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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — A low food inspection score left Brunswick County Senior Resources scrambling to find Meals on Wheels today.

Thursday, the Aramark-operated cafeteria in the Brunswick County Government Center got a 85.5 B score from the Health Department. That score is too low to serve the food handled in the facility.

The cafeteria supplies the food for the Brunswick Meals on Wheels program, which left the group that helps seniors in need looking for lunch.

“The seniors today were surprised with a pizza party,” Senior Resources Executive Director Brunswick County Jim Fish said. “We received the information yesterday sort of late in the afternoon, and our best course of action for today was to be able to order food from local restaurants.”

Fish says Meals on Wheels will get its daily meals from another catering company until the low score improves. He says the changes are just a part of the job.

“All it means really for us is that we have to put into place plan B,” Fish said. “Sometimes a facility may not have water, or there may be another problem. These things do happen from time to time. The key is we’re prepared for these types of things and that’s what we do.”

Fish says, no matter what, good, healthy meals will be delivered to the elderly in Brunswick County without fail. He says the cafeteria is working to clean up its act and have already taken steps to improve the rating so it can make the meals again soon.

The cafeteria also makes the meals for the Brunswick County Jail. The Sheriff’s Office says there is no rating system for inmate food, so it will continue to make those meals despite the low rating.

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  • George

    I’m writing from W. PA where many of our MOW programs are run by faith-based organizations using unpaid volunteers in meal preparation (albeit under paid professional supervision). I’ve never heard of one of our local MOW programs get less than satisfactory scores by our local health departments. It’s a shame that a commercial food prep company can’t provide properly and safely prepared meals.

  • family guy

    humans are humans..how dare u say anything else.. the bc jail is mostly child support and dwi. yes they have made bad decisions but should we feed them crap and call it a sundae . do you realize that we have over 200 elderly in this county that the only meal they receive is from meals on wheels.. guess that doesn’t matter.. save the taxpayers money.Your grandma is starving tonight because BILL SUE decided that bc didn’t need to be in the food business..I agree with feed the seniors.. bring brad back..

  • feed the seniors

    Someone needs to call Brad Babson and beg him to come back and fix this mess once again like he did 8 years ago.

  • justin

    So, the spanking new, fancy, corporate-operated dining facility couldn’t pass the muster? Well, well, well…

  • IDK

    employees human, but what about prisioner? Are they not human….smh

  • Guest111

    I guess employees fall into the same catagory as prisioners!

  • guesty

    They are criminals, which makes them less than human until the debt is paid in full.

  • county employee

    I notice nothing is said about the employees who eat there! I forgot its one of our benifits to have a cafeteria on the grounds. Even though with only 30 minutes for lunch where else can we go

  • David Call

    Here we go again. Lowest bidder gets job and then shows why with a below par job. Can’t get a Cadillac with a Volkswagon paycheck! When will the higher ups realize that, in order to have a good product, you have to pay a decent pay? CLOSE THE CAFETERIA! After this health score,,,,,,,there won’t be many people eating in this place! DAT I GUARONETEE!!!!! You thought you were losing money with the county employees???????? You now have mud on your face!!!! Sounds as if Fish thanks this is the norm! Lucky I’m not the County Manager,,,,,I’d show him the door for such degrading statements!


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