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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Last week New Hanover County Commissioners questioned the residency of the Republican Party’s nominee to fill an empty seat on the board. But the residency of current County Commissioner Brian Berger is also in question.

Commissioner Berger’s home was foreclosed on in May. Since then, the Republican has listed a PO box with the county as his permanent address.

We learned that Berger may be living in this house on Dock and 8th Streets in Wilmington. When we went by the house today, Berger drove up and then drove off when he saw us.

We reached out to Berger, but he refused to come back to the house and talk. He did, however, respond by text messages, but he would not answer questions directly.

When we asked Berger point blank if he is staying at the house, he texted back in part:

“Transparency and accountability are minimal or in need of serious improvement in matters that impact peoples lives and families, and use of ‘transparency’ to pry into the most intimate details of mine or anyone else’s personal lives, family members, underwear color, is a really dumbed-down, paparazzi gossip-notion of ‘transparency.’ In fact, its (sic) not transparency at all… its (sic) coordinated smear tactics with little or no basis in public policy or public discourse. Anytime (sic) you want to talk policy, transparency people care about and are affected by, and not harass me about my blanket color, I will give u straight answers.”

Berger was one of the commissioners who last week asked the GOP to verify if commission hopeful Melissa Gott lived within the county. He also recommended two other people for the job. When we brought that up to Berger, he avoided the question.

The home on 8th and Dock Streets has a lock box on the door, but it is not listed for sale.

Berger said he was in the process of moving this week and that many of his personal items were stolen when his home was foreclosed.

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  • Gramps1945

    Maybe he can go live with Ricky Meeks. Maybe what would solve Ricky’s “depression”, would be for him to get a job. Any intelligent, young, able-bodied, person, who refuses to work, and feels entitled to ride on taxpayers back, has every right to feel “depressed”.

    Many of us work hard at K&W, and HarrisTeeter. We contribute. We are not fat, lazy, hams, hamming it up, and showing off, at public events. Brian’s misfortunes should not be amplified. He made a few mistakes, and has had the rug pulled out from under him, a time or two.

  • Guest235

    Who gives a rats ass where he is living? Only TV 3 would find this news. It has always been said that only bad news is worth reporting and your station has proven this.

  • Guest123

    You missed the point by a football field. The play in question is where does Berger live. He must be a resident of New Hanover county. Why do you think this is bad news? No one did or said anything wrong. Berger constantly puts himself in the news, it’s where he wants to be. (Or else he’d stay low and out of the public eye).

  • Guest270

    I can’t agree more Guest235. TV3 has really gone downhill the past few years. Its a sorry brand of reporting that has no class nor tact. There’s more to being a good news organization than stirring the pot time and again with stories like this. I for one am completely disgusted with TV3. Back to WECT I go.

  • fastpitch

    I would like to know the 2 names Berger put in nomination for Davis’ seat .

  • Wilmington Observer

    I was under the impression that this “report” was about Brian Berger not Derrick Hickey.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Guestalhjalkjlf

    Brian Berger seemed to offer promise for change. Unfortunately, once elected to office very public personal problems turned his stint in office into a circus. With Brian, voters did not learn of his personal problems until after his elections. With Derrick Hickey, news reports have given us a good idea of what we can expect.

    Hickey’s wife buys Redenbaughs website:
    According to WWAY news reports Hickey credits his wife Catherine with buying fellow school board member Elizabeth Redenbaughs website when it expired. The reason? Spite. Redenbaugh deserved it. She had ticked Hickey off and it was essentially payback. Regardless of the reason, a slimy move by anyone’s standards.

    Hickey claimed an endorsement an elected official said he didn’t have:
    According to new reports Hickey mailed out political ads claiming the endorsement of some local elected officials, one of which was county commissioner Rick Catlin. Catlin said he didn’t endorse any of the county commissioner candidates in the primary. The other primary candidates understood that. Catlin tried to give Hickey an easy way out commenting that there was apparently a misunderstanding. Hickey decided to throw Catlin under a bus stating specifically that Catlin had endorsed him, essentially calling Catlin a liar. Catlin denies the claim.

