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RALEIGH, NC (AP) – North Carolina’s unemployment rate decreased a fraction in September to 9.6 percent, dipping back after a similar rise the previous month.

The state Commerce Department released the data Friday, the last look before Election Day into the state’s unemployment rate’s direction.

The number of people employed increased by nearly 30,000 in September to 4.2 million. About 62,000 more are drawing paychecks than this time last year when the state unemployment rate was 10.7 percent.

The number of people unemployed fell by 3,500 to less than 450,000.

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  • GuestMan.

    This is really good news again for the people of NC. It shows President Obama has the country moving in the right direction. Housing starts are up, more people employed, and the stock market has almost doubled. Everything is getting better no thanks to the republicans that won’t sign the jobs act and get the national unemployment rate down to 6.8%. Now all I need to see is a post from the idiot telling everyone what he thinks the real unemployment rate is. Hint: If they quit looking for a job, they’re not unemployed, they’re bums.


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