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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Last week New Hanover County Commissioners questioned the residency of the Republican Party’s nominee to fill an empty seat on the board. But the residency of current County Commissioner Brian Berger is also in question.

Commissioner Berger’s home was foreclosed on in May. Since then, the Republican has listed a PO box with the county as his permanent address.

We learned that Berger may be living in this house on Dock and 8th Streets in Wilmington. When we went by the house today, Berger drove up and then drove off when he saw us.

We reached out to Berger, but he refused to come back to the house and talk. He did, however, respond by text messages, but he would not answer questions directly.

When we asked Berger point blank if he is staying at the house, he texted back in part:

“Transparency and accountability are minimal or in need of serious improvement in matters that impact peoples lives and families, and use of ‘transparency’ to pry into the most intimate details of mine or anyone else’s personal lives, family members, underwear color, is a really dumbed-down, paparazzi gossip-notion of ‘transparency.’ In fact, its (sic) not transparency at all… its (sic) coordinated smear tactics with little or no basis in public policy or public discourse. Anytime (sic) you want to talk policy, transparency people care about and are affected by, and not harass me about my blanket color, I will give u straight answers.”

Berger was one of the commissioners who last week asked the GOP to verify if commission hopeful Melissa Gott lived within the county. He also recommended two other people for the job. When we brought that up to Berger, he avoided the question.

The home on 8th and Dock Streets has a lock box on the door, but it is not listed for sale.

Berger said he was in the process of moving this week and that many of his personal items were stolen when his home was foreclosed.

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  • Gramps1945

    Maybe he can go live with Ricky Meeks. Maybe what would solve Ricky’s “depression”, would be for him to get a job. Any intelligent, young, able-bodied, person, who refuses to work, and feels entitled to ride on taxpayers back, has every right to feel “depressed”.

    Many of us work hard at K&W, and HarrisTeeter. We contribute. We are not fat, lazy, hams, hamming it up, and showing off, at public events. Brian’s misfortunes should not be amplified. He made a few mistakes, and has had the rug pulled out from under him, a time or two.

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