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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s time again for Pleasure Island to shell out some seafood, blues and jazz fun.

The 19th Annual Pleasure Island Seafood, Blues and Jazz Festival kicks off this weekend at Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area in Kure Beach. It’s two days of live jazz and blues performances on two stages, and some of the best seafood the area has to offer.

Greg Allman is headlining this year, and the festival is expected to bring out a real crowd, including many tourists, outside of peak tourist season.

It’s all happening at 11 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday, and Good Morning Carolina anchor Ashley Jacobs sat down with Mike Worley with the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce to get a sneak peak of the festival fun.

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  • I went to the first few festivals, back when they were out in the parking lot instead of down by the water, and they were so much funner back then. Hayrides, petting zoos,amusement rides, homemade Halloween decorations, food, music, etc. etc. I can’t even remember it all, but I do know it was only a few dollars back then. Over the course of the next several years, they would take one thing away each year, and add five dollars more to the cost. Now it is maybe 25 dollars and up and only food and music. Its awful how money ruins everything.

  • Guest461

    Sorry you’ve gotten your feathers ruffled over the cost of concert tickets. Remember though, if you want to complain about something substantial, write The annointed one about your escalating fuel costs and ask why we keep encouraging illegal aliens to invade our country, health care system and our economy.

    The Pleasure Island Seafood, Jazz and Blues festival was never intended to be a kiddie park of petting zoos, donkey rides and ferris wheels. It is an adult venued music event that has grown tremendously over the years. We had Leon Russell last year and have the infamous Greg Allman performing this year with an expected early sellout.

    Money hasn’t ruined anything except for people like you that want top shelf performance, baby sitting and “Riverfest craft junk” all for the price of a couple of bucks. This is going to be a great time with a lot of great activities and music, so if you can just settle down, hire a baby-sitter and want to see some great adult musical entertainment, shuck out your 40 clams like everyone else and come join us. Just leave your attitude at the baby-sitters.
    PS – Just a reminder, don’t expect the baby sitter to be satisfied with 50 cents an hour and a 35 cent tip. Times are changing, remember?

  • Guest461

    Make a note here. It’s named the “Pleasure Island Seafood, Jazz and Blues Festival” Pleasure Island is inclusive of Fort Fisher and Kure Beach. The Carolina Beach Chamber of Commerce is the organizational entity responsible for the majority of the event to include volunteer coordination and scheduling, ticket sales, admission, security, parking, vendor coordination, etc. That’s one heck of a lot of work where the planning began last year. They should take credit!

  • Xtreme Campers of High Point Nc will be on location with several Lance Truck Campers on Display…..Come on by and see how nice the campers are, Camp Anywhere, Camp Anytime !

  • Brent

    Such a shame that official’s from CB and the DOT could not plan a better weekend for the festival. With someone like Greg Allman coming it could have been the largest ever. But if the bridge closing is like last time. I would not wait 4 hours to cross the bridge if Elvis came back from the dead and was performing.

  • Guest 10101

    The festival is ALWAYS held on this weekend in October.

    By the way, although CB likes to take credit for it (check out the sign as you’re driving onto PLeasure Island), the festival is actually held in Kure Beach / Fort Fisher.

  • ChefnSurf

    461 wasn’t simply highlighting; he was being rude to 95402-349058 for no apparent reason. 95402-349058 simply said he/she regretted the old prices and the old festival. The snide response was uncalled for. Rude posters sometimes get rude responses. Too bad.

    Your analogy with the Cadillac, while well intentioned, misses the point. I was merely observing that admission prices were increasing at a rate exponentially higher than the general rate of inflation. Facts are facts …

    House, auto, shoes … used simply to convey a word picture of a guy I percieved as having an unecessarily elitist perspective. I’m all for considering another person’s opinion. My “full on” response was a response to the response 461 gave to 95402-349058.

    On 4/20/2012 some other poster once wrote “He’s a nice guy if you happen to like short, round, fat, big-mouthed buffoons that for some odd reason, happen to think they’re important”. I believe that was you.

    Sometime others just rub us the wrong way. Oh well.

  • Hold on, wait. WHO is it that needs to leave their attitude at the babysitters? Right, that’s what I thought. Better yet, with your horrendous juvenile disgusting attitude, why don’t YOU stay home with your ugly frown and pout around your own house.

  • ChefnSurf

    “Whiners”? … “Gotten your feathers ruffled”? … “If you want to complain”, (you’ll tell someone else what to complain about)? … “Just settle down”? … “Don’t expect the babysitter to be satisfied with 50 cents an hour”?

    Who died and left you in charge of how everyone else should feel? Did that person also tell you to act like a smug elitist prig if you disagree with someone else’s opinion?

    I’ve been going to the festival for many years now and always enjoy it but there’s no disputing the fact that the cost of admission has gone up at a rate way above the inflationary cost of living. All food and beverages must also be purchased exclusively from inside vendors at rates generally disproportionate with their normal price of sale as well.

