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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — As folks in the northeast continue to be recover from Hurricane Sandy, our community is coming together to help, including support from a political campaign.

The “Vote No Stadium Tax” referendum committee has decided to donate the remainder of its campaign funds to hurricane sandy victims. The group presented $1,000 to the Little Chapel on the Boardwalk in Wrightsville Beach this afternoon. Campaign spokesman Scott Harry says instead of spending the extra money to continue with campaigning, this is the right thing to do.

Friday, the church is sending a truck to Staten Island, NY, with food, clothing and donations.

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  • Vog46

    A nice thoughtful way to end the campaign.
    Every step of the way Scott has been one up on the PRO side with facts and figures. Now he one ups them with a very thoughtful donation to those in need.
    If anyone showed it’s more than about baseball it’s been him

    Sure they (the PRO side) could donate more money because they have more – but if they hold true to form with their marketing strategies they’ll probably have an open bar party to drown their sorrows when the referendum is defeated tomorrow.
    What a bizarre group they are


  • We will be collecting until the 15th. at Neuwirth Motors,Bruce Cavanaugh,Rippy Cadillac,Bob King and Lowes Foods on College and Murrayville.You can also go to WilmingtonCares for information on facebook.How great all the good being done for this cause.Wish we were all going at the same time we could convoy!

  • Guest0091

    Scott is going to need an alignment for his H2 for all the times he was seen running off the road to take out the Vote Yes signs.

  • Rick Wilson

    You are a liar. Would you care to offer any proof? Nobody that was against a tax payer funded stadium cared about your signs. You could not even read them as you drove by, even the new ones did not have an easily read message. I guess you feel safe in cyber space as you hide and make false allegations. If you believe what you write, sign your name. If not, what don’t you eat your sour grapes instead of posting them? You lost, get over it…….

  • Carol Kramer

    A fine gesture by the good folks from Vote No Stadium Tax.

    News today from Bloomberg…an article about what a rip-off the Stadium Racket is:


    Public Disadvantage
    The public is at a disadvantage in negotiating those deals with sports teams and leagues, which have a monopoly on the supply of franchises and opaque finances, Long writes. The total cost of sport facilities has received little attention from researchers in part “because most economic analyses demonstrate that sports facilities produce very few or no net new economic benefits relative to construction costs alone, and so, in this sense, more accurate cost estimates would only serve to reinforce a case already made.”

    Public officials shouldn’t spend any more than necessary to secure the participation of the local team, she writes. Small cities tend to fare worse than larger ones, because they either have to offer more money to keep an existing franchise from moving to a larger market, or they have to put up more to compensate a team moving from a larger market.
    Long concludes that, regardless of profit-sharing or rent, “public partners should avoid paying building costs.”

    “Land and infrastructure you help with,” she said in a telephone interview. “The building? Let them go it alone.”


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