Sea turtles rescued in wake of Hurricane Sandy

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Submitted: Tue, 11/06/2012 - 12:40am
Updated: Tue, 11/06/2012 - 3:00am

TOPSAIL BEACH, NC (WWAY) — As Hurricane Sandy washed away the Topsail Island beach head, it swept some young sea turtles back ashore.

While the rest of the east coast continues to dig out in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, one Topsail Island organization is doing a little rescue and recovery effort of their own.

Terry Meyer of the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital says, “It’s that time of year where it gets cold and the hatchlings have a difficult time making it out. And couple that with the storm that we had that blew some turtles off course and back in and also was washing some nests out so we’ve had a little collection of hatchlings.”

Close to fifty juvenile sea turtles have been brought to the Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital since Hurricane Sandy passed, giving them a second chance at life.

Meyer’s says, “some of the hatchlings came in and they were fresh out of the nest so they typically wouldn’t be interested in eating for about a week or so. In a natural setting I don’t know how many would actually make it out there together in their group but about one in a thousand would survive the first year.”

The turtles featured in this story will soon be taken to the Gulf Stream and dropped off at a turtle sanctuary in the Sargasso Sea.

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