New ads continue attacks in state senate race

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Submitted: Wed, 10/24/2012 - 9:37pm
Updated: Thu, 10/25/2012 - 2:10pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We are less than two weeks away from Election Day. You may have noticed the two candidates for state senate have made their race very personal and turned up the heat with a new wave of political ads hoping to sway voters on their way to the polls.

Democratic candidate Deb Butler has garnered national attention for her ads using a trans-vaginal wand to criticize Republican Sen. Thom Goolsby’s support of bills she says are bad for women.

“Even though the legislation doesn’t contain the incindiary language that the Virginia legislation does, it is nonetheless equally regressive, because it requires that a physician offer an image, and in the early weeks of pregnancy that image can only be gotten one way, and people don’t understand that,” Butler said.

Sen. Goolsby recently fired back with an ad of his own featuring his wife Rachael, who defends her husband as a good and honest man while criticizing Butler.

“Rachael’s not a doctor. Perhaps she doesn’t understand the nature of this legislation,” Butler said. “I, on the other hand, have researched it thoroughly, because I wanted to make absolutely certain that before I spoke on the subject I knew what I was talking about, so I consulted with midwives, I consulted with directors of imaging, I consulted with OB/GYNs, so I am absolutely conversant and comfortable with my interpretation of the legislation.”

With less than two weeks till Election Day Butler says to expect more ads.

We tried to talk with Sen. Goolsby today about the campaign. He said he was not available, because he was at Screen Gems working on a cameo role in “Iron Man 3.”


  • Linda Rice says:

    I continue to be amazed that Deb Butler keeps throwing trash into the line of fire of Thom Goolsby and there is no need to do so. I have known Thom Goolsby and his family for many years and I have never met a more decent and kind human being. Ms. Butler’s nasty advertising speaks for itself. Frankly, I am a happily married woman and knowing she is a self-admitting gay woman says a lot to me. In fact, if Mr. Goolsby ran a dirty campaign, he could always use that tidbit of news and run with it. But, he is not that kind of person. I’m sure she is for gay marriage and we certainly do not want that in North Carolina. Ms. Butler needs to clean herself up and start running a clean campaign. Ugliness, and nasty and dirty campaigning never gets anyone anywhere. The negative remarks and ads are disgusting. The people can see right through it and all she has done is ruin her own reputation. I certainly would not even choose her for an attorney if I needed one. No one wants to be around someone who is always bitter and nasty.

  • Guest76 says:

    What’s stupid is voting for someone who is so sleezy he would send his wife out with him and their kids next to her to tell a bold faced lie. She says he didn’t vote for the wand bill (HB 854) when in fact he did. He must think all voters are stupid.

    He even argued for it by reading from the Declaration of Independance.

  • Andrew says:

    The interesting thing here is that the JOBS senator is at SCREEN GEMS? working on a cameo in Iron Man Instead of talking to the reporter?

  • Guest1971 says:

    Yes he was WORKING instead of TALKING.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …I guess it’s not too far a stretch to vote for Deb Butler.

    Democrats – the party of scammers, saps, simpletons, and Socialists.

  • Formerembryo says:

    Dem challenger Deb Butler famously pulled out transvaginal ultrasound wand to criticize incumbent Sen. Thom Goolsby’s vote for Woman’s Right to Know law held up in courts by Planned Parenthood. Shouldn’t a woman see what the abortionist sees?
    FACT: This ultrasound technique was implemented by the Democratic legislature in 1977 and 1994. Follow the link.
    FACT: The latest ad features Crist Takey MD Facog FACS, Jacksonville, NC -(910)353-2115- He does perform abortions at this clinic and COULD THIS DOCTOR PERFORMS PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS, which in NC, any abortions after 20 weeks have to be done in a hospital licensed by the state. But the indignant doc in her follow-up ad has run an abortion clinic for 40 years and has a clear economic interest in seeing Deb Butler elected to the NC Senate’as well as the pro-choice groups that support Deb financially.
    FACT: Deb Butler will not support the majority NC vote for the marriage amendment – How does this work for the majority?
    FACT: Deb Butler is receiving donations from pro-choice and pro-homosexual groups to purport their obvious agendas. NC and national groups want this candidate – MUST – win to continue their left wing bent! How can she represent us – the constituency fairly?

  • Not a T P says:

    Oh my! This is Thommy’s favorite thing to do: play a role. There’s the role of ‘caring citizen’ “Savior of the Public schools” and my favorite: CREATOR OF JOBS!”

  • Fred says:

    Deb just fights against ALL the people.ALL the time fighting over stuff she just makes up that isn’t true issues or new issues.What a waste of time.She lives in Wilmington and works for Saffo Company to pass the Wilmington Incredible Budget shortfalls off on the county.

