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ONLY ON 3: Witness says Leland cops looked for fights

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Witness says Leland cops looked for fights

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Two Leland police officers are off the clock tonight after a fight in downtown Wilmington this weekend. Wilmington Police cited the officers with misdemeanor affray.

One witness, who served as a military police officer, says the officers were asking for trouble.

Eric Glocke is a bouncer at a bar downtown. He says he saw Leland police officers Brandon Crain and Andrew Correll seek out multiple fights early Saturday morning. The first was with a group of Marines that Glocke says wanted nothing to do with the drama.

"A group of Marines actually tried to stop and talk and say, 'Hey, nothing's wrong. We're walking away. Calm down. Let's all have a good night,' etc, etc., and they still pressed on actually walking up the street to sidebar trying to confront them," Glocke said.

Later, Glocke says he saw the officers and other men again trying to start a fight with another group.

"We see three of the guys from the group prior going across the street yelling. Not at each other; across the street just eyes fixed going straight beeline," Glocke said.

Glocke says the group did not stop fighting until Wilmington Police broke it up. He says that is no way to represent our community.

"Not only are you misrepresenting your station, being a total embarrassment to the human race, you're going to go out with a bigger group and pick on people that are smaller than you and are trying to walk away from the fight?" Glocke said. "Well done. Way to represent."

Glocke says a bouncer at City Limits said the officers were kicked out of that bar earlier in the night for trying to start a fight.

Both Correll and Crain, who were hired last year, have been suspended without pay while the Leland Police Department investigates what happened.

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Leland PD scores two more

Leland PD scores two more points against rival Wrightsville Beach PD for most officers reprimanded... or fired... or investigated... or demoted... or resigned in the 2011-2012 Bumbling Barney Olympics! This probably seals the deal for the Leland Reality Show.

Citizens are Watching, Hollis

Food for Thought, Hollis,

You really need to think about your future as a manager. If the LPD has another screw up anytime soon, you can't keep pulling a Farris and do nothing to stop this kind of continuing behavior from the LPD staff.

Think about this: Your contract doesn't mean squat if you don't do your job here. You can be known for continuing stupidity or zero tolerance.

The bouncer wasn't drunk, nor connected to any of Tim Jayne's corruption, none the less, it's acts unbecoming an officer. Stand up for the citizens of Leland and put an end to this now!

Here you go hun.....

Stupid person679 says, "you can't keep pulling a Farris and do nothing" Kblue says "They were suspended the night it happened" Please don't feel singled out sweet heart you are not the only stupid person on this planet.......(Your) just the dumbest.......Oh snap yes I did!!!!with love and (E)ffection K Awesome 24-7 Blue! Say's who!? Say's Kblue!!!

This looks ugly. But I want

This looks ugly. But I want to know the full story, before any judgements are made.

SBI Review

When is the SBI's review committee going to finish their review and make arrests?

Possible criminal acts that has been verified, by the media:

1. Former Chief Tim Jayne had police officers work on his home and his neighbors, while on the clock! And who are his neighbors??? District Attorney Jon David is one of them! Former Sheriff's served jail time for this!!!

2. Tim Jayne misused taxpayers money. The man had to pay restitution. Still not okay. What if all criminals could just give back stolen items? Do they let drug dealers just return the drugs and everything is okay? No.

3. Former Sergeant Michael Landen brutally assaulted a female officer, under the directives by his superiors!

4. A former officer drew his weapon on two police officers and threatened them!

Citizens want answers!!! The SBI has been in review since August. How long does it take? Just terminating these officers is not enough. Too many people, families, livelihoods were destroyed by the actions of the former Leland 6. It is time for the ultimate justice to be served!

i know both of these

i know both of these officers and one of them was attacked from behind by these supposed marine officers. he was defending himself and was not even with the other people from leland for most of the night. so get your facts straight before you start spouting comments.

this isn't true......

As someone who WAS downtown, and sober, that night....I can tell you that what you just said is NOT true. These boneheads were drunk as all-get-out and looking to ues their "police training" on anyone who looked at them funny. The only time someone got jumped from behind was after these "officers" started the fight!!! Perhaps it is you that need to get her facts stright?

actually the officers were

actually the officers were given breathalyzers and the one i am speaking about was not drunk so please get your facts straight you are tarnishing the reputations of good people without all the facts.

"ACTUALLY"....he blew .01 under the limit......buzzed is durnk

Again....some will say and do anything to support an already weak argument. You keep touting the word "facts" but just using the word dosen't make your statements true. How sad for you.....and shamefull. None-the-less, these two "upstanding" citizens are now in need of a job. They did the right thing and resigned after giving their dept. another black eye. Perhaps, Christy, you could go to your boss and pepper the words "facts" and "upstanding" in a few sentences about them and get 'em a new job. After seeing how believeable you've been in this forum, I'm sure anyone who hears you speak will take it as "FACT".

