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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization will hold three meetings this month on an ongoing project to develop a network of collector streets to help manage traffic in the city.

“What a collector street does is it helps to move traffic throughout the community,” WMPO Executive Director Mike Kozlosky said. “An example is Rogersville Road that links Wrightsville Avenue with Eastwood Road.”

One collector option is to use Sunset Park as a collector between River Road and Carolina Beach Road. Residents there do not welcome the change.

“Quiet and not much traffic unless there is a wreck or something on Carolina Beach Road, and they route it this way, and it’s terrible,” Sunset Park resident Michael Stump said.

“We’re in an historic neighborhood, and we’re going to ruin the historic side of the neighborhood now? This is why people came here,” neighbor David Tollefson said. “We’re all just working class people we just want to live a nice quiet life.”

The change would bring traffic. The WMPO will decide if it is just residential or commercial; meaning whether commercial trucks would be allowed in the neighborhood.

Some residents have their own solution.

“They need to finish what they started,” Sunset Park resident Don Burton said. “They need to finish the bypass. If they do that, we won’t have this problem.”

Signs are posted, announcing three meetings about the collector street plan. The purpose is to present to the community the findings of public feedback through workshops and comments.

“What we’re trying to do is solve a problem,” Kozlosky said. “We hear on a continuous basis that traffic is an issue, so providing these alternative routes will help to alleviate congestion on the main arterials.”

The first meeting on the collector streets is tonight at 6 p.m. at First Baptist Church Activity Center behind Independence Mall on Independence Blvd. Tonight’s meeting focuses on the Glen Meade/Country Club area.

The next meeting is Wednesday at 6 p.m. In the City Council Chambers at City Hall. It will focus on the Sunset Park/Woodlawn area.

The final meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 18 at 6 p.m., focusing on the College Acres/Hillsdale area. It’s at the New Hanover County Training Room at 230 Government Center Drive.

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  • Kelly L

    After attending the public meetings I can not see the logic of the plan. To me it looks like the city is willing to ruin one of its cherished historic neighborhoods just so people can get fast food and auto parts a bit quicker. This could destroy all of the hard work homeowners have put towards revitalizing Sunset Park. It will be a terrible mistake!

  • GuestVader

    I don’t think the residents own the streets, so it is not their call.

  • Guest2020

    First of all, is it “connector” like the headline says or is it “collector” like the article says?

    Secondly, would those who are making these kinds of decisions want traffic to be routed through their neighborhood to the extent that they are wanting to do to the residents of Sunset Park? My guess is that they would not.

    Does there even need to be a road to connect River Road to Carolina Beach Road? After all, isn’t that what Shipyard Boulevard does?

  • jj

    You are correct we don’t own the streets. However, would you want traffic increased on the street you live own? Do you have kids that play in your yard and streets? If so this would be a danger to them running and playing. It is funny they stopped the truck traffic from going through 3rd street because of the amount and noise, but it is OK to do it else where.

  • kelly l

    You are correct, the residents certainly do not have the final call because if they did the plan would have been shut down long ago. But do not forget that the city has invited the public to voice their opinions and concerns.

  • Guester

    I have a feeling if they make my street a collector street at least it would be moved up the priority list for repairs & sidewalks.

  • Cynthia

    Check out the already designated collector streets. See if you can find any sidewalks. You can sure find speeding drivers!

  • Das Weibstück

    I think we should make Drysdale Dr. and Pembroke Jones connector streets too. Make it easier for people trying to get from Military Cutoff to the beach !!

    Do you think the citizens of Landfall would like that?

  • Guestpbsgirl

    Collector streets and TREE meetings to figure about collecting all this traffic flow!!!!??? Good editing, there. Don’t post this, just fix the editing errors and retrain your people about proofreading, it is an insult to the reader to not be absolutely perfect in your writings.

  • craver

    “The Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization will hold tree meetings this month on an ongoing project to develop a network of collector streets to help manage traffic in the city.”

    The better find some big TREES!


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