CFPUA CEO gets raise, contract extension

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Submitted: Wed, 10/10/2012 - 8:11pm
Updated: Wed, 10/10/2012 - 8:42pm

WILMINGTON, NC (STARNEWSONLINE.COM) — The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority Board Wednesday voted unanimously to extend CEO Matt Jordan’s contract, a document that included a roughly 3.73-percent pay raise.

The contract takes effect Jan. 1, at which point Jordan’s salary will increase from $162,500 to $168,560.

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  • Guest2020 says:

    It is things like this that make me glad that I no longer live in Wilmington. I really hate what the local governments over there are doing to my beloved hometown.

  • taxpayeriam says:

    Before for you vote look at how is on the board that gave him the raise.
    The same ones that ok’d the rate increases.

  • CFPUA Victim says:

    Why not? Spend it and add it to our bill. What are we going to do? Not like we have any say over who runs the place and they know it.

    What a short memory we have. Jordan took a raise not longer after he was hired knowing his employees were getting stiffed and not getting raises. Why not take another?

    The fact is the CFPUA is a third layer of government and has the ability to spend money and raise taxes(what it calls rates) with absolutely no accountability to voters. It’s a hybrid government entity with the powers of both a corporation and a government body. By law the CFPUAs spending and rates are not by any other government body.

    This is the newest government trend. We take what were taxes and turn them into bills from government corporations like CFPUA. As we sit back with our heads in the sand government organization like this will continue to pop up.

    Of course Jordans got a grin on his face, he’s one of the highest paid government officials in the county. He knows he’s untouchable and we have no say over who runs the CFPUA or what he’s paid.

  • Guest11 says:

    another reason to raise rates again

  • Guest Reply says:

    All I know is this…we pay around $10 per billing period to CFPUA for storm drainage maintenance (a clean up crew to clean out the drains in our neighborhood). We never see them come through doing that. Go figure.
    Like Gramma used to say…”I blame all that is wrong in today’s world with them landing on the Moon”!
    Might as well…no one else will fess up to it :-(

  • geneslady says:

    Why not blame Bush? Barry’s been doing it for 3 1/2 years and gets away with it! Hopefully not for long!

  • DonWrong says:

    That Storm water fee is collected on behalf of the City and sent to the City for their Storm Water Department … that issue is with them. As for this pay raise AND MONTHLY $$…can’t help but wonder why he gets a bigger cost of living raise then the real employees at CFPUA?

  • Guest500 says:

    The $10 you pay for storm drainage maintenanceis to the City of Wilmington, not to the CFPUA. They bill for it with water and sewer because that was the way it was billed in the city prior to the formation of the athority. They do not provide storm drain maintenance.

  • Goose says:

    The city is responsible for storm drainage. The CFPUA just collects the money on their behalf.

  • guesty says:

    The fee for the storm drainage is great when we get a decent rain and New Center Dr, parts of College Rd and Racine Dr flood. Yep, that is some good drainage.

  • URUniformed says:

    is a City of Wilmington charge/service for their maintenance. CFPUA has to bill that and trash per the original interlocal agreement. The COW is going to increase that charge, too…and you and the rest will scream about it and blame CFPUA…but that ain’t their deal.

    If you have complaints about lack of stormwater maintenance…or lack thereof…that how the City rolls!

  • Dude1 says:

    Does that include season box tickets to the new baseball stadium?

  • Don Wrong says:

    So I see that Christoper Coudriet, New Hanover County Manager makes $155,000 and oversees 1,500 full-time employees, while the CFPUA CEO oversees a staff of around 315 employees and makes $168,560, with a $6,000 a year “appearance” fee. Yeah that sounds about right. NOT

  • Guest6969696969 says:

    This *CEO* has earned a 3.5 increase, in pay while I’m setting here, in a “newer” home OUT of the ghetto, (eg” Long Leaf Park)…
    Now I’m looking @ a 409.00 water bill…For 2 months, with NO LEAKS in My home…..
    2 people, getting to the point were We are *AFRAID* to even take a bath!
    Whats wrong with this picture?
    WWAY contact Me if you don’t believe….

    I’ve ALSO got strom water “run-off” fee?
    The grade FALLS from the road too My home, I “collect” ALL the “Storm water” in My yard…
    I’m “charged” a storm water fee? WUT!!!!!!
    I’ve supposed to “used” over 50K+ gallon(s) of water in My HOME—> here? HUH! Something stinks, in the Computer billing system….(Still)

  • CFPUA PR says:

    CFPUA provides water and sewer services to customers. Although CFPUA manages billing for Storm Water and Trash, these services fall under the City of Wilmington. CFPUA does not manage nor are we responsible for cleaning out storm drains.

  • pissed says:

    What a crock,there needs to be an investigation into this whole thing,did I not hear a while back that CFPU was having finacial issues of some sort again!and than had to hire an outside company to oversee managemnet,all these story’s are starting to raise alot of questions,when it cost more for water than it does for electricity there is a problem and I dont think its becuase of drought,or storm drains or hiring issues, I think its plain and simple greed and extortion made legal by the fat cats who are reaping the profits becuase they keep getting away with it.

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