  • andrew says:

    He’s a moviestar now? I guess radio and tv star aren’t enough…

  • Guesthug says:

    This guy will do anything to get his face seen!! He doesn’t even support the film incentives that got “Iron Man” to come in the first place. And watch out, if we get that other phony, McCrory, in the governor’s mansion, that will be the sound of silence you hear coming out of the sound stages on 23rd Street.

    Deb Butler is only stating the facts, but Goolsby hides behind special effects!

  • Bev Jolly says:

    Deb Butler is so disengenuous when it comes to this campaign and inflammatory. Look at the facts! Please research the following links yourself to become more familiar with the facts! Thom Goolsby and the current legislature did NOT impose this ultrasound on the woman, the Democractic legislature past did! All they wanted was the woman to see the same ultrasound. Wouldn’t you want to? Wouldn’t you want to make a decision based upon ALL information available? Further, Deb Butler will not support YOUR vote for the marriage amendment. Again, follow the link. How can she represent us all fairly and with full access to information, when these ads are intended to sway the vote at all cost without ramifications? This is truly sad and presents a grave leadership potentional. Critical and sound thinking would bring most to the same conclusion. Do your own research and vote responsibly! Thom brought many fiscal and responsible legislation to us all, including the change in forced annexation which affected many. The budgets are in line and the future is only going to go FORWARD! Vote for Thom for your security, your children’s security and the future of our state. Don’t buy the hysteria or hypocrisy! Why do these out-of-state groups want to invest their money into this campaign – Lillian’s List, Emily’s List, Women’s Campaign Fund, Victory Fund, NARAL, NOW, Planned Parenthood, and other pro-choice/liberal groups? Do your research, please! and § 90-21.85. “Perform an obstetric real-time view of the unborn child on the pregnant woman.” and

  • Lynn Shoemaker says:

    Obviously, you should do a little investigating yourself on issues. Many of the so called “out-of-state” groups are NC groups. It might surprise you to learn that NC has a NARAL and a Planned Parenthood. Lillian’s List of NC is ONLY NC. We are supporting Deb Butler because she respects women with their doctors to make decisions affecting their bodies without government interference. I get confused about the Republican agenda when it’s members like Thom Goolsby want BIG GOVERNMENT in women’s uteruses but consider corporations as people. Finally, look at the legislative roll call. Look at who sponsored “Woman’s Right to Know” and review the 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings: it is NOT a Democratic bill. It is a Republican law that Goolsby ABSOLUTELY did vote to support. The only purpose of Goolsby’s law is to intimidate and scare women. It’s not the government’s or Thom Goolsby’s place to decide whether a woman should have or see an invasive trans-vaginal ultrasound—and it’s not your decision eithe EXCEPT for yourself.

  • Guestinwilmington says:

    Well…..not everyone in the State of North Carolina supports the Marriage Amendment Act…so you cannot say that by protecting it that it represents all of the people of the State of North Carolina. Did we really need a definition of marriage? No we did not.

    Something to ponder…aren’t the same people that want the ultrasounds for women some of the same people that don’t want to help women to who will need welfare programs? Aren’t many of the same people that want ultrasounds the same people that are afraid to educate teens about safe sex. Education is the key to helping women and young girls, nor forcing an agenda. We need to stop playing politics with the lives of these women and young women.

    Additionally, I love how BOTH parties use scare tactics so that you will vote the way you want them to….I feel very strongly that even if Deb was elected my children’s security and mine for that matter will be just fine…Even when I don’t agree with Deb at least I know where she stands, which is more than I can say for Mr. Goolsby…at least I know Deb will listen to me, Deb will work and work very hard.

    Furthermore, why is it only considered “sound and critical” thinking when we only think the same way we do…Don’t buy the hysteria or Thank you for helping to spread that hysteria and hypocrisy just a little more!

  • Khris covey says:

    This is the part I have a problem with all the Flyers that he is sent in the mail repeatedly taking Deb Butler down… seems like to me when people carry an agenda like he has they have no solutions of helping… I have already voted for Deb Butler and encourage everyone to do the same… we do need her leadership in North Carolina..

  • Daniel says:

    Ms. Jolly. You are mistaken about the requirements of this legislation. Even in the cases of rape and incest, there is no exception under this new legislation. Because of the timing requirements and the script required, it is true that it will result in unnecessary and intrusive ultrasounds performed on women. Does this feel like limited government? It’s scary when a bunch of lawyers in Raleigh tell a doctor what to say and what procedures to do. And thanks for the links to the other information. Ms. Butler is clearly passionate about people and is an eloquent speaker. Just the type of representation we need in these hurtful times.

  • Christine says:

    Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report: Got $487.4M in Tax Money, Did 329,445 Abortions
    I am a female. It is all about choice and I choose to know how my tax money is spent.

