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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — You’ll probably notice abandoned cars along Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway this morning. It’s the aftermath of a big Halloween checkpoint organized by the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

Several agencies assisted the Sheriff’s Office in their effort to keep dangerous drivers off the road. In all, they handed out 67 charges in the early morning hours. The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office says 16 people were arrests. Charges include 14 DWIs, including one under the age of 21, and seven drug offenses. There was also one weapon violation.

The Sheriff’s Office typically sets up checkpoints around town for big holidays and other events during which they suspect there will be a higher number of drunk drivers on the streets.

Four people were charged with open container, nine for not have a driver license, seven for driving while their license was revoked and 13 for not wearing a seat belt.

Wilmington Police, Carolina Beach Police, Wrightsville Beach Police, NC State Ports Authority Police, Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, Columbus County Sheriff’s Office and Whiteville Police all helped in the checkpoint.

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  • Guesttoo

    It’s very likely that many of these folks didn’t have insurance. Now, if one of them were to knock you over as you were driving your moped down MLK, you’d be pretty upset that you’re injuries weren’t covered. See? the cops helped prevent that from happening.

    It’s hard to determine the “deterent factor” that these checkpoints have but I bet it’s significant.

  • Guest345377

    It’s not called entrapment, and it’s definitely not illegal. It’s called law enforcement. I do have an issue with the way Leland PD handles themselves during these License / DUI checkpoints – they ALWAYS ask questions they have NO business asking like “where you coming from, where you going to, etc” But, look at their history, and current issues.
    I have never had an issue with with the way the State Troopers, either sheriff’s dept., or Wilmington PD does theirs. You see it, you get your license out, turn on the interior light. 10 second stop goes like “How’s it going Today”, answer: “pretty good, no problem, etc”. And I’m on my way. Valid license, insurance, reg., car owned by me, not drinking, etc. Doesn’t bother me a bit.

    Like anther said, it they catch that many, that quick, they need to do more.

  • Guest2020

    It is not entrapment since they are in no way inducing anyone to commit a crime. They are just seeking them out and stopping them. I don’t know about you, but I prefer the roads be free of drunk drivers.

    These check points are not illegal according to North Carolina General Statutes.

    If you are going to be angry with anyone, you need to be angry with yourself for posting comments in such blatant ignorance.


    These are a waste of resources. these are nothing but fishing expeditions to make revenue, if they are looking for DUI then ticket DUI not just anything they can find. This is not all inclusive of all the things they got they even got someone for window tint…this is just BS. Why is the State Port Police at a roadblock? They don’t patrol the roads.They are SUPPOSED to be providing port security. Why is Whiteville here, patrol their own town the same with Brunswick and Columbus county sheriff. Your Gestapo at work…

  • guest8675309

    Illegal? The checkpoint was conducted by NC General Statute. Wilmington is a party town so I hope none of your loved ones are struck by a drunk driver. Read up on some of the laws regarding DWI checkpoints before you post such nonsense.

  • Guest704

    Hmmm… sounds like Guest12345 is a drinker. Or, perhaps never had anyone in their family hurt or killed by a drunk driver.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Advice: Don’t use legal terminology when you have absolutely no bloody idea what the word means.

  • Guest12345

    What a huge waste of time. First of all, it is called ENTRAPMENT and illegal. Look at all our resources that were wasted. Wilmington Police, Carolina Beach Police, Wrightsville Beach Police, NC State Ports Authority Police, Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, Columbus County Sheriff’s Office and Whiteville Police should have gone to Creekwood and rounded up some real criminals. These checkpoints never cease to amaze and anger me

  • Guest1948

    I agree. If you’re drinking or don’t have a license – don’t get behind the wheel!!

  • ashley

    Wow!! I noticied this on my morning commute this morning and was curious as to why all these cars were parked along mlk. Hats off to the sheriff’s office!!!

  • James Shackel

    I saw all these cars and was wondering what was going on. Thanks for the info. If these arrests are the results of a checkpoint for a few hours, imagine what is driving on our roads on a regular basis !! PRETTY SCARY !!!

  • Mary

    OK….I was wondering why all those cars were pulled over like that. As I got closer to Kerr Ave., I thought it was a major accident. Kudos to the New Hanover Sherrif’s Office & all those involved!

  • Guest704

    It’s called Mutual Aid,ILM NATIVE. Agencies always help each other at each other’s request. They all hold the same certification & training requirements. Law enforcement doesn’t have the option to call 911, so they get to know each other. Actually, the public would be surprised at some of the DWI arrests that the Port Police have gotten. They are NOT company police & can enforce violations that they see in the areas surrounding the port. Brunswick & Columbus Counties have agencies from New Hanover assist at their checkpoints as well. All law enforcement is essentially one team, just getting their paychecks from different places. New Hanover doesn’t have the manpower to conduct an effective checkpoint alone. This is why agencies help each other out for a common goal. They are just trying to help each other’s communities be safer places. Kudos to all involved for keeping us safer.

  • bobo

    What part of the state is broke do you not understand it is not about inncents or gulit it is about money

  • Guest123

    I would be surprised if any of the drunk drivers had to go to jail. Their cars were left on the side of the road to come back for today. The same drunks caught last night are still driving right now.
    I know, My daughter was killed by one who had been charged 4 times in a 3 year period. never locked up. On probation for drunk driving at the time he killed my child. license had been revoked for years before.
    he kept on driving.
    they only get locked up once they kill someone IF then!

  • Guest2012

    New Hanover County Sheriff Deputies and their Administration for Ordering it.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Keep those LOWLIFES (who are stupid enough to get behind the wheel after drinking)… in jail and throw the key away.

  • Noneneeded

    What are you, some type of amateur legal beagle? First off, no probably cause is needed. This is an administrative inspection (a warrantless search) whereby they are merely looking to see if a vehicle and it’s driver are in compliance with the vehicular laws of the state (license, insurance, inspection, etc.).

    The probable cause part comes when the law enforcement officer observes patterns of behavior which indicate possible violations of criminal code.

    So, amateur lawyer…go back to school and review warrantless searches (there are at least 7), reasonable suspicion, and probable cause. Be sure you also understand professional and logical inferences, plain and open view doctrines…and all sorts of other things.

    Driving is indeed not a guaranteed right.

  • Guest12345

    I shouldn’t have used the word entrapment. My apologies. What I should have said is what probable cause does law enforcement have for stopping these vehicles???

  • Guest-1

    Looks like this was written by an infant. Who proofs this stuff?

  • Guest9743

    Well done New Hanover Sheriff’s Department, hopefully you’ll conduct these checkpoints more often so some of these drunks can be taken off the roads.


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