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BLADEN COUNTY, NC (NORTHCAROLINASPORTSMAN.COM) — Chris Campbell from Elizabethtown slipped into the woods Saturday intending to cap a long day of working on stands, corn piles and shooting lanes by shooting a doe that his son, Zac, could take back to NC State.

He wound up killing the biggest buck he’s taken in 25 years of hunting, a 150-inch, 10-point Bladen County trophy.

Even more interesting? Oct. 13 was the first day of gun season in eastern North Carolina, but Campbell carried his .50-caliber muzzleloader into the woods because he needed to discharge it so he could clean it and put it away until next season.


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  • Guest Reply

    …have a rifle itself to fire back at him!
    Any photo’s of possums killed from the highways and byways and back road hollers?

  • Chris

    Let me guess, your not a fan of hunting. Mankind has only been killing animals since we were put on this earth. I bet that dear tasted delicious!!!!!

  • Guest 1

    Haha, your comment is laughable. Venison is delicous and…..organic to top it all off.


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