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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Last week we told you about local students casting their own votes in the national Kids Voting program. More than 6,000 students voted in New Hanover County, and today the results are in:

Presidential Race:
(D) Barack Obama: 58%
(R) Mitt Romney: 38%
(L) Gary Johnson: 3%

NC Gubernatorial Race:
(D) Walter Dalton: 46%
(R) Pat McCrory: 40%
(L) Barbara Howe: 12%

These results are preliminary. Official results will be released after Election Day.

Back in 2008, North Carolina kids correctly predicted the outcome of both the presidential and gubernatorial races.

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  • Sonc

    And we wonder why prejudice still lives in 2012, it’s instilled by children’s parents; so it continues on. What is so sad is you’ve decided that our teachers directed your childs’ vote, it appears you’re directing their leaning towards prejudice in the home instead of letting them decide how they feel towards another race. How sad of you when you react “it’s the race card again”. Have you ever looked at the history of Wilmington? So many people have hatred rooted in their entire being that I’m surprised you haven’t exploded yet, please please do not call yourselves Christians, do not go into your church and praise the Lord because you’re not Christians or believe that all people are equal. You as concerned parents need to take classes in history, REAL HISTORY.

  • guesty

    They already see the way of living off the taxpayers. Their parents do it so they should as well. Once those of us paying for all these sponges get fed up, that is when the fun will begin.

  • ChefnSurf

    Teaching about the democratic process, bill of rights, etc is great. Schools have an obligation to teach these things.

    The results of this “election” indicate a political preference far different than actual polling statistics (Dalton ahead, and by that much?). Teachers’ unions are overwhelmingly biased in favor of the Democratic Party. It’s not a giant leap to the concept of teachers transmitting their political preferences to their students. That’s morally wrong.

    Mock elections are a fine teaching tool if they use imaginary candidates. Candidates not attached to complex, adult political issues. To do otherwise is to infuse students with a teacher’s own political perspectives even if inadvertently. Teachers have an obligation to insure that young students continue to have an open mind, not the other way around.

    Civility starts with morality. Reopen that door and we’ll have something to talk about.

  • Guest2020

    Relying on kids to predict an election is rather far-fetched. My fifth grader “worked the polls” at her school for an hour last week. She said that the first graders were handing in their votes without circling any names and were told to circle a name. That really is not an indication of how an election should be held.

  • ChefnSurf

    Both Obama and Dalton leading by margins well beyond the scope of reality?

    Someone is obviously impregnating impressionable kids with values other than their own. Someone that they’ve been taught to trust.

    Schools should educate, not brainwash. This is morally wrong.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ….when they are productive, working members of society seeing a third of their income taken by the government and given to fund parasitic societal leeches that contribute absolutely to society.

  • My co-worker’s child voted last week. When she asked who the child voted for, she was told “Obama”! (Very excited and proud….) “Oh really? Obama? Why did you choose Obama?” Her daughter said, “because Romney wants to tax the poor and not the rich, and HE WANTS TO GET RID OF ELMO!!!!”

    Now, where do YOU think they get this? Not from the parents in this case…so where? Their little minds cannot handle this type of pressure yet, and they don’t have the education to make this decision. Learn the democratic process, yes. Take a hands on approach, yes. Vote for Big Bird vs Elmo, yes. Vote for President and have their minds corrupted without discussion by their parents, absolutely NOT!

  • guestertronia

    your comments begs intelligence, schools teach the democratic process and the bill of rights. why are so many against “our” great instructional system. you were once an open mind, please reopen the door to civility.

  • Guesttenheimer

    …you have to be eighteen to vote. Otherwise, mindless decisions based on emotion rather than economics would put our @$$es in another 4 years of financial disaster!

    Good going kids, but there really are more important things than iPods, skateboards and video games.

  • Guestipod

    Not when you think you can get them free if Obama is elected.

  • Guest1946

    It appears that these kids exhibit much more intelligence than most adults in this area. Hopefully their parents will listen to them.

  • Guest461

    …rediculous issue, this WHOLE world we live in is in trouble!!!

    You can take your “Hope and Change” and file it in the kitty litter box where it belongs!!!

  • Michelle B

    This is an article about kids learning to participate in government by voting in an election that DOESN’T COUNT and you are calling THEM idiots? How desperate and pathetic can you be to insult childrens intelligence because they don’t agree with your biased world view. Maybe its you folks who need to “grow up.”

  • Guest1324

    I will not comment about the kids, but really how many kids in New Hanover county have ever heard of McCrory or Dalton. Get real. Most adults do not even know them.

  • thegimp

    Proof that Drug abuse is prevailent in our Local School system.

  • Guest1245

    These kids are not educated adults, they are simply products of our government schools. One can only hope, for their future and ours, that these kids will develop into productive human beings who work hard to make a living for themselves and their families, not relying on the gov’t dole to take care of them at the hard-working taxpayers’ expense.

  • taxpayer

    these kids were brainwashed.

  • Citizen of the Republic

    If we look back, to the school that had children singing about Obama, the kid that was sent home for wearing a Romney shirt, and the lunch police we can clearly see an agenda.

    Make no mistake, teachers (not all) are always in the tank for Dems.
    There is a plank in the Dem platform that throws money at teachers and education. We have been pouring billions into it with results that are unacceptable in the private sector.

    There was recently a story about a teacher using m&ms to demonstrate math skills that her teacher used 20 years ago. This is the cutting edge money pit we’re financing?

    If vouchers were used, you would see instant results from a system mired in mediocrity and substandard performance.
    The school system would be forced to fire incompetent teachers, and hire competent ones that excel.

    Not all teachers are inept. But there is definitely a political agenda.
    The “election” held in this article prove that these students don’t see the miserable and total failure of Obama and Dalton.

  • Guest2020

    Not to mention airing that Obama speech three years ago, then two years ago, then again last year. Everyone got wind of it the first year so the school board here in Brunswick County sent letters home and let the parents decide whether or not their child would watch the speech. The last two times, we wouldn’t have known about it, had not the other major local news station posted it on their website. If they can’t get it in the front door, they take it in at the back door.

    If they really were teaching the democratic process, they would have at least allowed for the students to write in a candidate, like we do in real life. My daughter just ignored the absence of a write-in choice and wrote in her candidate in the space between Romney and Obama.

  • Guest327

    Actually, kids seem to favor whoever they hear their parents are in favor of. I always liked the candidate my folks liked and expressed such. No government brainwashing here.

  • Guest28403

    Its a public school system that is rife with left wing liberals in teaching and administrative position. Who here believes this is anything but a prime example of political brainwashing by the public education system.


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