NAACP says Tea Party ‘poll watchers’ are out to suppress minority vote

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Submitted: Fri, 10/26/2012 - 3:30am
Updated: Fri, 10/26/2012 - 4:18pm

BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — With early voting underway and thousands hitting the polls, one group is openly trying to challenge minorities’ right to vote in North Carolina. That is according to the state NAACP, which claims that the Tea Party is behind it all.

Checking photo ID when you go to vote is not legal in North Carolina, but the NC NAACP says some are working around the law to personally suppress the black vote. The group claims black and minority voters need to beware at the polls, claiming certain members of the right wing Tea Party movement are determined to suppress the minority vote through signing up to be poll watchers and asking for photo ID.

“There’s also other voting suppression tactics by putting false things on computers, like you can vote online or having phone calls that give information,” says Rev. William Barber, NC NAACP President.

Barber says the evidence is in a recent report released by the organization entitled “Abridging the Vote, ” published by the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights.

“This is not something we’re just making up,” Barber says. “The report was done by one of the best researchers in the world. You can look it up online. There’s a full report.”

Thursday evening, area NAACP chapters hosted a rally entitled “If We Ever Need To Vote We
Sure Need To Vote Now.” Barber was the guest speaker, preaching to the audience about the Tea Party intimidation tactics and how to avoid them.

However, Tony McGhee, a black Tea Party member says there is no truth to the claims.

“I think it’s a false accusation,” he says. “And I can’t deny anyone from having the perspective or perception of things but I have a different perspective and perception. I think it’s a false accusation.”

McGhee says voter fraud is a serious problem in North Carolina and poll watchers are only trying to prevent it, but Barber seems to think McGhee is out of his league.

“He’s talking as a guy of the Tea Party that just started,” the reverend says. “We’re talking from an organization that has been around 103 years and an organization that anything that the NAACP has ever done has been good for America and good for North Carolina.”

McGhee and Barber did agree on one thing, and that is to keep your cool and a watchful eye out while at the polls. They also advise to speak with a polling judge if you think something is not right.


  • Jeremy says:

    I view the NAACP as a true narrow minded racist organization whom pretends to represent equality for all, yet come across to myself as a group of racially motivated American citizens of African heritage that portray themselves to stand for the rights of “all” minorities and claim to not hold prejudice, yet stand for only Blacks and mixed race persons with a blood link of African decent, and use all other parties (such as Hispanics, democrats, religious organizations, liberals, etc.) in favor so long as the affiliation is benificial to further the influence of the wishes of the members of the formentioned party. I feel that the organization is damaging to all nonracist Americans and Americans of African heritage in particular by way of fighting racism with racism. Though I believe it to be unintentional, i feel that it only leads to the spread of racism. Dr. Martin Luther King was wise enough to understand that violence only begets more violence. Likewise, useing racism to fight racism only causes a never ending revolving door and never ending conflict.

  • allen says:

    even though i am not a minority i should be able to get away with casting a ballot in my dead father’s name (which i did not do). gosh the doj even had an issue with removing dead people from the rolls in some states.

  • Guest 10101 says:

    The Institute for Research & Education of Human Rights is a small left-wing group that generally publishes anti-white, anti-conservative literature. Most of its literature also embraces the concept of whites conspiring against everyone else. Its president is a lifetime member of the NAACP.

    That would hardly qualify it for the description as “one of the best researchers in the world”.

    Don’t take my word for it though. “You can look it up online”, which is exactly what I actually did.

    What a load of bull-puckey!

  • Truthseeker says:

    NAACP’s only agenda is to advance the colored man into believing still that the white man is the reason for their problems. But did the white man do this:

    More unwed single mothers than any race
    More crime against other blacks than any other race
    More percentage of HS dropouts and uneducated
    More percentage of welfare and food stamp moochers
    More big butt females with red hair and 3 kids running around loose in grocery stores

    Now who causes this. The black folks do it to themselves with no help from anyone. Go to a public housing project and what do you see. Not many whites or hispanics and no orientals, just blacks. NAACP should concentrate on building blacks up and obtaining a education and work skills but no. They want to keep their sorry ass jobs by continuing to blame their woes on everything else but their own faults. Just look at the NC NAACP President, a obese, jerry curl race baiter and the thugs around him and you understand they stand for themselves.

