Butler addresses comments about Berger’s state of mind

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Submitted: Tue, 10/09/2012 - 3:11am
Updated: Tue, 10/09/2012 - 12:20pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — At a candidate forum Monday night hosted by 91.3fm WHQR, Democratic candidate for NC Senate District 9 Deb Butler addressed her recent comment at another debate, in which she referred to County Commissioner Brian Berger’s state of mind as “mentally challenged.”

“It’s clear to me that Commissioner Berger is not fit to serve,” Butler said. “He does not attend all of the meetings. He’s frequently late. He’s doing these late-night diatribes that accuse people of conspiracy. Again, the business of the people has to come first.”

Butler also said it may come down to passing legislation for a recall election to get the county back on track.


  • Guestwit says:

    Her comment says more about her -than about him. First, she shows her ignorance–in fact he shows up at more meetings than some of his associates. Second, Butler has not gotten over that she lost to him–like she will lose to goolsby. She alleges others are challenged–fact is so is she—she has been and no doubt will remain a “loser”.
    Shame on her- what a nasty, vile person!

  • Straight Shooter says:

    In fact if it wasn’t for Goolsby there to pull Berger out of many, if not all of his legal issues, Berger may have been long gone by now. We have to wonder who is financially supporting Berger now since he has no job and he has been kicked out of his house. Who is putting him up, does he still reside in New Hanover County?

  • PatriotMissile86 says:

    Getting past the misleading headlines, those who pay attention know Commissioner Berger has attended more meetings and spent less tax dollars the past two years than Rick Catlin, Barfield, Thompson or the former Davis. He travels largely at his own expense and has accumulated less in taxpayer funded travel and expenses than the snakes currently on the New Hanover County Board Ms. Butler desperately wanted to join. As a real estate attorney and social climber in the Wilmington Association of realtors County office was her hope to sustain her failing law practice. We’ve had it with these elected officials like Rick Catlin (Melissa Gott’s puppet master who knew about the fraud), Barfield (past Realtor Assoc. president), Jason Thompson, and don’t need more of the same as Deb Butler is proving to be as her disguises peel away.
    WWAY can’t resist attacking Brian Berger, stretching the truth and manipulating viewers in disgusting storytelling that belongs in tabloid. Real journalism would report facts not attack. I don’t hink Bian Berger is mentally challenged, he’s passionate and cares about people and the direction America is headed, and has been made to pay a hefty price for having a sense of right and wrong missing from today’s political and media elite (so close the media works in tandem with government in Wilmington, and WWAY never tells the true story behind its war on Commissioner Berger.
    Shame on you Deb Butler and wWAY. Commissioner Berger – Keep up the good work. Don’t stop fighting this corruption and please know tousands of taxpayers KNOW you are truly the voice of the citizen and though silent too often, we stand with you! I thank you for being the voice of reason and limited government with more courage and will than most people, for your sacrifices, your character.
    –Another “mentally challenged” New Hanover citizen sick of the corruption and waste

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    Though Ms. Butler is on the opposite end of my political spectrum, this is one comment and observation from her that I will totally agree. Perhaps if she should win, she should sponsor such legislation for re-call abilities here in North Carolina. With Mr. Goolsby’s relationship with Mr. Berger I am sure that would never be something he would do.

  • Straight Shooter says:

    There is one good thing you can do for this county Brian and that is to Leave, Leave, Leave!

  • Guestarticulatore says:

    C’mon now, Mr. Caster, you lost the election to Brian fair and square. Get over it.

  • Guest22 says:

    I think she’s a little confused, it’s not Brian, it’s Joe Biden.

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