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ASHEVILLE, NC (AP) — North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue says vetoing a bill that would have required photo identification to vote at the polls is one of her proudest accomplishments as governor.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported that Perdue made the comments at a Democratic Party women’s breakfast in Asheville over the weekend. She argued that more than 1 million people would have been disenfranchised if the 2011 bill had become law.

Republicans voter ID supporters say it would prevent voting fraud and the number of displaced voters is overblown.

Perdue also told the 300 people that political ads calling North Carolina broken are not true.

Republican gubernatorial nominee Pat McCrory says he’ll fix the state’s broken government and economy. Perdue is not seeking re-election this fall.

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    This sorry excuse for human debris can’t get thrown out fast enough. You know what this is…why democrats fight against someone showing proof of registration and citizenship. It’s about getting elected NO MATTER THE COST. Sovereignty means nothing to liberals. They want votes from kids, dead people, animals, illegals, etc. Then second coming of the landslide is coming in about 3 weeks. Perdue, Hussein Obama and all their ilk will be sent packing and hopefully we’re not to far gone in this country to save it.

  • guesty

    But these same people the dimocrats fear will be disenfranchised have no problem showing ID when signing up for welfare and all the other “free” government goodies.

    “She argued that more than 1 million people would have been disenfranchised if the 2011 bill had become law.”

    And we can expect close to 2 million votes to come from those 1 million people.

  • Guest123

    What harm would it have done. It should be a requirement. You need more than photo ID for welfare and medical care; how about a driver’s license? What’s the problem with having one for elections. Probably will be resubmitted and pass after the election.


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