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Man accused of killing tow truck driver has 8 DWI convictions


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- One man is dead and another behind bars after a hit and run last night on Carolina Beach Road.

Highway Patrol says Anthony Thompson hit tow truck driver John Junior Colville and then took off, driving almost nine miles before he was pulled over.

"I'm at Carolina Beach Road and McQuillian," a caller to 911 told a dispatcher. "We need an ambulance quick. Somebody just got hit by a car. A tow truck driver."

Drivers on Carolina Beach Road frantically called New Hanover County Dispatch for help Sunday after the accident. One driver said the man hit was coming to help her.

"He was getting out of his vehicle to come talk to me, when a truck came by and hit him," she said.

A distressed driver had called AAA to help her with car trouble. As Colville arrived, investigators say Thompson hit him and then drove off.

"I think he's dead. Oh my gosh. They say he's dead. Oh my gosh, he's my tow truck driver," the 911 caller said.

Highway Patrol says Thompson was pulled over almost nine miles away at Legion Stadium.

Colville died from his injuries.

According to Department of Public Safety records, Thompson has been convicted eight times for driving while impaired and has had his license revoked 11 times.

But this time, Thompson’s multiple convictions may catch up with him.

“Laws with respect to habitual impaired driving have toughened considerably over the last several years,” says Ben David, the New Hanover County District Attorney. “I can tell you that we're preceding under that law today.”

Thompson is not new to hit and runs either. According to Department of Public Safety records, he has fled the scene two other times.

David says Thompson's most recent DWI conviction was last November.

“This is a very serious case and if the defendant is convicted of second degree murder he faces several years in prison and what will determine that is not whether he had the intent to kill, that's first degree murder, but whether or not you can show malice,” David says.

David says multiple DWI’s or hit and runs can establish malice in court. If malice is determined in Thompson’s case, he could face many years in prison. His next court date is November 29.

Thompson is charged with second degree murder, driving while impaired, habitual impaired driving, driving while license revoked and hit and run with injury.

Colville worked for Wayne's Towing in Wilmington. Today the company did not want to comment on his death.

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Bright Side

I'm not going to lay blame anywhere, but this clown won't be able to drink and drive from prison.

I am a tow truck driver and

I am a tow truck driver and so is my husband. We see the madness out there everyday drunk or not people don't pay attention to our amber lights heck half the time they ignore the red and blue ones. It is such a shame that I have to go drive my tow truck at a man's funeral because of some selfish drunk! Something needs to be done and as far as I'm concerned running him over on Carolina Beach Rd sounds great to me. We have four children to come home to every night and with people like him lurking the streets our percentage of returning home after a day's work are thin!

questions answered

I knew Anthony so one the truck was his 2 he worked for straight cash job so no background check needed 3 the new dwi laws went into effect 1 year ago and any dwi over 7 years old does not go against your sentencing 4 the disease of addiction takes full control of your life if you have never had to deal with this disease then you cannot relize what you will do for a fix and you can change all the laws or make new ones it dosent mean we have to follow them so my thoughts and pray ers go out to the victims family but also to tonys family cause i know both families losein this situation oh and save all your comments anyone can ask for forgiveness and you shouldnot condemn someone you should pray for the people who will be hurt the most from this i know that children will be fatherless on both sides so pray and not judge cause one day you might be in the same situation

First smart guy the employer

First smart guy the employer told police this drunk stole the truck, second you can try and defend him but the fact is he killed a man. Oh yeah while your beating your bible and saying don't judge what happened to thow shall not kill? Say what you want but your friend is a habitual screw up. I hope he gets what is coming to him and he should hope they never let him out. An eye for an eye. He's a lot safer in there. Let's say a family member of yours is on the side of the road broke down and in need of assistance but before the tow truck gets there some drunk moron runs into them, will you defend them as well because you people with addiction obviously stick together. I caught the comment ( just because you make knew laws doesn't mean WE have to follow them) . That's ridiculous and the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I'm clean 4 years and know addiction so your barking up the wrong tree. It's an excuse and I'm sure your just full of them but see if your excuse will get your friend out of hell.

It would seem that you are

It would seem that you are the one who needs to Getyourfactsright. The truck was not his. It was his employers. The employer knew of his driving history. The employer let him use the truck at least 3 times a week to attend classes, presumably related to driving. Prior to this unfortunate accident he spent the day at Carolina Beach with a co-worker and others playing cornhole games and drinking. They knew he was drunk and told him not to drive to the point of trying to get his keys. He chose to drive anyway and the end result was the death of a man. You try and defend the undefendable.


My tenth grade students came to me with this story and I told them there are always two sides.

