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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Candidates for New Hanover County Commission will face off for another forum tomorrow. They’ll meet at 10 a.m. at the New Hanover County Senior Resources Center next to Hoggard High School at the corner of S. College Road and Shipyard Blvd.

The forum will be aired from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on our sister station RTV. On Time Warner Cable, RTV is channel 106, on ATMC, channel 903, on Charter Cable, channel 145 and over-the-air at 3.2.

WWAY NewsChannel 3 is sponsoring the forum along with the Volunteer Older Citizens Action League (VOCAL).

WWAY Political Editor Kevin Wuzzardo will moderate the forum and ask questions of the candidates during the first half of the forum. The second half of the event will include questions submitted from members of the audience.

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  • Guestfgsdfdgaf

    Brian Berger seemed to offer promise for change. Unfortunately, once elected to office very public personal problems turned his stint in office into a circus. With Brian, voters did not learn of his personal problems until after his elections. With Derrick Hickey, news reports have given us a good idea of what we can expect.

    Hickey’s wife buys Redenbaughs website:
    According to local news reports Hickey credits his wife Catherine with buying fellow school board member Elizabeth Redenbaughs website when it expired. The reason? Spite. Redenbaugh deserved it. She had ticked Hickey off and it was essentially payback. Regardless of the reason, a slimy move by anyone’s standards.

    Hickey Claimed an Endorsement Elected official said he didn’t have:
    According to new reports Hickey mailed out political ads claiming the endorsement of some local elected officials, one of which was county commissioner Rick Catlin. Catlin said he didn’t endorse any of the county commissioner candidates in the primary. The other primary candidates understood that. Catlin tried to give Hickey an easy way out commenting that there was apparently a misunderstanding. Hickey decided to throw Catlin under a bus stating specifically that Catlin had endorsed him, essentially calling Catlin a liar.

    Hickey attempted to dig up dirt on fellow republican candidates:
    This was not reported in the press, but Hickey spent some time trying to dig up dirt on fellow republican candidates and emailed it out to the press. His hope of course was that his efforts would harm the other candidates. Emails with biased articles dating back 20 years, long before he ever moved to town, and on topics he had very little knowledge of.

    Based on news reports about Hickey, it will not be politics as usual, but dirty politics. Its win at all cost. Actions speak louder than words, and based on whats been reported, Hickey could be a prescription for more trouble. Whatever the case, you definitely don’t want to get in his way.

  • Modusoperandi

    I guess buying the Redenbaugh website was legal, but it is sleazy. Squatting must be in their DNA.

    I live near Doctor Hickey and his wife off Greenville Loop Road. They don’t give a rip about what they do to their neighbors or have any concerns for the safety of nearby residents whatsoever. Last year they built a fence on their property that closed off access to fire hydrants, water valves and sewer lines in violation of the ordinances. There is apparently an ongoing investigation, but I’m not sure if it is the City because of the fire hydrant or Cape Fear Utilities.

    That’s how the Hickey’s roll, I guess. So, if he doesn’t care about the laws the rest of us have to follow, you think it is going to get better when he is a commissioner?

  • ari

    That Beth Dawson lady is a real flake. I’ve listend to the forums and her only argument for being on the County Commission is that she has a vagina. I heard that’s why she stirred the pot to keep Gott off the Commission because then she couldn’t use the woman angle any longer.

    I’d like to know more about her views on issues, but her answers are so rambling and incoherent that she makes Berger look smart. She doesn’t have the brain power to do the job.


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