    Hickey attempted to dig up dirt on fellow republican candidates:
    This was not reported in the press, but Hickey spent some time trying to dig up dirt on fellow republican candidates and emailed it out to the press. His hope of course was that his efforts would harm the other republican candidates. Emails had biased information dating back 20 years, long before Hickey ever moved to town, and on topics he had very little knowledge of.

    Based on news reports about Hickey, it will not be politics as usual, but dirty politics. It’s win at all cost. Actions speak louder than words, and based on whats been reported, Hickey will be a prescription for more trouble. Whatever the case, you definitely don’t want to get in his way.

  • Wilmington Observer

    I am not a fan of Mr. Berger. However, if I were the reporter who attempted to verify his residency and this was the best that I could come up with, I would have been embarrassed to let this air or be posted on the station’s .com

    Wilmington Observer

  • Guestmitt

    He’s forced transparency and he isnt lining his pockets like so many others have. A saint he aint–but better meaning than the garbage around him. We now see our budgets- and at least we get to vote on BB- unlike the convention center–or that too would have been rammed through with little notice or caring about the publics feelings or needs. To heck with his haters—

  • Guesty 1

    How you ask…. why he waved the “Tea Party” flag and everybody lined up behind him like he was the Pied Piper of Wilmington. He is the poster child for the lunitic fringe. One of his biggest supporters was radio blabber-mouth Curtis Wright who has since been fired and run off the airwaves.

  • Kelly

    How is this mental patient in public office?

  • GuestMan.

    If you’re implying Brian Berger is the reason that we get to vote on the ballpark, then you are as crazy as he is.

  • Peyton Garrett

    Thank you Brian for you comment. You are truly the champion of transparency. In fact, if you were any more transparent, you would be invisible and that is what this county needs. From the looks of your new residence, you have decorated the outside just like your old house, littered with trash. Hurry before the trash truck arrives, stuff yourself in a box and they can carry you away with the rest of the garbage. Then YOU will be transparent.

  • Guester

    same difference

  • Guest1234567890

    I completely agree with you, he may have some issues but really who doesn’t. His are just more public because he is always in the public eye. He is just like most of us, just a regular guy trying to live a regular life. He is going thru what a lot of Americans are going thru. losing your job, house foreclosed on. I think we need more normal everyday people on the board not these citizens that think they are better than others with their money.

  • B M

    You know, Berger has his quirks but of all the people representing New Hanover he is one of the people that most relates to everyday life for the general population, say what you want, strange? but he’s not a big environmentalist like , Catlin, nor is a big shot lawyer or real estate guy, nor is he a Saffo gold spoon fed guy, he’s just a regular person, trying to get thru life, pay his bills and move on, that scares most, he doesn’t dream of CONVENTION centers BALLPARKS paid for by taxpayers that don’t want them, he get’s stuck in traffic jams the same as we do everyday coming from Leland to 74, if he were mayor for the last 10 years then maybe New Hanover and the city of Wilmington would have a solution to their roads instead of an empty convention center and a soon to be ballpark!

  • blossom958

    I agree with you. Berger knows just what to say and do with his life. The man is beyond mental illness, but he definitely knows how to keep running!!!

  • antoinette

    The real point is that Gott is a democrat and that wway is trying to divert the questions about her residency to those of brian berger. wouldn’t it be more to recent events if wway were to stake out the house on chestnutt to see if gott leaves at 5 pm or if she’s there all night?

    all this says to me is that a) gott doesn’t live on chestnutt and b( she’s a democrat registered as a republican.

  • Dick

    First of all Gott is a Republican…and Brian, well…they both are dishonest.

  • Peyton Garrett

    I swear you almost need a translator to get through a Bergerism. I can read his quotes 5 times and still find myself saying, what the hell did he just say? He is a challenge. He could keep a psycho analyst busy for years.

  • Guest2769

    “We learned that Berger may be living in this house on Dock and 8th Streets in Wilmington”. Wilmington is in New Hanover County………… end of story.

  • Guest2769

    I dismissed a comment about this story being an attempt to deflect some attention away from the Gott residency issue. I noticed when posting my previous comment that their was no captcha. Strange…. would you not want to verify comments to all stories?


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