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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — The Wilmington Police Department is working with the event organizers for this weekend’s PPD Beach2Battleship Triathlon to ensure that participants will be safe and the traffic tie-ups minimized. Detailed information can be found on the event website at http://beach2battleship.com.

A few significant traffic hotspots within the city limits are worth mentioning.

One is along the bike course early on Saturday morning. Residents who live along the Eastwood Road / Military Cutoff section of the course will not be permitted to come out of side streets onto the main road while cyclists are passing through.

Another hotspot is along the run course at the intersection of Third and Greenfield Streets. Runners pass through the intersection twice, as they head into and out of the seven-mile loop around Greenfield Lake. Motorists are asked to exercise extreme caution in this area all day and into the evening on Saturday, October 20th. Organizers estimate that the first runners will begin to appear at around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, and the last runners may pass through nearly 12 hours later.

Since traffic must be stopped when runners are going through the intersection, motorists are advised to expect delays or to use alternate routes during these hours.

Also the intersection of Hwy 17 (Market St.) and Porters Neck Rd. just south of the new interchange with I-140
Traffic delays are probable from 7:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. for northbound traffic on Market St. (Hwy 17) at Porters Neck Rd. Traffic delays are also probable for Porters Neck Rd. traffic accessing Market St. Motorists are advised to avoid this area from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. If you are on the roads during this time please be aware of cyclists sharing the road.

And you’re advised to avoid the Isabel Holmes Bridge from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Saturday. Motorists traveling from Wilmington to Brunswick County are asked to use the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and avoid using the Isabella Holmes Bridge and Hwy 421. Traffic delays are probable for southbound traffic on Hwy 421 from I-140 to the Battleship NC from 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

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  • Guest 716

    Great planning. That’s exactly what we need…another traffic snafu in Wilmington over the weekend. And this one was preventable. There has got to be somewhere to run except on the hightway. Or am I the only person on this planet that feels that the highways should be used by cars, not joggers.

  • Guest611

    Its one day of inconvenience for an event that people spends months or years to train for. Not to mention it brings in over 1000 people from all over the country which is great for businesses downtown and wrightsville beach especially in this, the off season. Why dont you go down and cheer on the participants and join the festivities instead of complaining. It’s really an impressive sight to see someone achieve a 12 hour race that never thought they could do such a thing.

  • GuestResponse

    Yes, you are the only person on the planet who believes that there should be somewhere else to run besides the “hightway”.

  • scott

    You seem to be the only one . Its one day, how about you come out and see what its all about. You have 2 groups using your city streets , 1 group is attempting to cover 140.6 the other 70.3 miles in one day. Its a 2.4/1.2 mile swim 112/56 mile bike ride followed by a full 26.2 run or a 13.1 mile run. A number of the participants will raise thousands of dollars for various charities and organizations. So come out and watch these people move farther under their own power in one day than most people will in a life time , you might enjoy it you might even be inspired to join them in the future you never know.

  • QuietOne

    Yes, the traffic is going to be very annoying, but think about the positive impact an event like this has on our economy. Summer tourist season is over. Many businesses are thankful for events that pour money into the region like the triathlon. Even if they don’t spend the money this weekend, I’m sure many people are going to think “This is a nice area, we should come back for a vacation.” The attitude of the residents has a lot to do with people’s perception of the city.

  • Guest1

    I have to agree! With Wilmington already having the highest insurance rates in the state due to too much traffic for the roads and then we cause more congestion! I agree the athlete’s are not to blame but lets face in, there has to be a better place than our highways for planned events.

  • NEPender

    All you have to do is leave for your destination a little earlier, that’s all. I can never understand why, that when there is a lane or road closure anywhere in Wilmington, everyone freaks out. Just plan your routes carefully and allow plenty of time to get to where you are going.

    It’s not all that hard, really. There are definitely more ways than one to get from point A to point B in Wilmington.

    I don’t currently live in Wilmington, I have in the past, but I work and play there daily, and have known many shortcuts and different ways to go places without using the main roads all the time…

  • Guest4355

    (Ha! My subject line got more attention than yours..)

    So, I had to drive through the areas that you were concerned about today. I was headed for Carolina Beach from Leland. On 74 Eastbound into Wilmington, they had the front St. exit closed, so I had to turn right on 3rd st. At Greenfield St, they had several police interleaving the runners with cars. Total wait time, a couple of minutes. Coming back from Carolina Beach, same thing at Greenfield, a couple of minute wait. They actually had the routine down pretty good.

    Later, I went over Isabel Holmes bridge. At 421 (the “hightway” as you called it) they were doing the same thing with the bike riders. Cops waited for a gap, and got the traffic through. Again, I had to wait for a few minutes on the bridge.

    It appears that they changed the path a bit from past years as there didn’t seem to be as much of an impact on the “hightway” in the area of the battleship.

    So, yeah, I have to agree with you. Great Planning! (whoever planned this out). It does appear that they got it figured out how to minimize the impact from a really positive event.

    Now, if you were able to get up from your computer, go out, and watch some of these people go by, you might have a clue……

  • Driver

    POORLY PLANNED! There was nothing telling me to avoid this bridge on I-140. I am a disabled vet and sitting in a car is destroying my back. I have been stuck for an HOUR! I guess expecting an interstate bypass to be free of this is crazy!

  • DanDanDan

    I took the bypass on my way to my sister’s wedding. No warning signs and I was stuck on the bypass for 2 hours. I will miss the wedding. The lady behind me had a child that had nowhere to use the bathroom and in tears. I used to like Wilmington…I will never spend another dime there!

  • Guest611

    Im sure Wilmington will miss your dime. But they’ll just have to take some comfort in the business that 1500 people brought to our town on this one day.

  • Celtic

    I ran into this last year while driving from Raleigh to Myrtle Beach. What a huge clusterf#@&. When you are from out of town and are unaware that there is a race going on, there is no way to avoid it once you are stuck in traffic. We sat in one place for 2.5 hours. This should be illegal. What idiot ever thought it was a good idea to have a race on a major highway?


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