Mr. Thompson had an addiction that ruined his life. The government had numerous opportunities to help him tun his life around but failed him. Alcohol is worse than drugs but it is a Caucasian problem so folk don't go to jail.

This man is Jesus's son and Jesus loves him same as he did the poor Mr. Colville. No need to say you want to murder Thompson he is suffering enough.

The lesson is to don't let yourself fall victim to addiction and to be careful on the side of the road.

Taking a Human Life by Choice.

Your comments are so cold and out of place right now! This mans family has lost a loved one by someone that evidently does not care and most likely has had numerous opportunities to change. Their pain is unbearable and this mans side of the story is clear, he is a DRUNK and he knew what he was doing! And, even Jesus is going to send people to HELL! You should not overlook that in trying to take up for drunken, disgusting, sinful men that KILL other human beings, that they choose to drive drunk! Sure, God loves everyone, but we are responsible for our own actions, and I feel quite sure that He does not love those who kill His children and a beloved soul. Should this man ask for forgiveness and completely change his heart and soul and live humbly for God, then he will go to Heaven, but for now he has to accept responsibility and no one should take up for him. Let him have the same pain as the family he destroyed. Believe you me, in my teachings of the Word, God would not like such a selfish end of one of HIS Children! God bless his family and God bless you.

The Alsup Family

God loves everyone the same.

God loves everyone the same. It does not matter what you do. Its the paying for it afterward that everyone has to live with. My heart goes out to the family who has to now live with a hole in their hearts.

Wowever this man should not be hated. in God's eyes all sins are the same from lieing to murder. We will all be judged by the same God to the same rules.

I pray the family of the victim will find their way through this.


john colville was my dad and now he's dead

if you are going to drink dont drive so get your story staight

So is crack the black thing?

So is crack the black thing? What an ignorant comment. I am really worried about my children going into public schools and being taught by "people" like you.

He was Charged 8 times and

He was Charged 8 times and you think he did not know that he should not have been driving. You must be an idiot to say such a thing as to be careful on the side of the road as my fellow man was doing his job and your friend Mr. Thompson was driving drunk and did not move over for an emergency vehichle and was driving without a license. Keep your stupid comments to yourself....

It is not the government's

It is not the government's responsibility to "help him tun his life around". It is Anthony Thompson's responsibility to turn his life around. The government's responsibility in all of this was to protect people like Mr. Coville from the likes of Anthony Thompson. The government failed Mr. Coville and his family. Anthony Thompson failed Anthony Thompson.

If Anthony Thompson is in fact suffering, he is doing so because of the choices that he made. No one forced him to drink alcohol. No one forced him to get behind the wheel of a car when he was drunk. No one forced him to swerve and kill an innocent bystander.

Addicts are not "victims" they are addicts because they chose to abuse drugs. I am glad you are not teaching my children. Children should be taught to be responsible for the choices that they make. They should be taught that there are consequences for their actions. They should not be taught that they can do whatever they feel like and then claim to be a victim.

Well Said! You are soooo

Well Said! You are soooo correct.

I Agree !

Well Said...Are you people human ?


You just outted yourself as a bleeding heart leftwing liberal. Its people like you that have infested the legal system and gave this peice of human excrement repeated chances instead of a strong dose of "TOUGH LOVE" as you'd call it and throw him in jail where he belonged. I dont doubt he has a raging case of alcholism as a healthcare worker Ive seen plenty of it. But the truth is this person CHOSE to get behind the wheel on repeated occasion while severely impaired and it appears 1/2 the time also managed to get into accidents (multiple charges of leaving the scene of the accident). Odds dictate that eventually he would take the life of some innocent person. QUIT MAKING EXCUSES FOR THIS PERSON. HE DID IT. HES RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS ACTIONS. Its people like you that want to blame everybodyelse for their problems make me and others sick. Quit blaming others and quit expecting the government to bail you out. (Ask the people in the North East how thats working for them trying to clean up from Sandy.. Amazing the Mainstream Media isnt trashing FEMA since this disaster rivals it and the total failure of FEMA yet again but I guess since its OBAMAs FEMA you cant speak ill of the Food Stamp Messiah)


Please tell me you are playing a joke and that you are not really this ignorant! If you are in fact a teacher, I hope Yolanda is your real name and your administrators at whatever school you work bring you in and find out if you are capable and responsible enough to be a teacher. My fears are you were being honest and you are a teacher. This explains a lot in regards to the youth in some classsrooms.


You clearly do not teach English...

And Alcohol is a "Caucasian problem so folk don't go to jail"...what the HELL does that mean and what does it have to do with this story?

This is not a race related story AT ALL, but yet...the race card is played with any and every opportunity!!!!

