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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — The cost of an annual pass to Carolina Beach’s north end is heading north.

The town is increasing the price of the yearly pass to Freeman Park from $60 to $100 starting December 1. The town will use the extra $40 to set aside for future water resource projects.

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  • Guest3456

    It is sad all the way around on this. I used to tell the people who live at Wrightsville Beach their beach sucked. Because of all the raising of their prices for parking. Which is none to say the least and I will not wait two hours for someone to leave. I grew up on both beaches, but mostly at Carolina Beach. I have always defended that beach, even when it was legal to walk up and down the boardwalk with a glass beer bottle or glass in your hand. Now, to raise the price or a yearly pass? What for? What does the beach need now? I would better understand if it was to take care of clean up on that end or something to that nature. I agree with others raise the price of the daily pass for the tourist. As a resident here in our fine town (NOT), I think I have paid enough dues to have some freedoms here. We are taxed and priced for everything here. North Carolina is the worst state for charging us taxpayers for everything we do. It is the highest place to live anymore. It makes me sad to say that my family and I are looking for another state to move to now. The cost of living here is crazy. As for the comment made about “Rednecks”, I hate to tell you that it is not the rednecks you need to worry about, it is about irresponsible kids/college brats you need to be concerned about. UNCW might be a great school, but over 70% of them that are here, don’t and won’t care about our town. Way to go politicians, for talking our small town up and now turning it into a small Charlotte. This town was never meant to get this big, we are over crowded here. If, it keeps going this way, it will be like having River Feast everyday and every where.

  • Guestcharge more

    to be a nice play to hang BEFORE they charged to get on the beach as it was empty and enjoyable. As soon as the passes were required, it became a zoo. Have not been out there in many yrs and have no plans of ever going to the N end again. They should raise the rate to 500$ yr / 150$ a day and have a DUI check point daily as you come of the sand.

  • Guesttenheimer

    Okay, for those that lose the “early purchase discount” and gripe about the loss of a 40 dollar discount (eqates to less than 11 cents a day), then just boycott Freeman Park and head on up to Wrightsville. All you have to contend with there is: A) Finding a parking space, B)Paying out the @$$ for a parking space. C) Being around people that don’t want you there in the first place, D) Go home when it gets dark, no camping. E) Getting arrested by the WB Barney’s looking for additional revenue. F) The need to sell your 4WD because you can’t drive on the beach there anyway.

    As far as I’m concerned, there are way too many peeps on the north end anyway. Maybe the cheapskates that whine about 11 cents a day won’t be clogging up the venue and can find something more economical for their light pocketbook. There’s a balance for everyone, look for it and use it.

  • Vog46

    “Meanwhile, you’re starting to talk like a politician.”

    The aforementioned discrepancy between rates is explained by the timing of that purhase as it relates to the Towns budgetary cycle. Government officials are attempting to co-ordinate expenditures as they relate to revenue streams that are variable in their timing, amount and their duration.”

    How was THAT?


  • Guesttenheimer

    Details? The article is misleading and inaccurate any way you look at it. The early purchase “discount” was removed, the price of the pass did not increase. The article makes it appear as though the base price of the annual pass has changed. It has been advertised as $100.00 since over two years ago. Nothing new here at all.

    Go back to the kitchen…or the newsroom as is appropriate. Your Clintonesque approach at twisting the truth will work better there.

  • Are you a Democrat?

  • Guesttenheimer

    …in your own mind. Just can’t seem to handle being “incorrect” can you? Go ahead…call some more names. Let’s see just how nasty you can get.

  • ChefnSurf

    … I sounded like Luciano Pavarotti.

    “The town is increasing the price of the yearly pass to Freeman Park from $60 to $100”. Oops, they forgot to mention that’s only for the 60% (most) of people who purchased early. Oops they forgot to say they’re actually doing it by eliminating the discount. Hey some people say price increase, others say 價格上漲. Same thing. Don’t get your panties all bunched together.

    Regardless of my and WWAY’s egregious disregard for anal obsessive accuracy, you sir are to be commended for guarding the last bastions of truth, accuracy and the American way! Let’s face it, without nitpickers, the rest of us would be up to our neck in nits by now!

    Have a great day! :-)

  • guesty

    The base price of the annual pass has changed. Myself and plenty others bought our passes early in the year to save $40. Now no matter when you buy your pass you will pay $100. That is a price increase plain and simple.

  • guesty

    Yes, I’ve been parking my truck and driving my car more often because my car gets better fuel mileage. If you have a mortgage, let me know how you can stop insuring your home. I don’t need to lose 100 pounds, but yes, I have cut back on eating out.

    Please show me where I “whined” about the price increase. I just pointed out that doing away with the early purchase price is the same as a price increase.

