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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Two Leland Police officers suspended after a fight in downtown Wilmington over the weekend have resigned from the police force.

Andrew Correll and Brandon Crain had been suspended while the department conducted an internal investigation. The town says that investigation will continue so that police administrators may assess where policy and procedures can be more effective to help prevent future incidences of this nature.

Wilmington Police cited Correll, Crain and three other men for misdemeanor affray after a fight at Front and Market streets early Saturday morning. A witness told WWAY the men had been trying to pick fights throughout the evening.

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  • guesty

    Now if they would only hire in some new blood out there. I wonder if they have considered starting an auxiliary program. They could get officers willing to work without having to provide insurance, vacation or any of the other benefits.

  • Guesto

    The Interim Chief has already done that. New blood with experience would be a great help to the police department as the police department is very short handed. The Interim Chief has done a lot of really good things for a tarnished police department that will never be reported because it does not make for good news or create arguments on these message boards. Maybe its time to give credit where credit is due.

  • Pender Deputy

    I spoke with the Interim Chief about a month ago. Was told that he was approved for some part time auxillary spots. GREAT GUY.

  • Robert Green

    Instead of looking for a fight these two thugs will be lucky to find a decent job in the Obama economy.If a job does not pan out , you can join the growing legion of welfare recipients , who get free phones and food stamps. The bad news is food stamp don’t cover trips to the beer joints and beer at the grocery store.

  • GuestX

    These two should have their police certifications revoked and never be allowed to work in any law enforcement again.They have made it plain that they cant be trusted with the responsibilites trusted to them.

  • Applicant

    Leland ran an ad for police chief several months ago. Then they abruptly removed the ad without warning; no deadline was ever given during the short period Leland ran the ad. And the LPD website lists Chief James as an interim police chief. My question is what is the town planning to do long term for a new police chief? Why did the town remove the ad without notice? I think the town needs new blood as in someone from somewhere else with absolutely no ties to anyone in the PD to give their PD a fresh new start. The city manager should advertise the position again and then move forward with the hiring a new professional permanent police chief. He should do this the right way via a fair objective open process. And yes, I’d love to apply!

  • Guest1732493

    Chief James is new blood and had no ties to the police department. He’s from several hours away and new to the area. He’s done an excellent job so far so the town manager would have no reason to place the add back. He’s only cleaning up the mess he walked into…I’m sure if they wanted to interview to you, they would. So take it as you’re probably under qualified and get over it.

  • leland citizen

    Great job Mayor for getting a new town manager and chief in there. A year ago this issue would of been swept under the rug. Happy that this town and Department finally have proper leadership… I spoke with a Officer last week who said the department is finally back on track and a great place to work.

  • Guestklw

    The town needs to look at the employees of the police department as well. Not just the officers. Many of the employees have shady past and presents and police reports. They just all are not respectable people who work there.

  • Bye Bye Bad Guys

    After reading a post from the initial story of these officers fighting, someone wrote Andrew Correll lied to the SBI during the investigation that led to the termination of the entire management team of the Leland PD.

    I hope since the SBI remains in their review, they will look into Correll’s answers to their questioning and make sure no one goes unpunished for their involvement in the Leland PD corruption!

  • Wilmington Observer

    I’m glad that these two “manned up” and took responsibility for their actions by turning in their resignations.

    Wilmington Observer


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