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CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) — North Carolina gets a visit from First Lady Michelle Obama on her last day on the campaign trail.

Mrs. Obama is scheduled to visit Charlotte with singer Mariah Carey and NBA Players Association president Derek Fisher to stir up supporters.

It’s Michelle Obama’s first visit to Charlotte since the Democratic National Convention was held in North Carolina’s largest city in early September.

President Barack Obama hasn’t returned to the state since the convention and a visit isn’t part of his final campaign schedule.

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6 Comments on "First Lady touts Obama campaign in NC on final day"

2015 years 10 months ago

Actually this president is an idiot and somehow you think he SOMEWHAT good. It is sad that after the last four years anyone could vote for this guy. In Benghazi there were two navy seals that were protecting our representatives. They knew an attack was coming so they asked the government to send back up. They said no. The seals asked again. The government said no. And yet again the seals asked again. No. The two of them ended up holding off the terrorists for seven hours until they ran out of ammunition. Then the terrorists stormed them and killed them all. The next day Obama went campaigning in Las Vegas. He blamed it on a video someone made about the Koran or something that makes Muslims want to kill people. He is a horrible president and there is many more things he has done that I or any other person that is not blind could list. If he gets in the next four years will be 10 times worse, especially for Christians. And if you don’t believe, just watch.

2015 years 10 months ago

Praying to Allah will do you no good. Pray to the real God of the Bible and ask for some wisdom so you will know that his policies of killing babies, allowing and supporting gay marriage, supporting and funding human cloning, trying to ban the sale of ammunition which in turn literally bans guns, and saying no 3 times to the requests of the two seals for backup so they all end up dying are all a few of the terrible things he has done, and a just a shadow of what he will do if he gets four more years.

He deserves no more years!



2015 years 10 months ago

what “Clear Choice” failed to mention is that when the President took office, the country was in one of the worst recession we had seen in recent times; almost approaching a depression. We were losing 800k jobs a month. You want to talk about facts, those are the facts. Here are a few more facts to name a few:
-Institued enforcement for equal pay for women
-Begin the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq
-Lowered drug costs for seniors
-Saved the US Auto Industry
-Started the Housing rescue plan
-Caught Osama
-45 consective months of job growth!
I could go on an on about the great things the President has done for this country. The President deserves 4 MORE YEARS! This race is not about the facts or what the President has done for this country, it’s about race and bigotry! Romney has run on nothing, stood for nothing and lied throughout this whole campaign. Fact check that.

2015 years 10 months ago

At the very least, it seems this election has been marred by everything except facts. To often, race, political ideology and rampant scare tactics have overwhelmed the seemingly obvious facts about the state of the country. In an effort to bring some sense to the election tomorrow, I would like to list a few undisputable facts that should be very concerning. I have tried to stay away from personal attacks and my own beliefs. Please check out every one of these. Don’t just believe me.
US Economy
1. 6 Trillion dollars more in debt
2. More Americans living below the poverty line than anytime since the 60’s
3. Only 9 times since 1948 have we had Unemployment rates in October at or above
7.9%. 4 of those times have been in the last 4 years
4. Gas prices
5. Student tuition rates have risen 25% in four years
6. The Median income level (adjusted for inflation) in the US has dropped over the
past 4 years and is now at the lowest level since 1995
7. Economists predict, at the current level of growth, it will take 9-10 years for the
economy to get back on track
Simply put, if you had someone that you hired to run your company and had been in the job for 4 years and their contract was coming to an end, my guess is that you would not re-hire them.
If you are not familiar with “Fast and Furious” and what happened to our fellow Americans in Benghazi, please search those, the timelines and how the administration handled each.

John Allred
2015 years 10 months ago

My response to your “undisputable facts” about the economy is that the economic downturn is the direct cause of the prior administration and that the President has done more than anyone else could have done to avoid a second “Great Depression” and move the country forward. The increase in debt was unavoidable to prevent a greater more extended crash!

I am tired of people trying to blame the current economic crisis on the President. For many years, I was naive and voted as a straight ticket Republican thinking that it is for family values and not really thinking that the statement would be offensive to others (implying that somehow Democrats were immoral because of their vote). I humbly apologize. I switched last election and voted for Obama because of our image abroad, our financial crisis (which later cost me my job), need for insurance reform, and for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nobody – even keen economists – knew just how bad the economy would fall, but it was in a downfall when Obama took office and it was through his leadership that we avoided a second great depression. The collapse of the secondary mortgage market and loss of many people’s wealth and retirement due to lack of regulatory oversight (Republican free-market ideology – more idiotic) mired the Bush Administration. Under Obama, the stock market has seen great improvement. Employment was in a downward spiral when Obama took office and since unemployment reached a double digit peak in October 2009 due to no fault of the president, the unemployment rate now is below 8%. The clear choice to me is that we should not go backwards, but continue on the current pace for improvement.

Romney wants to continue to have lower taxes for the wealthiest Americans while cutting back on needed programs which are integral part of the recovery. Middle income families will continue to be taxed by default of the wealthiest Americans not paying their fair share. It seems that the Republican Party has gone too far right and are alienating middle income groups not to mention woman’s rights.

After the last election where I bucked the trend and voted for Obama, I found out that President Obama is my distant cousin. I know he dearly loved his grandmother and her grandmother was an Allred. The Allreds came over from a small village called Eccles near Manchester, England. They were arrested in England for attending Quaker and Presbyterian services. They came to the US in the early 1700s with the assistance of William Penn. They were early settlers in NC with 2 land grants in 1750s near Asheboro, NC. They were regulators and patriots. Obama’s line went west into Tennessee/Arkansas. The rest is history. The Allred Family Organization has extensive research and even DNA testing to show that the Allreds are all related. Indeed, I am proud of my Cousin and pray that he is elected to another term. I sincerely believe that he is a good person, very smart and unwilling to compromise his integrity. I believe he has done better than any other president could have done under the same circumstances.

He deserves 4 more years!



1SG America
2015 years 10 months ago

Both of you need to put the Crack pipe that Hussien obama has passed off to you and come back to the real world. Becasue you and every other Dem are smoking too much junk and it is fogging your rational thinking process.

1SG America


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