you vote , who you really want , a party of no ,, or a party who cares


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