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After lagging for months at historic lows, Mitt Romney’s personal popularity has advanced in the final weekend to its highest of the 2012 campaign, rivaling Barack Obama’s. But Obama pushes back with greater enthusiasm among his supporters – and the race itself remains a tie.

Fifty-four percent of likely voters in the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll express a favorable opinion of Obama overall, the most basic measure of a public figure’s popularity. Yet 53 percent now see Romney favorably – a majority, remarkably, for the first time.

It’s a dramatic gain for Romney, who emerged from the Republican primaries as the least popular major party candidate in polling back to 1984 and remained there up to the debates. Just 40 percent saw him favorably as recently as late August, and it was essentially no better, 44 percent, after the party conventions.

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  • John

    Thank you for your service. I’m also a combat veteran. I will not spew the hatred and utter disrespect you have above. You call the President many things related to the Muslim world… it’s funny you left out the fact that he ordered the strike on Osama Bin Laden, and the drone strikes in other radical islamic nests… Your argument does not hold water.


  • 1SG America

    Look at the LIES and COVERUP this MUSLIM has done. Didn’t want to HURT any of his brothers there!! But let 4 AMERICANS get MURDERED. He should be tried for Treason since he has failed to up hold the U.S Constitution, oh wait being MUSLIM he up held the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD doctrine to wage JIHAD against the U.S and he has succeeded, Thanks to all the Democrats and Liberals who voted this person!

    1SG America
    Retired Combat Vet

  • Guest 10101

    In order to say what you said, you can’t even be born that dumb, you really have to work at it.

    Your comment is about as uneducated and unsupportedly biased as any member of the taliban.

    How ironic to fight against people who think like that when you act the same way. Different words, same illogical mindset.

    You are an embarrassment.

  • GuestMan.

    The Bush and Cheney should be lined up against the wall and shot for getting all those young men killed in Iraq over a damned lie. Thanks to all the tea-baggers and Neo-cons who voted for those imbeciles.

  • Gueshuber

    Everybody knows that Election Polls are merely political and Hollywood Theatrics & speculation. The liberal medias — CNN, Huffington Post ABC and local news papers will all put the Democrat incumbent in the lead — even when he/she’s not in the lead. The conservative Medias like Fox News, ect. — are all pro conservative . And all along during these high profile political speculations as to who will win in 2012( like a football game )– the truth comes out on Nov. 6th @ 11:00 PM. Every 4 yrs. the news medias will continue get all the more: ‘stupid’ .

  • frontpaige

    If the liberal mainstream media says it’s a tie, that translates: Romney Leads. The modern liberal media has NEVER predicted a Republican presidential win. Even Reagan’s landslide re-election was predicted a major loss for the GOP.

  • Erlkoenig

    One thing that is likable about Romney is that he supports American ideals and not failed Marxist unsinn.

  • John

    I don’t respond to stupidity.

  • deputy 25

    thank you for your service, but you must have sniffed to much agent orange in your period of service!! any one would have given an order to kill Usama Bin Laden. sadam was killed by Bush! by the way barack has the same name as Sadam !!! all muslim are not terrorist but all terrorist have been muslim???????!! makes ya wonder bout ole barack HUSSEIN [insane] Oblame -o!

  • 1SG America

    I understand most people can stand behind this screen and type away. But when challenged you don’t reply back… We true MEN call your type yellow bellied or coward. Whichever makes you sleep better at night?

    1SG America

  • GuestMan.

    Was Timothy McVeigh a Sunni or a Shiite?

  • John

    As I said 1SG I don’t respond to Stupidity… what part of that do you not understand. I don’t waste my time arguing ridiculous nonsense… I have a life, and by stupidity I’m referring to everything you wrote, and the poster who replied to my post, because both comments were unfounded propaganda crap with no substance or factual notions. Also, a true MAN doesn’t hide behind a keyboard and a mouse.


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