Par for the course...this is

Par for the course...this is the MO of all cops downtown Wilmington. Didn't realize there was a debate. They are always looking for confrontation.

Leland police

This is a reflection of their leadership from Mike James.

You are an idiot

Chief James can't hold their hand all the time. Has nothing to do with the Chiefs ability to lead. These men will be held accountable if found at fault. Do not let your mouth overload your .... It amazes me the stupidity that spews forth from mouths that have know clue what they are talking about.


The new chief set out strict guidelines to be followed. Any non-hackers will be weeded out if they fail to get with the program. That's how the system is supposed to work and it's doing what it's supposed to do.

leland chief

It seems there are still problems even with the new chief, Let me get this correct, fail to get with the program?? I didn't realize that being professional and serving the citizens was a program to "get with" Leland needs a new chief that is full of fire and ready to lead.

First of all, Mike James

First of all, Mike James didn't hire those two, Tim Jayne did. Get your facts straight. More than likely you are a fired officer who is still upset because he finally called you on your crap. Get over it. Mike James is the best thing to happen to the Leland PD in a long time. Also, he took swift action and suspended tell me what he isn't doing right?

they quit an act of guilt

they quit an act of guilt now its time for charges

Leland Officers

How unprofessional can you be. I would have to say that Leland police dept has got to be the biggest joke I have ever seen. How can you say your a Law Officer and acting like that while being in a highly populated area at that time of night downtown and being drunk at that, DRUNK!! I agree with the person that WWAY interviewed today and said "Well done. Way to represent your station and your badge". I think the town manager should clean house, it should not be tolerated. Keep that unprofessionalism over on that side of the river, us citizens on this side think our Law Enforcement is much more professional.

actually, the officer was

actually, the officer was not drunk, get your facts before you speak. it makes you sound ignorant!


Hmmm no suprise here that Agency is full of bad officers.Not the first time its happened either, one of their officers was causing trouble on his bachelor party a few weeks back. time to close it and let the Sheriff's office patrol leland.

Leland Police Officers

No surprise at all, par for the course.

The Person in Leland that is

The Person in Leland that is responsable for hiring theese upstanding people for the police dept should be investagted as well for doing a upstanding job.

this officer is an

this officer is an upstanding citizen and was attacked by these marines, lets get the whole story before we start commenting


Yes,... he is SO "upstanding" that he resigned!! LOL Get YOUR facts straight!


yes---an upstanding citizen that works for an embattled department and is part of a SBI investigation. it's like calling a bank robber a saint.

Not an answer

If they were attacked, then as police officers, they should have followed protocol. Is that chasing the assailants down and having a street fight? Seriously! And they were drunk. Can a police officer do their job intoxicated? Maybe in Leland, not in Wilmington! Keep those yahoos on the other side of the river and not taint the good job Wilmington PD is capable of doing! Oh yeah, isn't Correll a former marine?

Oh, and Christy, you sound like the pitiful wives of the former Leland police officers who were terminated, trying to hold on to their spouses paychecks. You lose credibility when you say they are "upstanding citizens." Their actions prove otherwise!

dont be so fast to blame

dont be so fast to blame those officers , they are actually doing the city,s residents and locals that go downtown on the weekends a favor honestly , i look up to these leland police officers as a hero myself , i have witnessed many many many drunk marines out of control ,looking for trouble , the truth speaks for itself ,go downtown and see for yourself ,at the gangs and platoons of marines down there looking for trouble , remember the cabbie that got assaulted by a marine recently ...see for yourself go down town marines frequent the area starting fights in loud obnoxious gangs theres not enough bars and people in jacksonville camp lejune ..dont get mne wrong ,i patronoize our soldiers but it will definetly leave a bad impression with u once you see the chaos they start up downtown wilmington

You people

You people are pitiful!!!!!

Things have but haven't changed

Not surprised. Nice swift action from manager and new chief, however. When are we going to learn about the results of the SBI Investigation, WWAY? What has the "special" prosecutor decided? Kblue, what say you? Give us an update. You know we miss you!

eye say

Kblue is never far, A couple things. 1) Great job on behalf of the Chief and town in their "swift action". 2)If Timillicky was still around these 2 would have been promoted to lieutenants! 7) I'm still funny and employed and live in the same house Ive lived in for 15 years. Too Soon? Too mean? Sorry I can't feel sorry for people who do this to themselves. And last but not least to the dumb a55 that said something to the affect of "do better background checks" We are currently working on a time machine so we can look into the future to see whats going to happen your MORON! Stupid people make my knee cap itch! Say's who!? Say's Kblue!!!

we know who you are K

we know who you are K BLUE!!! you ratted officers out at your own home to the SBI and FBI and gave an interview to a Private I who has a radio show too!!!