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CLAYTON, NC (AP) — Veteran North Carolina Congressman Mike McIntyre admits he has an uphill fight to win re-election.

A conservative Blue Dog Democrat, McIntyre casually quotes Scripture, rails against illegal immigrants, touts his votes against “Obamacare” and says he’s never met a tax cut he didn’t like.

But that might not be enough for the 56-year-old McIntyre to defeat GOP challenger David Rouzer and win a ninth term representing eastern North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District.

National Republican leaders see the district as an opportunity to extend their U.S. House majority and are spending heavily on the race. The state’s Republican-dominated legislature redrew the district lines last year to trim heavily Democratic precincts, including McIntyre’s hometown of Lumberton.

A two-term state senator, Rouzer is from Republican-leaning Johnston County, which was added to the district.

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6 Comments on "Blue Dog McIntyre resists GOP tide"

2015 years 10 months ago

What about those of us who got shaved off and are now in Congressional District 3. While Im familiar with Walter Jones as he was my Representative when I lived in Jacksonville, I would guess many voters have no idea about Walter Jones or his opponent in the race and this is a major disservice to voters. I actually thought my voter registration had been messed up when I did my change from moving back from Brunswick County, but found out today there is a chunk of Wilmington and NHC that was shaved off through gerrymandering in Raleigh placing us in District 3 and many voters are going to walk into vote between next week and Nov 6th and be shocked to find out all these commercials for Rouzer and McIntyre mean NOTHING to those of us who were carved out into District 3. I wish WWAY and the rest of the media would do a public service and tell people about this situation many are not aware of.

2015 years 10 months ago

There is no such thing as a conservative, blue dog, Democrat. It’s like being partially pregnant, which is not possible. McIntyre has been deceiving the voters in NC for years, pretending to be straddling the fence, but really voing his party line most of the time. Vote him out.

2015 years 10 months ago

Mike’s milked Southeastern NC for way too many years. He’s run his time out. He has pandered to the Lumbee Indians for their votes and given them money that is entirely out of bounds. The problem is that the media hasn’t made that part of his record public, amazing isn’t it!
Mike needs to go back to Lumberton and try to earn an honest living!

2015 years 10 months ago

No one has stood up for & helped Veterans more than Mike McIntyre – – I believe he also understands North Carolina’s needs. Rouzer’s a dirty backroom lobbyist in sheep’s clothing.

2015 years 10 months ago

Earlier this year McIntyre co-sponsored a bill to end drilling subsidies and rebate the savings to American taxpayers. So you or I might have collected a few dollars as a tax credit, while it was estimated that 60,000 oilfield workers and associated support personnel would be lain off along the Gulf Coast. Oil companies weren’t going to drill the nightmare wells up in the bayous when there were easier prospects in Africa and Asia….with African and Asian drilling crews.

I voted for McIntyre every time he’s run, but not this year. My money and vote are going to David Rouzer.

That was one really stupid decision, Mike!

2015 years 10 months ago

Yeah and 16 years of a voting record proves that he will say anything,and promise anything to the sheeple, but no where in the 16 years he has been in Congress does he back up his lie’s, up to and including signing several bill’s turning the control of this country’s resources to the UN (united nations) for those that don’t keep up with McIntyre’s voting record. He’s Obama’s, Pelosi, and Reids right hand man and he plays on the ignorance or lack of education of the people in his district to keep pouring on the kool-aid! It’s now or never, send those career politician’s packing.


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