  • tweety11 says:

    I believe you are refering to the President of the United States that was voted into office by the majority.Of course he received the majority of the black vote but that isn’t the only reason he got into office.You can figure that out for yourself.Now stealing the highest office in the land just go back to Al Gore.

  • Bill O'Brien says:

    During the last election I was asked by a black female poll worker to produce an ID. This occurred at the Forestry Headquarters on Hwy 53 just east of Burgaw. I spelled my name for her repeatedly and provided my address as well. She finally asked for my identification because she “couldn’t locate my name”. Oddly, it is no issue for a black person to ask a white person for identification when voting. Had the roles been reversed, you can be sure that the race baiters over at the NAACP would have been marching on main street in Burgaw. The whole idea that it is somehow voter sppression to produce identification before doing something so important is just nuts!

  • Guest 1492 says:

    If you were listed as as registered voter there shouldn’t have been a problem. Her bad. If you weren’t listed, ID and registration required.

    So which was it?

    By the way ….. “nice” language. Very constructive.

  • guesty says:

    The naacp is just positioning themselves so when their hero is voted out of office, they can claim people were not allowed to vote.

    I don’t understand why news agencies still give these clowns airtime.

  • Smarter Than a 5th Grader says:

    Hey I feel your pain…… But remove the “L” from your NAALCP – NAACP….LOL

  • Bob Heinz says:

    It’s unbelievable that WWAY would waste a second of their time on this obvious garbage. Seems like every time the NAALCP cries Wolf WWAY dutifully reports it. How about this story, the NAALCP couldn’t care less about black people if it doesn’t involve keeping them chained to Government plantation!

  • guesty says:

    No, I’m referring to the clown in the White House that needs to go. I hope his bags are packed but unfortunately there are too many gullible people (like you) that will vote for him.

  • John Galt says:

    This guy is nothing but a race hustler. With Republicans in FL recieving letters telling them they are not eligible to vote, Republicans in NC recieving phone calls telling them they can vote by phone, and Rep. Jim Moran’s son advising people on how to commit multi state voter fraud in the VA Demoratic Headquarters, I think it is pretty obvious which side is suppresing votes. Not to mention that the Obama Administration has called U.N. Observers in to watch for Conservatives suppressing votes. I can not wait for Obama to pack his crap and head off to where ever it is he will live when he leaves the White House next year.

    As for William Barber, he is just a poor man’s Jesse Jackson wannabe.

  • guesty says:

    While I waited in line to vote at the library the other day, every single voting machine was being used by a black individual and the majority of people waiting in line were black. Yep, they were really being turned away.

    The naacp will try anything to prepare for their hero to lose so they can try to claim discrimination.

    Why do these clowns even get airtime?

  • Smarter Than a 5th Grader says:

    What about the BLACK PANTHERS during the last Presidential election, Where was the NCAAP out-cry over that!! You want to talk about SUPPRESION they stood there with sticks and bats ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I would invite the REV to come talk to me Face to Face. He is a coward and a RACIST!!!!!!!!!! The election is fair to everyone that is a legal citizen of the US.. DID I SAY LEGAL!!!!!!!!! Only the DEM’s ever have a problem when things dont go there way!!!! FIRE HUSSIEN, the MUSLIM PREZ. Doesnt deserve any RESPECT what so ever!!

  • truth says:

    Such intelligent banter, I sure hope you were able to contribute to our great society with your vote towards the next leaders of this great country.

  • james jameson says:

    yeah, they asked me for my ID… dumb lady tried to make up some dumb excuse that she couldn’t understand what I said and said she had to see my ID.. she said I wasn’t registered to vote, then she said all sorts of things to try to get me to leave. she basically tried to punk me… all of asudden acting professional.. racist. F-her F-n B-tch.. I hope she f-n dies and rots in hell.

