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RALEIGH, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — The NC Department of Transportation will close all lanes on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge in Wilmington this weekend from 8 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 12, until 5 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 15.

Overnight closures will continue this week so crews can prepare the bridge for the weekend closure. The bridge is scheduled to be closed on Wednesday, Oct. 10, and Thursday, Oct. 11, from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. each night.

The weekend closure is necessary so the contractor can finish replacing aging cables that raise and lower the bridge. There are a total of 64 cables on the bridge, 32 of which were replaced in September. The additional 32 cables will be replaced this weekend.

Motorists can use the following signed detour route:

Dawson Street to Oleander Drive to South College Road to MLK Parkway to US 17.

The department also suggests the following alternate routes:

Motorists traveling on US 421 South: Use I-140 East to I-40 East to College Road.
Motorists traveling on US 421 North from Carolina Beach: Use College Road to I-40 West to I-140 West. Also, motorists traveling south or west from Carolina Beach can use the Southport-Fort Fisher ferry.

Additionally, the US 17/US 421 southbound left turn lane onto US 74/NC 133/Isabel Holmes Bridge will be closed on Saturday, Oct. 13 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and at other times as needed throughout the weekend.

NCDOT met with local officials and law enforcement last week to determine alternate routes and communication tools to inform the public about the upcoming closures and to direct them around the closure. The department has revised the traffic control plans as well as timing on the traffic signals in the area to improve traffic flow. Law enforcement officers will be on site. Also, Incident Management Assistant Patrol drivers from Raleigh and Charlotte will be patrolling the area to assist motorists as needed.

Changeable messages signs and overhead message signs are being used to inform motorists about the upcoming closures and alternate routes. Motorists can also call 511 or visit www.ncdot.gov/travel to get information about the closure.

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  • Guest Reply

    On top of that…once in Wilmington…driving over these war zone/pot holed roads is another nightmare…and a daymare!!!

  • Guest2020

    Ain’t it the truth. And heaven forbid if you have to cross the river at rush hour on Fridays.

  • Guest2344

    Has someone shaken up the genius that funneled traffic into one Eastbound lane on 74/76? There are TWO lanes onto 421 North from 74/76. There’s absolutely no reason to constrict to traffic to one lane only to open it back up to two once you make it to the 421 North ramp.

    NC DOT blames the contractor, but ultimately, they should deal with it.

    What about signal timing and Mainline priority at Isabel Holmes? They’ve said nothing about that.

    WWAY, why don’t you ask some tough questions, or are you OK with them ignoring you?

  • Belville Gal

    Guest 123321, it’s not the bridge I work at the hospital and drive it at least 6 times a week, it’s the BLESSED causeyway, taking 6 lanes into one. I can set in traffic on the causeyway for 40 minutes and as soon as I get by 421 turnoff, sometimes I aam the only car going on the bridge.

  • Guest123321

    we need a new bridge. traveling between brunsiwck and nh county is a nightmare.

  • coolblue

    Is this not just about the most rediculous thing you have heard of. Lelands Mayor says we do not need another bridge, he sees no traffic problems. Hmmmm, must be blind and deaf. Build the new toll bridge and the people who work in Wilmington from Brunswick county would support it on their own. Politicians are idiots.


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