Drunk driving is a

Drunk driving is a "caucasian problem", you think........pity you are teaching kids. I doubt If Thompson is suffering, except for the inconvenience of incarceration. Hopefully he will suffer from that for many years to come assumeing he has not bailed out already.

I would hope he hasn't

I would hope he hasn't bailed out on a 1 million dollar bond. Anyway, he is safer in jail...

Tow Truck Driver

You know, I believe that the judge or judges who did not previously give this man a stern jail term to keep him off the roads are equally responsible for this tragedy. They took an oath with their respectful chair. This is not sufficent duty results in my opinion. Eight prior convictions??? Why was he not in jail? I hope (John's) family will sue these judges. Obviously he should not have even been in the free working world with an alcoholic problem this severe. Much, much in prayer for the woman, her children that had to witness this and John's family. This is just heart breaking!

As sad and tragic as this situation is...

until the law is changed, judges have their hands "tied" as to the punishment they can impose. At least now, if found guilty, this guy will be behind bars for a long, long time.

It will be interesting to see who his attorney will be to attempt to defend his actions. Most likely, a court-appointed attorney will take the case unless the driver can afford one of the "sharks" in town.

driving drunk

I know of a couple of people who have no license, been caught several times, no insurance, still drives drunk, drives every day, anyplace, sits in a bar drinks until drunk and there is not a cop in town who will look for that kind of driver. On the other hand, these young guys who smoke a little pot are harassed and taken to jail even if they are not driving, Which do you think our tax money should be spent on? How should the cops should use their time?

Driving high on Pot is still DUI

and while I question the purpose of making pot illegal, I do not never would condone anybody driving after smoking pot, consumption of alcohol, or under the influence of any other substance (even prescription drugs). DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE IS JUST THAT!!!. There are no exceptions. As a former EMT I can say I only ran into a handful of people STUPID enough to drive high on pot compared to alcohol but that doesnt excuse their behavior and still is unacceptable!!

vehicle impoundment

This guy license has probably been revoked for life. So why wasn't his vehicle impounded by the state the last time he was caught. That is the problem is that these drunks still have access to a vehicle. If this is not his vehicle the person who lent it to him should also be charged with murder.

What needs to be explained is this:

Based on NC DOC having 2 records for this drunk yahoo. I maintain he committed fraud and used a false SSN to obtain a new license and driving record. It would explain how his employer never know about his driving record (because Im sure his employer did a check). Its also the only way this guy could have been busted 2X once in 2006 and then again in 2011 (youll notice he wasnt charged with driving while revoked which means he had a LEGAL NC Driver's License when he was charged BOTH TIMES). The only way he got a DL after his previous record had to have been through fraudulant means. This part of the story had been ignored and additional charges should be pending for:

§ 14-100.1. Possession or manufacture of certain fraudulent forms of identification.
(b) Except as otherwise made unlawful by G.S. 20-30, it shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly obtain a form of identification by the use of false, fictitious, or fraudulent information. (c) Possession of a form of identification obtained in violation of subsection (b) of this section shall constitute a violation of subsection (a) of this section. (d) For purposes of this section, a "form of identification" means any of the following or any replica thereof: (1) An identification card containing a picture, issued by any department, agency, or subdivision of the State of North Carolina, the federal government, or any other state. (2) A military identification card containing a picture. (3) A passport. (4) An alien registration card containing a picture

Violation is a Class 1 Misdemenor

because the latest

because the latest revocation of his license may not have been for an implied consent offense.

kids were in the car

It was my wife the tow truck driver was helping. One thing that has not been in any of the reports is that two chilren were in the car when John was hit by this drunk driver. If this guy was stopped like it should have happen John would have gone home to his faimly and my wife, 11 year old son & 5 year old daughter would not be in total shock today!! Tougher laws

The laws are in place, stop the courtroom circus!

Go take a seat in district court and watch the circus games of the lawyers and the judges. All they do is shuffle paper, make deals and lots and lots of money. The courts today are nothing more than a revolving door with a collection plate on the way through.

All of the laws in the world will make not one hint of a difference without the follow through. The cops try to do their job to keep drunk drivers off the street, then the lawyers and the judges make the money setting them free...over and over again and again, just like this dolt.

Sorry your kids and wife had to endure that!

I used to work with John

I used to work with John Colville. He was a really nice guy who minded his own business and worked really hard. He loved his dogs and his wife, and they would ride with him in the tow truck to keep him company. I am very sad to hear this news. RIP John.

Information Please

I am John Colville's daughter and did not have a good relationship, and was wondering if you know anything about his funeral arrangements. I Have know way to contact his wife or parents. IF you could please contact me are Thank you very much.