    The festival used to emphasize community and a celebration of the end of summer by people who, in many cases, knew one another. Your post indicates that you have no clue as to the festival’s original intentention. All you really care about is what you intend it to be; a “concert” or “adult venued music event”, not a “festival”. If your infant isn’t in designer toddler wear or you wind up listening to a band or performer that doesn’t have national recognition, it’s impossible for someone like you to find any value there. Quality becomes defined as something that has a brand name attached to it. It must be difficult for you to enjoy the value of something like a sunrise or a sunset. How could you with no designer label prominently attached?

    Just because you’ve screwed up your own value system is no reason to be rude to others. That’s your problem, not everyone else’s.

  • ChefnSurf

    Anyone who takes the time to brag about how much money they spend is an elitist prig.

    Anyone who’s dumb enough to not realize that a food and beverage professional can have a financially rewarding as well as an aesthetically rewarding career at the same time is an elitist prig.

    Anyone who interprets “there’s no disputing the fact that the cost of admission has gone up at a rate way above the inflationary cost of living” as whining is an elitist prig.

    Hey, it’s not our fault that you come across as a guy who bought his house at the top of the real estate bubble and thinks it’s worth more than his neighbor’s because he paid more for it. It’s not our fault that you come across as a guy who wears elevator shoes to see himself better when he preens in the mirror. It’s not our fault that you come across as a guy who drives a Dodge Viper with a very long hood to compensate for his “shortcomings”. It’s your computer’s fault. It forced you to write what you did.

    You’re right, I have no idea what your value system is.

    Second thought, based upon your two posts, I do. My condolences.

    Look forward to seeing you at the festival. I’ll be the one enjoying the entire festival, not just the stuff with a brand name on it.

  • Guesttenheimer

    It appears you are the one with serious self esteem problems. Guest 461 is simply highlighting some valid points showing that some people just want everything for free or expect 25 year old prices for current day product. Everything is going sky high these days to include the very basics that families need for sustenance, much less the luxury of entertainment. I’m personally unaware af any 2012 Cadillacs available at 1976 prices. If you need a 2012 and want a Cadillac, the wants come second so get yourself a 2012 Kia so you can make it to work. Facts are facts…

    He didn’t brag about his money or even state how much he made. He never mentioned anything about his house, his neighbors, his automobile or even his shoes. You’ve done an excellent job of portraying yourself as one who lacks depth, self-confidence and the flexibility to consider another persons opinion without appearing quite angry and disenchanted. Seems to me that you are the one that needs “condolances”. You certainly have mine.

    Now, would you please just sit down, shut up and go enjoy the show?

  • Guesttenheimer

    …perfesshunull “food and beverage” person. I don’t read anything at all professional about you or your posts.
    We all regret to see that prices have escalated, but that’s no reason to complain and insinuate that you or anyone else deserve to get them cheaper or to beat down a popular and growing local event.

    Besides, have you designated yourself as the “poster heroine, come to the rescue” kinda guy? It seems you just have a nasty attitude, a somewhat bent “perception” and some sort of delusional fantasy that you just may be correct. NOT!!!

    Please take a big hint at the last sentence of my last post. We’ve all heard enough of you and your soap-box preaching.

  • Guest461

    Looks like your feathers are ruffled a bit too! I realize that too much time in KP duty will make one edgy and judgemental. But allow me to explain a few basic issues so you may re-focus your obvious anger and call names where they are deserved.
    First, you have absolutely no idea about my “value system” or what “values” I may enjoy…a totally off-the-cuff remark.
    Second, you whine about ticket prices by stating, “the cost of admission has gone up at a rate way above the inflationary cost of living. All food and beverages must also be purchased exclusively from inside vendors at rates generally disproportionate with their normal price of sale as well.” Really now? So when is a concert an essential element that has to coincide with inflation? When is the last time you filled your car up for 25 dollars, when is the last time you walked out of the grocery store with three bags for under 30 dollars or bought a gallon of milk for 2 bucks? When is the last time you went to the doctor and got out with a 10 dollar copay? When is the last time you had a decent dinner out with a few cocktails for less than a 100 dollars? It’s been one heck of a long time since you’ve seen any of these! My visit to “Riverfest” cost me 8 dollars for a lemonade and 8 dollars for a plate of chips. My last attendance at a Paul McCartney concert cost me 250 dollars.
    Third, I’m not a “elitist PRIG” as you state, but I do make good money and don’t bit*h and whine about spending a little for decent, local entertainment venues that frankly appear as a bargain in comparison to the essential daily rip-offs in which I’m forced to participate.
    So keep on peeling there Cookie. If you don’t make enough money to enjoy yourself with our local events, consider trimming down your “cut-down” style posting time here and go get a second job cleaning hotel rooms or something where you can at least make a little money rather than complain. One more thing. If you want to pacify your kids desires, take them to Myrtle Beach for the carnival rides, petting zoos and taffy stores. They probably won’t have all of that at the Pleasure Island Seafood, Jazz and Blues Festival.
    they will also likely NOT have appreciation for good music and long time artists like Greg Allman. This festival has grown to be much more than a “locals only” celebration. This is what happens when something is “successful” (take a lesson here). The people that put this event on, organize the volunteers, gather the sponsors and recruit the entertainment have done a wonderful job over the years and is testament to its successful growth. I look forward to even more in the future!

  • Guest Driver

    Remember the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge will be CLOSED! Those coming from the north via US 421, use I-140 to I-40 and head south on College Road.


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