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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As the battle for North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District seat continues, Rep. Mike McIntyre released a list of local leaders who support his reelection.

McIntyre says 75 percent of the mayors in the 7th District have endorsed him in his race against Republican David Rouzer.

Wrightsville Beach Mayor David Cignotti is one of the local leaders who showed his support today for the eight-term incumbent Democrat.

Both Cignotti and McIntyre say they believe in running a positive campaign. They also believe that the Congressman’s actions and long list of supporters speak for themselves.

“We’re trying to keep our message focused on ways we can help eastern North Carolina,” McIntyre said. “That’s always been what my focus has been, and that’s why we’re blessed, so blessed, with Democratic, Republican and independent support. That’s being shown in the polls that’s being shown with the mayors here today.”

Cignotti said, “I believe Congressman McIntyre just needs to let his record speak for itself. What he’s done stands out. And he has a long history of working hard for his constituents. I don’t believe he needs to get into the negative part of any campaigning.”

This afternoon, Rouzer campaign spokeswoman Jessica Wood responded.

“David has the endorsement of the North Carolina senators who represent counties in the 7th District, as well as endorsements from Mrs. Dorothy Helms and former Senators Elizabeth Dole and Lauch Faircloth,” Wood said in a statement. “Voters in the 7th District will ultimately decide which candidate is better prepared to represent them in Congress. And we believe this November voters will reject Congressman McIntyre and his 16 years of ineffective leadership in Washington and elect David Rouzer to represent them instead.”

Special interests are having a lot of say in this campaign, too. Politico reports $3 million of outside spending in the race. That’s fifth most of any Congressional contest in the country.

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  • Guest2020

    If all those mayors are like Wilmington’s mayor and BSL”s mayor then I wouldn’t put a whole lot of stock in their opinions.

  • Guest9743

    Maybe if Rouzer get elected, but he won’t, maybe he won’t bring damn dime of tax dollars back to help his district. Now, is that what you really want, a congressman that does nothing for his constituents, if so then you vote for him!!

  • Jim Legg

    How many of the Mayors were threatened with no more checks if they did not publically endorse him? You know the checks; funded with our hard earned money and signed by McIntyre. He needs to be sent home to Lumberton in November.

  • B M

    I’m sure they do, since he’s Obama’s right hand man and probably one of the top dogs when it come’s to blank checks and PORK BARREL spending, but what does that have to do when it comes to taxpayers asking Congress tyo reign in their spending? Mike keeps running around with those blank checks with “his name” in the signature line!, And what happened to a man was only good as his word, I believe McIntyre said if you elect me I will not be a career politician, 2 terms and I’m out, well 16 years later guess what?? And while we are on it, he harp’s on ILLEGAL immigration out one side of his mouth and yet in 16 years he hasn’t put up a fight for anything against it, kinda getting that feeling about this hound dog doesn’t hunt, and by the way, what has he done about the closures NOAA has put on the fisheries, lipservice, that’s what! And since we are on the subject, what has he himself done about anything that really affects our lives day to day like tax’s, fuel cost, ethanol fuel, grocery price’s, etc… I’ll tell you what NOTHING!!!!!

  • taxpayer

    is whether 50.001% of those voting support him on election day. I don’t give a rat’s behind whether a mayor or group of mayors support him. The majority of us don’t support our mayor…at least here in Wilmington. That will be evident on election day when the ballpark bond goes down in flames.

  • Erlkoenig

    Freeloaders support SlackIntyre. Big shock.

  • guesty

    75% of the local mayors are incompetent.


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