  • The Truth says:

    People who do not have a drivers licence or picture ID are either illegal or unemployed since you cannot get a job without identification.

    If you are too old to drive then perhaps you are too old to make decisions on the future of the community.

    If you are unemployed with no id (ie lazy) or illegal with no id then you are a LEECH on everyone in the community.

    It is not suppression to ask people not to vote twice, or for the Dead not to vote, or for people from Mexico not to vote. It is common sense.

    Perhaps that is why the NAACP is having troubles understanding this logic.

  • DITTOS says:

    lol….really? There’s never been one person ever that was suppressed from voting that was a legal registered voter. Believe me if there was…he or she would be posterized all over the TV and media! Looking at all the confirmed voter fraud cases in past history…their always democrats! The numbers of voter fraud cases with ACORN over the years is astounding! GO LOOK! Dead people voting…animals….multiple ballots…it’s incredible. Illinois is famous for it. Remember the video of Black Panthers brandishing night sticks standing in front of a polling station in Philadelphia? Can you imagine anything close to that happening with a Tea Party members…lmao! What a joke…what a non existent issue.

  • Dallas Guest says:

    With all the free Obamaphones I’m sure someone can get video proof WITH AUDIO showing that they are legal citizens first, and that they were kept or threatened from being able to vote.

  • frontpaige says:

    Poll observers have been around for many elections. Observers are not allowed to communicate with the voters in any way or engage in the voting process in any way. Observer means just that. Why would anyone have a problem with open elections or transparency?

  • johnny wisdom says:

    Acorn, naacp, black panthers, united nations,all hypocrites, always there to accuse others of wrong doing, but when the injustice is real or obvious if it doesn’t involve a minority it’s ok. Sad but true. Just look at the secrecy and devision this administration has created. The doj [holder] ignoring the black panther situation for the second time around. Valory Jarrett telling the President that we will get revenge and show [them]. Who is ment by them. I thought this president was a uniter not a divider. He himself speaks of revenge, is this a leader for the people, sadly enough 50% of the people believe his rhetoric. I just don’t get.

  • RYAN says:


  • Ryan says:


  • C Lucious Perry says:

    Dating back to 1609, then the 13 colonies and now the 50 states have had a race problem. So much so that in the U.S. Constitution, Blacks were valued as 3/5 of what whites were being valued. Whites in his country stole land from the Native Americans by force, eventually sent the Indians packing to Oklahoma in a trail of tears, and used Jim Crow to further degrade blacks and bestow upon itself a superior ranking. All one has to do is to examine the history of the United States and it is clear that U.S. of A has and will continue to have a race problem – more so than a gender or sexual orientation problem. Now rather than Jim Crow laws, we see a multi-faucet pipeline leading from public schools to prisons for the slightest of infractions. We see a privatization of prisons (Correctional Corporation of America) whose stock holders and officers advocate “zero tolerance” laws in various states that lead to mass incarceration of Black men and women. As W.E.B. Dubious so eloquently stated, The major problem of the 21st Century is the race problem.

  • Watchfuleye says:

    That should be the first warning sign. This group is in the race baiting buisness. Need I “say” more.

  • Mitt romney says:

    Why dont the demoncrats just get legal, get jobs and get a drivers license so they cannot be surpressed at the polls?

    Seems like the rest of us adults who pay for their lifestyle are just a little tired of our wallets being surpressed…

  • Guesti says:

    I don’t doubt it one bit. I wouldn’t put it past them…

  • SurfCityTom says:

    if everything one can see online is the truth, this world is in trouble.

    Just because you saw a report or article on line does not add validity to it.

    What Next? It’s Bush’s fault?

  • Guest6858 says:

    We have RULES in this country. If you don’t like it, leave!

  • tweety11 says:

    Well said!!!!

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    The NAACP’s “reverend” William Barber said, “This is not something we’re making up, you can look it up online”.

    After years of spreading misinformation the NAACP really wants you to believe them……. this time. And of course it is true, because, of course, “you can look it up online.

    Wilmington Observer

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