  • GuestRepublican says:

    All I can see is that he cares more about his own image than anything else. He hasn’t done one thing for creating jobs or bringing new companies here. All I know is that as a city resident, my taxes will more likely keep going up now because of his legislation. THANKS THOM. Go Deb. And I’m a Republican.

  • Erlkoenig says:

    This election comes down to the freeloader, dependent life versus the independent, self-reliant life. For you Deb supporters who think there will be freedom from the transwand under Deb, you’ll be sadly mistaken. She represent the fat, bloated government that will dictate your entire life to you.

  • Guest461 says:

    …if so, you are certainly a uniformed and mis-guided republican!!! As a city resident you should REALLY be concerned about what your local, city government is doing to steal more money out of your pocket through taxation. (i.e. A 40 million dollar ballpark? A Convention center that nobody wanted? and on and on…).

    Would you happen to be one of the 85 percentile of voters that remained comatose in their cushy easy chair, while 15% of the active idiots voted Saffo back in for another term? I won’t venture my guess on that one!

    So go ahead…waste another opportunity. Some people can’t be helped.

  • GuestRepublican says:

    I said in my earlier post that his legislation will RAISE city taxes. You don’t believe me? They went up this year and they will keep going up. Where else will the city get money now to repair roads and keep up with rising utility rates? Don’t think the city has to pay for water gas and electricity? Guess again. All he’s done is take money away from the city. What has he done for jobs? Oh, and by the way, I don’t live in a hotel so none of my tax dollars went to pay for the convention center. And I can’t believe that the stupid baseball stadium is even part of this discussion. Where part of I DON’T WANT MY TAXES TO GO UP did you not understand???

  • GuestRepublican says:

    I never miss an election – no matter how small.

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    That’s the equivelant of people voting for Obama becasue they respect that he is black, or at least…maybe partly so. It is exactly these types of narrow minded thoughts that has this country in the shape it’s in right now.

    The vote for a leader should be based on what is good for the people…not a “person”! What a DOLT!

  • Guest78 says:

    Your comment proves the way conservatives and Thom thinks…Women aren’t people.

  • Bev Jolly says:
    Under Democratic control in the NC Legislature (1977) and amended in 1994, please see the referenced link depicting the requirement is in North Carolina administrative rules already directing abortion clinics to perform ultrasounds for any patient who is scheduled to have an abortion. Hospitals that may perform abortions must meet standards of care that would include some medical method to determine the gestational age, according to the state Department of Health and Human Services. This section applies to abortion clinics and specifically states: “an ultrasound examination shall be performed and the results posted in the patient’s medical record for any patient who is scheduled for an abortion procedure.” And never mind the fact the sonograms have been mandatory in NC since 1977! If already required, why not allow the woman via the “Woman’s Right to Know” law to also see the ultrasound, sponsored by the Republican party now in place? In the wake of coverage of the campaign ad, Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam, one of the movers behind the law, has been e-mailing news outlets to point out that ultrasounds have been required by the state since at least 1994. A federal court has delayed implementation of part of the law – dealing with whether a doctor should be required to show and describe the ultrasound images to the woman – but has not set aside the ultrasound requirement itself.

    § 90-21.85. “Perform an obstetric real-time view of the unborn child on the pregnant woman.”

  • Guest2020 says:

    Why are all these “pro-choice” people so against a woman making an informed choice? My guess is that they are afraid that an ultrasound will humanize that baby and turn women away from killing that baby. They are only “pro-choice” and support “informed” choices as long as the choices you make are in line with their agenda.

  • Guester says:

    Why are all the “small government” politicians trying to control a woman’s right to choose? Just because someone is pro-choice does not mean they are pro-abortion. Personally it’s an avenue that many women would not take, but that should be their decision, not a politician’s.

  • Marie says:

    If he is an obstetrics doctor he sends out his ultrasound work to a radiology clinic, he is not forced to show his patient the embryo image. If he works at a hospital he has every ultrasound machine available the hospital can afford. Go visit the planned parenthood office and see for yourself the abortion process. It is a taxpayer decision if I am paying tax money for abortions and these clinics are in clever disguise and fibbing that they only get my tax money for cancer screenings. The county health department does pap cancer screening for free for low income women. Disguising public tax funded abortions as cancer screening, that is like terror countries disguise their nuclear program as an energy plant to cover for developing nuke missiles.

  • Clinician says:

    Victims receive the ‘morning after pill’ at the hospital and it is available at all pharmacies over the counter by request. Abortions should be paid for by the person receiving them, not the taxpayer.I see many repeat visits by girls who are using abortion as their contraceptive method…5, 6, 7 10 times. Yes, they should see a picture of the baby so they put a free condom on or take the free IUD or pill next time.

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