  • Guesttenheimer

    ….so adjust. Have rediculously rising gasoline prices kept you from driving your car? Have escalating insurance rates kept you from insuring your home? Have rising food costs helped you lose a hundred pounds?

    Quite doubtful. Do you whine so intently about those rising costs as well? I hope so! You just may be able to make a difference!

  • ChefnSurf

    One has to ask oneself “what would CB leaders do if they didn’t have Freeman Park?” Would they have made that stupid land purchase a few years ago? Would they now be talking about building a swimming pool in a town that already has great beaches? Would they have blah, blah, blah ….. I’m sure you get the picture.

    The point is they would have had to make more responsible decisions. They didn’t do that though because … they had Freeman Park money they could spend instead. They’ve turned into Freeman Park addicts.

    Like any other type of addict, they’ve become used to thinking that “if some is good, more is better”. Over the past few years, entrance fees to the park have been increased several times. Now, no matter how you label it, they wan’t to raise prices yet again.

    Any first year marketing student can tell you about the principle of the “point of diminishing returns”. Raise the price of your product and increase your financial yeild. Keep doing that, and all of a sudden one day, no one will wan’t to continue to purchase the product. When that happens the whole campaign comes crashing down like a house of cards.

    It’s time some CB leaders commit themselves into Freeman Park rehab before that occurs. It’s time CB leaders start coming up with other ways to fix some of their problems. That’s called responsible government.

    Keep squeezing harder and harder on Freeman Park to extract more and more revenue and only one thing can inevitably happen. They’ll squeeze so hard that they’ll wind up killing the goose that’s laying the golden eggs.

  • KaraokeJax

    I agree. CB is in a bad direction with several things and it continues to happen. I will not buy a season pass this year and support this foolishness. This goose is done. Find another way to support bad decisions.

  • Abby

    How about you raise the price the for daily pass for all the tourist who come and visit and trash our beaches and the turn around and leave. Why keep charging the residents. We love our beaches we live here and treat it with respect the god dang tourist don’t give two cents about our beaches they are here for vacation they come trash it turn around and leave and leave us and our town employees (our tax money) to clean up their mess.

    Raise the daily pass rate to double and see how many drunk red necks you get on the beach then coming to trash our beach!

  • liberdee

    Couldn’t agree more!!!

  • Carolina Girl

    I couldn’t agree more. New Hanover residents and especially those of us that live at Carolina Beach would probably be okay without the discount AS LONG AS the non-residents paid a lot more for theirs! But to charge everyone the same when the day trippers and the campers and the non-residents are generally the ones causing the problems is unjustified.

  • Guesttenheimer

    You know, attending a council meeting, calling a council member or even something as simple as reporting what another news website writes will prevent fully inaccurate reporting as appears in this article.

    The yearly pass to Freeman Park HAS NOT increased to $100.00. It has been set at $100.00 for at least 2 years now! The only change is to eliminate the “early purchase discount” of annual Freeman Park admission that was allowed for $60.00 ($40.00 off). Early purchases were passes purchased before April of the given year. Early purchase no longer includes the $40.00 discount.

    There’s the clarity and accuracy your readers would like to see.

  • ChefnSurf

    As per the Willard Killough of the “Island Gazette”:

    “6,413 passes (approx 60%) were sold before April 1 at the discounted $60 rate. After April 1, 2,538 annual passes were sold at the full $100 rate.”
    — and —
    “They claim it was a discount and therefore wasn’t raising the rate, but at the end of the day when someone has to pay more than they did last year, it’s a rate increase.”

    Bottom line is: THAT’S A PRICE INCREASE.

    C’mon Guesttenheimer, WWAy could have added a few more details but that wouldn’t have really changed anything. Meanwhile, you’re starting to talk like a politician. That’s never a good thing.

  • lonetraveler

    Freeman Park use to be the only way my handicapped husband could go to the beach. Now, the cost is way too high and access to that beach is out of reach for a lot of residents of New Hanover County. However, the daily rate has not deterred any of the out of towners from coming in on the weekends to litter the beach, get drunk, fight and tear the dunes up, so I guess this area is now mostly for that crowd.

  • Bob

    The town of Carolina Beach along with the Island Women have raised funds and allocated funding for the Beach Bound Project. This comming season you will be able to reserve a beach buggy type wheel chair so your handicapped husband can get to the water and anywhere on the beach. We hope to have the handicap beach buggy’s at most beach access area in town. Sorry about the Freeman Park Pass discounts.

    I think we need more handicap accessability and so does every one else on council

  • guesty

    No thanks.

  • tweety12

    i likes too go their for swiming and lunch.sometimes too much sand blows too hard but it is stil fun


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